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Join GolfWRX for a live chat with the R&D team at COBRA PUMA GOLF. The experts at COBRA Golf HQ in Southern California will gather to answer your questions LIVE! Ask anything about COBRA PUMA GOLF you'd like. Have a question about the new BiO CELL+ Driver? The latest in golf R&D? The equipment that COBRA athletes Greg Norman, Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter and Jonas Blixt play? Ask away! Here are the details...




Who Is Here

Joining us in the COBRA Golf HQ board room is:

  • Vice President of R&D: Tom Olsavsky
  • Director of Product Marketing: Jose Miraflor
  • Director of Research and Testing: Mike Yagley
  • Doug Roberts - Director of Design


The LIVE portion of the Q&A will start at 1pm ET/10am PT on Wednesday, March 26,



Tune into this thread. This will be the LIVE link.



Three (3) GolfWRX members who have their questions answered by COBRA Golf during the Q&A will have the chance to win BiO CELL Drivers!


Submit a Question

All questions need to be submitted in this thread below. If you can't join for the live chat, you can ask ahead of time right now, so ASK AWAY.



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Cobra is advertising Bio-Cell design and the Venollum crown as weight saving technologies designed to allow more weight to be located low and back for increased MOI. Why did Cobra opt for a low and back CG and not low and forward like some competitors?

Also is there any chance of a limited release of solid color heads? I like the colors, but I'm just not a fan of the two tone look.

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What improvements have been made in the Bio cell line of woods over last years Amp cell line? The Amp Cell's seemed to be a huge success for Cobra as they performed very well.

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Is there any truth to the rumor that we may see the King Cobra name back in the retail marketplace?

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Nice, this should be interesting. Thanks WRX and Cobra...

1. The new Bio Cell drivers look great, and really have my interest for 2014. Can you expand on the differences between the Bio Cell and + versions? Maybe more info than "lower spin and more workable", if possible. How playable is the + driver for mid to high handicaps?

2. The last few iron releases have had hit or miss responses on WRX, mostly due to cosmetics. However, they [u]all[/u] look great behind the ball (better than most OEM's) from address. How do you balance pushing the envelope without turning off more traditional golfers?

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Titleist AP1 718 – 48°
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Taylormade EF – 60° 
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Will there be a new AMP CELL Pro irons making a debut next year?

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Titleist Vokey SM8 60*K | DGS400
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I liked my silver AMP Cell so much I bought a Blue AMP Cell driver and fairway wood for my dad (74 years old). However, the "older" crowd seems to be really turned off by the colors. The Cell products are just exceptional technology so I was wondering if you would ever think about an all black color to gain more sales with the "conservative" golfers...or is that not Cobra's target demographic?

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Lots of talk of loft and face angles of adjustable drivers. Can you please explain your my fly to us and how exactly it works different from the others?

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Thanks WRX and Cobra Golf for putting this on!

1. In terms of a marketing standpoint, is there any plan to continue towards signing younger tour pros to contracts in order to keep growing the game from a youth standpoint? It seems that guys like Poulter and Fowler, being young and into the trendsetting subjects of fashion and sports, have attracted much younger fans to the game of golf.

2. What feedback do you seek out from your tour pros and other individuals when it comes to your product performance and what kind of challenge does it pose in engineering improvements for the next cycle of goods?

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Which driver head is higher launching between the bio cell and bio cell +?

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First of all, I'd like to thank Cobra and GolfWRX for doing something like this!

To Cobra: I have a lot of respect for what your company has done for golf over the last few years. Grabbing Rickie and going with the bright colors and different designs has really made golf cool again for a younger generation. This is so very important for the long-term life of sport. Cobra deserves more respect from the golf community than they probably get. When you watch golf you see so many little kids dressed in Puma gear for Rickie(Not to mention the little kid dressed head to toe following him around the other weekend!). For this reason and the fact that you guys make a great product is why almost all of my bag is filled with Cobra clubs and I love wearing a Puma hat to the course!

Now, onto the questions...

1) Have you guys thought about getting into the high-end graphite iron shaft as up-charge options?

Some of the other major OEM companies offer Recoils or Steelfiber or the rare RIP Tour shaft options now as up-charge shafts. I wanted Aldila RIP Tours for my Amp Cell irons and had to go through Aldila after the fact to get them. Just wondering if this is something you're working on for the future as it seems like they're getting more and more popular.

2) Do you guys ever toy around with offering something like Callaway does with uDesign where people can design their own driver colors?

Seems like some people's apprehension with Cobra is the bright colors or odd designs. A program like this could solve that for some.


3) Any plans to update the Venom Vault anytime soon?

Trying really hard not to pull the trigger on the Masters Bio Cell... But green is my alma mater's color...

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First, thanks to CPG for taking the time to answer questions and consider input from membership. Thanks to Golfwrx for providing a positive forum for discussion.

My questions are as follows-
1)With all of the refinements done on the tour trusty since first tested on tour, are you starting to see increased change toward tour trusty by tour staff players?
2) Are there plans in the near future to expand available lofts in tour trusty wedge line?

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Cleveland zipcore tour rack custom 58* s400
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Hey guys thanks for taking the time here!

My only question: Do you see the Bio Cell iron technology filtering down into a players forged version? This, to me, seems like the next wave in players irons.

Sunday Bag

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Being the industry standard when it comes to colors and being on the trendy side of the equipment game...

Any though to expand customization?

And RF's new irons are a MUST... Those things are Gorgeous!!!!


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Why aren't more Pro's playing the Bio Cell+ driver? Are yall planning on releasing another set of players irons this year? Thank you!

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TM SLDR 15° MRC Blueboard 73x5ct
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A few years back I remember seeing Poulter tweet a pic of a prototype putter. What ever happened to that?
Is cobra/puma going to re-enter the putter market or are they planning to leave it be?

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Cobra is quite popular when it comes to juniors. The Amp Cell Junior Driver was quite a hit. Will there be an Bio Cell Junior Driver? Will you be expanding the Junior Line to include fairway woods and irons too?

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Titleist TSR-2 16.5 (A-1) and 21.0 (A-1), Project X HZRDUS Red CB 60 5.5
Titleist 2021 T200, 4-AW, TT AMT Black R300
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