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  1. I was searching Global Golf and came across the 4.0 wedges for this line from Cleveland. I even found a couple on Ebay. I searched Cleveland's website and didn't see anything on their for them. As a fan of this line (owner of Smart Sole 3.0 C wedge currently, and previous owner of S wedge) I am intrigued by what I saw on Global golf. They now have a G wedge (50*) to go along with the C (42*) and S (58*) and are stating "new aggressive milled groove that will generate better spin performance from any conditions". That statement right there is what got me intrigued as that was the issue wit
  2. Hi All Has anyone got hold of the Cleveland RTX Zipcore? If yes, keen to know thoughts from a perspective of weight and backspin Regards
  3. What are the most current wedge models for low handicap players? What about shafts? My irons are project x 6.5, what would the right wedge shaft be? Grew up playing Cleveland wedges.
  4. HELLO, I have one club up here for you guys to check out. ** I prefer tho to trade this for a 50* Vokey, model not too important, mid grip is a plus! Condition used is ok. *Would really need to be 37" tho!!!* ----- Hi Toe ------ Condition: Excellent! Grip: New, used one range session. GP Tour Wrap Shaft: KBS Hi Rev 2.0 120 36" PRICE: $90 free shipping in 48 US
  5. I hit this club great despite it being 10+years old and want to replace my 60* Cleveland with a 2018-2020 version of it. Since the club is so old, there isnt much detail on it so hoping someone here can help me find what I should be looking for. Should I be looking at the Taylormade MG or MG Hi Toe?
  6. Hey guys, I am about a 13-14 handicap and I don't hit the ball very far so short game is really important for me to score well. I had to have surgery on my left hand a few years ago which means I can no longer swing a club very hard (can really only do 3/4 swings now) and reducing the weight of clubs is very important to being able to play pain free. I recently got fitted for irons for the first time and I ended up in Taylormade M6s with Tensei Blue CK 70R graphite shafts. With the new irons I decided for the first time in a LONG time I was also going to also invest in new wedges and try to
  7. I’ve been self-assigned the task to build my brother in law a golf set for under $500. He originally wanted to buy a box set for $599 but I told him let me try to build him an actually decent starter set for him that he would actually be able to use for awhile. Nothing wrong with box sets, but he wants to take golf seriously (… and so do I, so I have someone to always play with), so I figured I could build him at least a starter bag for $500 (Canadian) that would last him a lot longer than the box set, especially when he gets decent. I’m also doing this out of being bored and want to help hi
  8. Up for sale are a bunch of wedges that hopefully will get you closer to the pin than your current gear =) All wedges will ship USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of payment. Of course feel free to make offers on multiples. Will give the heads a hot water/soap bath before sending out, so please ignore any grime/small dirt spots. 1) Vokey 200 Series Black Nickel 50* with 8* of bounce. Just a bit of discoloring but grooves are super solid. Original grip which is slick, and Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft. $45 2) Vokey 200 Series Black Nickel 52* with 8* of bounce. Slightly more used than the 50*
  9. Spring cleaning sale. These items have been gamed and are priced to move, but willing to entertain reasonable offers. No trades. Strongly prefer to keep items paired together as shown below, but will consider selling separate if there is interest. PM with any questions or requests for more pictures.(1) Pair of Ping G400 hybrids - $110 shipped to lower 48 for BOTH Ping G400 2 (17*) and 3 (19*) hybrids, both with Ping Tour 85 shafts (R flex). Great feel, flight, and don't want to go left. Original headcovers included. (2) Vokey SM6 56* (10 bounce) S grind - $75 shipped to lower 48
  10. For some reason, I cannot stop pulling iron shots... It happens most frequently with wedges, which should obviously be my scoring clubs. It's absurdly frustrating to be 140 out and end up with a 40 foot lag instead of a makable birdie putt. HELP.
  11. I recently got fitted for irons and was talking to a guy at the golf shop who mentioned that the shafts in wedges were usually sub par. I was curious if anyone here has swapped their stock shafts in their wedges for an after market shaft or did a fitting in that regards and if it was a big difference or not?
  12. How many of you folks have a single set for firm conditions, wedges especially, wherein their grinds and bounce are specialized for hard turf, and on the flipside, also have a high bounce set of wedges/irons for wet soggy conditions?? I'm certainly leaning towards having two personal wedge sets at the very least, one high bounce/full grind and the other mid-low, with trailing sole relief. What say you?
