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[size=4][quote name='Mitchell' timestamp='1395457766' post='8923039']
First, thanks to CPG for taking the time to answer questions and consider input from membership. Thanks to Golfwrx for providing a positive forum for discussion.

My questions are as follows-
1)With all of the refinements done on the tour trusty since first tested on tour, are you starting to see increased change toward tour trusty by tour staff players?
2) Are there plans in the near future to expand available lofts in tour trusty wedge line?

[color=#000000]1) Thanks for your interest in the Tour Trusty Wedges. They have been performing outstandingly for us and our Tour staffers. [/color]
[size=4][color=#000000]Rickie Fowler: 47,51, 55 & 59 (He likes off lofts)[/color]
[color=#000000]Jonas Blixt: 53 & 60[/color]
[color=#000000]Greg Norman: 52 & 57[/color]
[color=#000000]Lexi Thompson: 51, 55 & 59[/color]
[color=#000000]Non staffers: We have four non Cobra staffers using wedges as well. Unfortunately, legally I cannot name them. [/color]
[color=#000000]The feel and spin performance is what they depend on and the shape and non offset smooth transition from hosel to leading edge they love to look at. [/color][/size]

[color=#000000]2) T[/color][color=#000000]our Trusty's continue to grow in popularity. We are working now on what additional sole configurations would we want to bring from Tour to retail. Stay Tuned. [/color]

[size=4][color=#000000]-Jose Miraflor[/color][/size]

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[size=4][quote name='oldflgolfer' timestamp='1395458211' post='8923083']
Hey guys thanks for taking the time here!

My only question: Do you see the Bio Cell iron technology filtering down into a players forged version? This, to me, seems like the next wave in players irons.
We appreciate you submitting questions! [color=#000000]Try BiO Cell + irons, you will be very surprised how good they feel and they look great at address! - Tom Olsavsky[/color][/size]

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Hi guys, I've had problems with my AMP Cell driver (Orange - Go 'Cuse!) that I purchased last summer. Almost immediately after receiving the club, the epoxy on the tip adapter had broken down and was beginning to separate from the shaft (stock X-flex). Taking it in to my local big box store, the club builder commented that he had seen that problem on number of AMP Cell drivers.

I can say that I'm extremely happy with the way the club performs now that I've had it fixed. However, can you provide some insight into Cobra quality control efforts on problems like these to ensure they don't happen in the future. It gives me pause before looking into additional cobra clubs.

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[quote name='DirecTVTechGuy' timestamp='1395459523' post='8923255']
Being the industry standard when it comes to colors and being on the trendy side of the equipment game...

Any though to expand customization?

And RF's new irons are a MUST... Those things are Gorgeous!!!!

[color=#000000][size=3]Currently we offer one of the largest, if not the largest, custom offerings in our BC and BC+ line of irons. Heads come in Black, Silver, Blue, Orange & Red badges. Grips come in all colors and there is a wide variety of custom shafts to choose from. We feel like we lead in choice in both Drivers and Irons. On April 15 we will push that envelope even further. Check cobragolf.com in the next few weeks![/size][/color]

[color=#000000][size=3]BTW - did you know that the BC+ Drivers and Fairways have three choices for stock shafts: Matrix 62 Gram Red Tie, Project X PXv Tour 52 gram and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White Board 72 gram. -Jose Miraflor[/size][/color]

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[size=4][quote name='tbomb' timestamp='1395490146' post='8924269']
Cobra's re-branded themselves and have made a huge comeback in the industry, well done! Love all the stuff from the last 5 years.

What are the odds of seeing some [i][b][color=#FFA500]COBRA Ferrari [/color][/b][/i]themed putters?
[/quote] [color=#000000]There is a rare Ferrari Blade putter currently in select golf shops globally. The Putter features a 100% Machined Titanium Body joined to a 230 gram tungsten back flange that delivers both resists twisting for straighter putts and helps to create forward roll sooner. - Jose Miraflor[/color][/size]

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[size=4][quote name='markjinc' timestamp='1395490286' post='8924275']
Can the bio cell tip be used in the bio cell+ Driver head? How would you figure out what the loft translates too? Thanks!
[color=#000000]BiO Cell (Tip Marking) = BiO Cell+ (Loft)[/color]
[color=#000000]9.0° = 8.0°[/color]
[color=#000000]9.5° = 8.5°[/color]
[color=#000000]9.5° Draw = 8.5° Draw[/color]
[color=#000000]10.5° = 9.5°[/color]
[color=#000000]10.5° Draw = 9.5° Draw[/color]
[color=#000000]11.5° = 10.5°[/color]
[color=#000000]11.5° = 10.5° Draw[/color]
[color=#000000]12° = 11.0[/color][color=#000000]°[/color]
[color=#000000]-Mike Yagley[/color][/size]

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[quote name='eddiebigeddie' timestamp='1395855606' post='8955831']
As I started to post a few minutes ago, I was rudely interrupted.....but it's ok, because this is what interrupted me....

Now, I need the Green Dicks Edition to play & keep this Beauty on Display!!!!

