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Recap: LIVE Q&A with Adams Golf from Wed April 23, 2014

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Join GolfWRX for a live chat with Adams Golf R&D and Marketing teams straight from Adams HQ in North Texas. Adams Golf is excited for the opportunity to have a no holds barred discussion regarding all things Adams Golf & owning the second shot. Ask them anything; nothing is off limits!




In the Adams "War Room":

  • SR Director R&D: Justin Honea
  • Engineering Manager, Hybrids & Irons: Justin Girard
  • Design Engineer, Metalwoods: Alex Berger
  • SVP Marketing: Scott Blevins
  • Director Global Product Marketing: Michael Fox
  • SR Director Marketing: Jeff Wood

Live Q&A Link:

This thread will be the live link.



15 GolfWRX members who have their questions answered will win brand new hybrids from Adams Pro series. Winners (chosen at random) will have the chance to choose from the Pro, Pro DHY or Pro Mini (stock shafts).



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I will pose my question now since I will be in Mexico getting married during this conversation...

Has joining the Taylormade family changed the way you market, produce products, or release new technology? Will Adams be accelerating their product cycle to be more in line with the TMaG release timelines?

Thanks guys!

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How interconnecting are Adams club designs and Taylormade designs, for example does Taylomade design for Adam's clubs completely or is it separate like there is Adam's design team and Taylormade's design team? If so do the two teams collaborate together regularly or generally both teams keep to themselves?


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Are there any new plans for custom fitting consumers, or at least, more of a push to better allow consumers to be custom fit? As it stands, it is very difficult to buy Adams products due to the lack of fitting carts and systems in stores - at least to me.


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"Own the Second Shot" is a BRILLIANT marketing idea Scott. What else can we expect to see as part of this campaign? Any events associated with the promotion?

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Any truth Adams was/is thinking about doing some sort of MOI matching/fitting for their irons? I think this would be a great way to differentiate yourself if you even offered the option.

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First off, thank you Adams for making fantastic equipment. I've currently got a Fast 12 LS that cycles in and out of my bag (depending on the course I'm playing and wind conditions) as well as Tight Lies and Super 9031 that are going to be in the bag for a LONG time. I'm wearing an Adams golf hat as we speak as well! My question is, being in my 20s, many of my playing partners comment on my Adams gear and clubs and ask me why I'm playing "old man clubs." Although I love the gear, I can't disagree with the perception that Adams gear is played by a predominantly older crowd. [b]In light of this, is Adams planning to branch out and try and sign some newer, younger stars to help boost their sales and appeal with a younger golfing crowd?[/b] I know far too many golfers my age who don't even give Adams clubs a shot (huge mistake, IMO), and I can't help but feel that their decision is made largely in part because of the lack of high-profile, younger stars sponsored by Adams.

Thanks again, keep making great clubs (especially with "real-deal" shafts, which us GolfWRX members all appreciate), and I'll keep buying! Those XTD forged irons are calling my name...

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I was a big fan of the Hit Fit system and used it a lot when fitting. Is Adams looking to improve, update, or really push the system again? I know as the head club fitter at our store I was having our guys who didn't have the fitting expertise to use and it made them look like stars.

I think for the big box stores and pro shops this could essentially help fit more customers into proper hybrids and fairway woods. I would typically take a guy who may been looking for just one hybrid and be able to show him what set makeup would best suit his game. You guys know this already but I was disappointed to not see it updated at the arrival of the xtd launch.

I personally changed my own club setup using this system, now I am convinced it works. As a former touring pro it's not easy to take out the three and four irons but I have now found myself scoring better from outside 200 yards and that's exciting.

Sorry for the rant but I believe that if at all possible that system should be pushed again. Thanks for any information.


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For Justin Honea- I saw in a previous interview that you said the new XTD driver has the hottest face in golf because you hold such tight manufacturing tolerances. Does Adams use any special manufacturing processes to enable these tight tolerances? Or have you figured out new ways to design around traditional manufacturing methods?

Any plans to use the XTD irons' floating face technology on other clubs? It's a cool concept! I love my CB3's but the technology behind the XTD's is tempting.

Thanks Adams and Golfwrx!

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Is the sldr technology going to trickle into the Adams side of the company at anytime soon. Do you guys believe in the 17-1700 launch that Taylormade is pushing.



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Adams is definitely the most innovative company in golf. The CB3 Irons were awesome. Does Adams plan on releasing CB4 Irons in the future?

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With so many different hybird models and options available, what is the biggest factor in releasing a hybrid to the golfing public??

Thanks in advance (if you answer my question) and thanks for taking time to answer question for us GolfWRX'rs!!

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Besides Adam(s) being a cool name :)....my dad plays Adams irons (not sure which set) but has a tough time with them even though they are senior flex, I see your IDEA Irons have a wrap-around slot technology, could you expand on what this does and would it help the older golfer?

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Thank you to Adams for taking some time for us. I bought a set of CB3 irons over the Winter and I am really enjoying them! Not to mention they are some of the best looking irons out there. My question:

Although I live in the U.S., I have often heard that the availability of Adams products is extremely limited elsewhere in the world, particularly the U.K. Does Adams have a marketing strategy going forward to increase brand awareness worldwide? How do you envision the addition of Ernie Els to your team impacting this effort?

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I am an older (51) golfer and my bag is nearly Adams from top to bottom. With your advertising it seems that you are targeting an older golfer such as myself. Was this an intentional demographic target that will continue, with Taylormade aiming for the young'ens, or will your marketing go wider? You guys make fantastic clubs and I hope that all golfers consider your clubs when looking for a new addition to their bag.

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What gains in ball speed can we expect in the '14 Pro with VST vs. the previous Pro models (A12 etc) pre VST?

As Adams was the first to move CG closer to the face with VST and spin rates fell while launch angles increased thus adding distance, did lofts of hybrids need to be tweaked to gap better with irons?

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What is the story behind the back of the new XTD irons? They look like a something from the Terminator movie.

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It's been just over 2 years since TM bought Adams. What has been the biggest and most noticeable benefit from the M&A?

Forgive my ignorance but are the TM adapter sleeves for the jetspeed or sldr compatible with the Adams xtd?

Thanks for yiur time in this and formthe opportunity to put one of the best hybrids in my bag.

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Adams seems to go above an beyond with shaft pairings in their equipment. From the C-Taper as a stock shaft in the XTD forged and the Aldlia Tour Series in the Pro's, I am curious if shaft choice is a factor in the design of the clubs during the R&D phase or is it something that is factored in after design is complete and you are trying to respond to the market after the fact.

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Thanks Adams Golf for taking the time to do this on GolfWRX, and thank you GolfWRX for getting this going.

Huge Adams fan here and loving what is coming out from you all.

As innovators in the hybrid club market, what is it that separates you all from the plethora of other hybrid choices on the market now from a design stand point (other than the velocity slot technology)?

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