  13. So i have been playing a 4 wedge bag for the better part of 4 years now. I recently upgraded to sm7 wedges in 50 54 58. But during testing my SM5 54 out preformed the new sm6 and sm7 in the same loft and bounce. So needless to say my sm5 54 has been a mainstay. Anyone have any idea why the sm5 54 out preformed the newer models? Its not really significantly better but better none the less. Ive also noticed in some WITB pro edition. Alot of guys still have sm5s in their bag. Is it just a comfort thing or is it just really a better preformer? Any thoughts guys. Any and all feedback is much apprec
  14. Was grandfathered a set of BV wedges earlier this year. Gamed them quite a bit, but decided to try my hand at a face lift this offseason. (Washington State has a very lengthy offseason lol.) Initially removed all the paint fills. Had to bust out something a little stronger than acetone to remove all the colors, but eventually they came clean. Second step was to blast these puppies with the sandblaster. Couldn't tell you what the exact media i was using to blast, but it was just enough to remove the chrome plating and keep the mill marks visible on the face. Next step was to hit
  15. Would a 2 degree change in loft significantly change my yardage? I'm currently using a 60 Hi Toe which I love for short shots and bunker shots but I've also found that from time to time I need to hit a high 100 yard shot which I try to do with my 60 wedge but it always comes up short. My full shots for 50 goes 125-130, 54 goes 115-120 and I can actually control these distances just fine so I assume that a 60 should get me about 100 but it comes up short at 85-90. The only way I can actually get my 60 to go 100-105 is by really just hammering down the 60 which leads me to be more inconsistent
  16. Title pretty much says it all. 46* Vokey black wedge with C taper Lite x flex shaft. Standard loft and lie, +1/2 length. I used it one round and one range session. Couldn't decide if I wanted my PW shaft to match my iron set or my wedge set, well I went with the one that matched my wedge set. Paid $190 with the shaft, looking to get $150 shipped and PP'd.
  17. Hello all, I just finished up with my first experience paint filling these wedges to add a bit of flair to these babies who have been gamed for 2 seasons now.
  18. FOR SALE: 1. Taylormade Milled Grind 52/9 and 56/13 Wedges. Both with identical DG 105 Black S300 shafts. Tour Velvet Midsize grips. Faces are phenomenal. Lead tape can be easily removed I put it on last week. $150 for both. 2. Titleist Sm7 54/10 S grind. Standard Everything. Tour Velvet Midsize. $70 3. Mizuno Mp t-4 60/5 wedge. DG spinner shaft standard everything. $50 4. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour Sz 10. Worn outside 3x. $80 Please dont hesitate with questions!
  19. Original Scratch SS (Slider Sweeper, PDG (I think that's the grind)) Grind. Loft 60, bounce 6. Scratch grip in like new shape. True Temper S300. Pics tell the rest. ~~$100 shipped CONUS~~ $85 shipped (9/12/19) **SOLD** 2011 Club Cameron. In like new shape except for the putter plastic bag which is only ripped from being shuffled. SS key fob, stickers, cash bag and lapel pin haven't touched except to take pictures. ~~$115 shipped~~ CONUS Will make shipping arrangements to folks along the east coast.
  20. So to make a long story short, I used to play competitively and am just now getting back into the love-hate relationship that is golf. I've been playing with very heavy game improvement irons for the last 9 years (Taylormade Superlaunches), and have grown substantially. I recently was fitted for a new set of Mizuno JPX 919 HMs w/ +1'' X-Stiff shafts. I also am picking up a Cobra F9 Speedback after averaging an extra 30 yards from my current 1 wood. I have space for one more club in my bag. Now here's my conundrum: I recently qualified for a league but have not owned a single wedge for 5
  21. The Nike Toe-sweep wedges improved my short game a lot. My 56º has a lot of wear and soon I will need to replace it. What similar wedges are available in the market in these days with similar features than a toe-sweep?
  22. Looking to get a new GW, SW, and LW. What bounce would you recommend for the set to best compliment each other? If history is any indicator, I will only be using the GW for full shots and the courses I play are neither super hard or mushy. In a driver, I swing a XX shaft but as I am not trying to bomb these, what flex does a high clubhead speed guy use in wedges? Thanks for the help!
  23. Hello everyone. This is my first post to the forum after lurking for a while, wanted to get some advice about what kind of wedge setup I should think about using and if I should tweak anything. I'm currently playing Callaway Razr X Black irons with a 44* PW and a 49* AW. I have a 56* MD4 S Grind and a 60* MD2 Tour Grind. I have been thinking about getting a 52* MD4 or MD Forged, also been thinking about getting an SM6 46* and/or 50* to replace my stock wedges. As per my username, I mainly play my local par 3 where I can use my wedges for either full swings, chips, etc. What do you gu
  24. Hey everyone, first time posting after lurking for a while. I have some questions about how I should set up my wedges, really just looking for opinions and see what you guys think. My stock pitching wedge is 44* and my AW is 49*. I have an MD4 56* S grind and MD2 Tour Grind 60*. I think its time to move away from the stock wedges, but I'm not sure where to go. I had my eye on getting a 46* SM6, a 50* SM6 or 50-52* MD4 or MD Forged to add to my bag. I like Callaway, the SM6 has caught my eye though since Callaway doesn't make 46* clubs for lefties from what I've seen. Every golfer is diff
  25. I've been considering re-gripping my wedges with these. They're an inch longer (which helps me because I like to grip down and I'm thinking about putting slightly longer shafts in my wedges) and they have reduced taper at the bottom. They're the classic Crossline feel, which is my favorite. So, they have been discontinued, and I wanted to see whether anyone had good/bad/indifferent experiences with them? I know Ping had the Dyla grips for their wedges, so I'd be interested to hear opinions on those as well. Thanks
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