That's ridiculously COOL! Nice club. Yeah...I think the poll of who thinks you should put it on display versus in play will cause it's own little ruckus. You should play it, if for no reason, to let other golfers see that stick. Wicked Masters setup!

9* TM M5 w/GD AD BB-6
15* TM M6 w/Atmos
19* TM SIM Max w/Ventus Blue
Callaway Apex '19 w/KBS Tour
Callaway MD5 54*
Callaway PM Grind '19 58*
Odyssey StrokeLab Ten S (Tour only NO sightline) 33"

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[size=4][quote name='saggysag' timestamp='1395512595' post='8925877']
will you guys make amp cell pro wedges in higher lofts than "g"?
[/quote] [color=#000000]Because our staffers prefer to game the Tour Trusty's we have not planned to create a "set" sand and lob for the AMP CELL Pro set. Give them a try, you will love the feel and control. - Jose Miraflor[/color][/size]

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I forgot to post my actual question earlier after getting my Surprise Package that showed up....Do you guys offer any programs for Businesses (Parks & Recreation) that help kids starting out playing golf or businesses trying to start programs?

Also, love your Drivers. I need more money to buy more....LOL!

Thanks for opportunity Cobra/Puma!

Driver: Cobra Radspeed Season Opener (9) - Ventus Blue Velo (6s)
Fwy:  Cobra F6 Baffler (16) - Hzrdus Red 75 (6.0)

D.I.: Taylormade T.P. UDI 2 (18) - Fujikura Pro 115x

Hybrid:  Cobra F7 3-4 (20.5) - Aldila Tour Blue 85s
Irons:  PXG 0211 XCOR2 Xtreme Dark (6 - G) - True Temper Elevate Tour V2 (stiff)
Wedge:  Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Raw (54/12) - Nippon Modus 125w
Wedge:  Taylormade Hi-Toe (60/10) - KBS Hi Rev 2.0

Putters:  KREW Klassic Blade...Mannkrafted MA/55...Odyssey MXM Versa #9Ht (Custom)...Machine M10 
Bag:  Bennington LQO-9 Stand Bag

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[quote name='Wall-E' timestamp='1395525065' post='8926857']
What about the Bio Amp cell technology makes it more advanced than the leading brands of competitors on tour?
[color=#000000]The BiO (not AMP) Cell has very aggressive E9 and Cell weighting technology that helps deliver the best combination of low CG and high MOI that we have measured. The E9 face technology also incorporates an elliptical geometric bias making it more forgiving on off center hits. Dual roll on the face is a subtle but effective way to increase launch angle and decrease spin on high and low impacts for more distance. Overall, we have several incremental design features you don't see on competitors' clubs that add up to noticable performance gains.- Mike Yagley[/color][/size]

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[quote name='jcorna01' timestamp='1395533286' post='8927661']
I love these Q&A threads, so thank you to WRX for hosting them and thank you to Cobra for taking the time to answer our questions!

What innovation in equipment technology over the last 4-5 years or so is Cobra most proud of?
[color=#000000][size=3]Smartpad. This unique innovation allows us to maintain a square face with an adjustable loft wood. This helps our golfer setup with a consistent face, no matter which loft setting they choose. - Doug Roberts[/size][/color]

How has becoming a part of Puma impacted Cobra's equipment business and strategy? How is it different now (if at all) than it was [size=4]under Acushnet?
[color=#000000]When Cobra was acquired by PUMA it really was a mutually beneficial partnership. PUMA benefited by being able to use Cobra's global distribution model, resulting in an increased presence in accounts worldwide. Cobra benefited by being able to step out from behind Titleist. During the Acushnet days, Cobra was positioned more in the Senior and Women's clubs categories, but now, under the new CPG umbrella, has been released to create high-performing products for all types of golfers. That is why you now see the full portfolio from Cobra: Ferrari - Super Premium Technology, BiO CELL+ - designed for the Tour staffers/better player, BiO CELL - designed for the Game Improvement golfer & Baffler XL designed for the senior & women golfers. - Jose Miraflor[/color][/size]

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[quote name='Old BT' timestamp='1395527565' post='8927103']
Love the ZL Encore driver! Any plans on continuing this line in the future?

+1 on a players forged combo, too. Thanks, Cobra!
[color=#000000][size=3]The ZL Encore was an excellent driver. Great launch conditions with outstanding forgiveness. We are using that driver as an inspiration for upcoming products. Stay tuned. - Jose Miraflor[/size][/color]

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[quote name='Goldenhawk' timestamp='1395525291' post='8926873']
Cobra is quite popular when it comes to juniors. The Amp Cell Junior Driver was quite a hit. Will there be an Bio Cell Junior Driver? Will you be expanding the Junior Line to include fairway woods and irons too?
[color=#000000][size=3]We just released the BiO CELL Junior Driver. It hit retail stores on 3/15. Here is a link to the website [url="http://www.cobragolf.com"]http://www.cobragolf.com[/url]. It features the same head technologies as well as MyFLY8 and Smart Pad, along with more loft for slower speeds and a Junior shaft to match to age and weights of our juniors. We don't have plans to create a junior fairway wood or irons line but I can share with you what I built for my son and daughter. Contact our customer service [/size][/color][url="tel:800-843-5464"](800) 843-5464[/url] [color=#000000][size=3]and as for Jose Miraflor :)[/size][/color]

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[quote name='ThatBigBen' timestamp='1395544062' post='8928859']
Is there going to be a new version of the Amp cell forged or is the Bio Cell+ irons somewhat filling that space with a similar head shape and tungsten weights?

