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Diamana Ahina 70X. One of the best shafts I've owned to this date. Made some swing changes and couldn't quite use it as effectively, but not before I had one of the best seasons in terms of driving with the Ahina. I even bought a second driver with it but had to let that go too.

Edit - I thought it was favorite Diamana, which still stands as the Ahina. But my all-time favorite MRC shaft must be the Fubuki AX f85 that I still have in a 3W. I also forgot about the Thump... this was tougher than I thought.

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/291876-puppetmaster-witb/"]WITB Link[/url]

Cobra King Ltd 8.5*, Speeder TS 6.2
BBA 815, Accra CS1 80
Adams A12 19*, Diamana Thump
Cobra Fly Z+, KBS Tour 
Vokey 254.10, V-Grind 60*, DG S400
Odyssey Tank Cruiser 330M

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My favorite was the original Diamana Whiteboard. Although I never owned one, it was always on a pedestal in my mind. It was the first aftermarket shaft that i always hit whenever i could get my hands on it

Current WITB

TAYLORMADE M5 9* (Tensei Pro white 80tx)
PING i25 14* (KuroKage Proto 70xx)
SRIXON ZU85 2i (C-TAPER 130x)
SRIXON Z785 4-PW (C-TAPER 130x)
TAYLORMADE Spider Tour Black (no alignment aid)

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Mitsubishi Rayon has made a number of excellent shafts ... white board, blue board, red board, K, Alpha, ahina, kaili, etc. Out of all that I've tried ... and I spent a fortune on trying just about all of them ... I still think of the original blue board as one of the all time best. The feel just hasn't been the same with any other shaft.

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