Any plans to expand the special edition Masters/US Open colors to fairways/hybrids?
[color=#000000][size=3]The Masters/US Open Limited Edition will only be offered as a Driver. We have some cool new stuff in the works! - Doug Roberts[/size][/color]

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[quote name='fishstix94' timestamp='1395539856' post='8928345']
One of the new trends in golf is driving irons and driving hybrids, does cobra plan on releasing their own version of one? Maybe a baffler driving iron? :)
[color=#000000][size=3]Since mostly Tour and better players carry these types of irons, it could be a great option to add to the BC+ family. Thanks for the suggestion, maybe we can have you on the test panel? -Jose Miraflor[/size][/color]

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I like the fact that Cobra is being innovative and is using inspiration from nature to move weight and make structurally sound designs. Are there any more biological-inspired clubs in the works in R&D that you can speak on?

Cobra Amp Cell Driver
Cobra Amp Cell 3wood
Adams Super LS 3 hybrid
Mizuno jpx-825 pro irons 4-PW
Cleveland RTX wedges 52, 56, 60
Odyssey White Hot Rossie

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[size=4][quote name='youngwaldo' timestamp='1395605007' post='8932607']
Any plans to release a 440cc or 430cc bio driver to compete with big names like Titleist and TaylorMade.

[/quote] [color=#000000]Another one who doesn't look at our website :-) BiO CELL+ is 440 cc. Please try it out. It offers great low, back CG and for optimum distance with forgiveness, MyFly8, Smart Pad and five colors! - Tom Olsavsky[/color][/size]

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Could you please comment on the profile of the stock shaft in the regular Bio Cell driver and what is the difference between that shaft and the PX Pxv Tour 52 offered with the + driver?

Rogue ST TD 10.5 Kbs TD 50

Ping 425 fwy 17* Alta 

Ping 425 hyb 22* Alta

Srixon ZX7 5-pw Modus 120

Vega vw-06 52 58


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[quote name='tmcbigblue' timestamp='1395678156' post='8938981']
I currently game a cobra amp driver 9.5 degree. I have the stock shaft in x flex and was wondering how much spin reduction to expect if I move to the Bio Cell with the stock shaft. I also game the s3 pro irons and they are awesome. Keep up the great work!
[/quote] [color=#000000][size=3]The BiO Cell driver has a much lower CG, you should see more ball speed, lower spin (~300 rpm) and ultimately more distance without sacrificing forgiveness. - Mike Yagley[/size][/color]

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[quote name='castellar' timestamp='1395671996' post='8938087']
1. It has been 4 years since Puma bought Cobra golf. In that time has the acquisition affected Cobra at an R&D level? If so how?

2. The club industry is widely becoming infamous as more of a marketing game rather than actual results driven R&D and products. What sets cobra apart and how do you continue to make advancements in technology in a time where everything is essentially "maxed out"?
1. [size="2"][color="#000000"]Our R&D group have had a great time since the acquisition. Some say the "shackles" have been removed. A group of 26 people who once were limited to engineering a product for a specific price or a more specific consumer, now has the freedom to design for golfers of all levels - from some of the best in the world to the very beginning golfer, and even the junior player. We have price points that range from a $2,000 Ferrari driver down to a $119 high performance wedge. Over the next few years you will be amazed at what we have in the design vault. The range and performance will be game changing. [/color][/size]
[color=#000000][size=3]2. [/size][/color][color=#000000][size=3]I agree there is a large part of the business that utilizes marketing to boast the lowest CG, longest distance, deepest undercuts every year. By now CGs should be 2 feet deep in the ground and we should be driving the ball 450 yards. LOL! Our R&D group works very hard to deliver real technologies that make a difference in your game. We spend the extra time to find any weight savings in a region of a head to deliver the lower deeper CG because we know that distance needs to come with forgiveness. We truly deliver undercuts that challenge durability so that the face and body truly work to deliver more speed. Our ADJUSTABLE hosel system is the lightest and most aerodynamic which saves weight to reposition in a better spot. We continue to find ways to improve through nonstop research, studies on materials, deflection at impact and work diligently with our manufacturing partners to cast thinner, yet stronger walls more consistently than we ever thought possible. PASSION for performance and coolness drives the group.[/size][/color]
[color=#000000][size=3]-Jose Miraflor[/size][/color]

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If I worked at Cobra, I would making drinking mugs out of driver heads and enjoy cold beverages out of them. lol.

Speaking of test panels, Don't forget your Canadian friends ;) We've got some snow but if you want to make a set of Carbon skates I'd give those a whirl!! Toss the Cobra logo on the heel, BRILLIANT!! Or a driver, that would be ok too :)

On another note, PLEASE SEND ROBO BACK TO HQ! I remember reading that thread everyday, best review of any OEM I've seen yet


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