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Newbie here with video of swing

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New here to the site, decided to take some quick videos of the swing today (please don't mind the rinky dink setup). I have shot low 80's but normally in the mid to high 80's making great contact with the ball. Lately I have developed an over draw at times leaving everything well right. I am severely snap hooking my driver, anyway that is a nuts shell of the game. Let me know what you think, thank you in advance for the help and suggestions.



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Welcome to the forum :)
I know eff all about the swing, but I do know when I cannot see a video. It's not showing up. Upload to youtube and a link is typically the best way to go!

Almost there. You also need to make the videos public, they are currently private and cannot be viewed.

[url="http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTOZNxdsDKajrKxaUCRjcU8eB7URcAMpaCWN-67Bt6QG8rmBUPYW3QAQ7k87BlYizIMKJzEhuzqr9OQ/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true"]WITB[/url] | [url="http://tinyurl.com/CoursesPlayedList"]Courses Played list[/url] |  [url="http://tinyurl.com/25GolfingFaves"] 25 Faves [/url]


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Hips more toward target at address and possibly slightly wider stance.

Backswing way too slow, ruins your rhyhm.

As far as mechanical issues... You roll the club behind you and that forces you to lift late, go across the line and have your left elbow work out too much. In turn that forces you steep on the downswing.

Now forget all the mumbo jumbo in the last sentence and focus on #1 and #2 in video below to shorten your backswing.


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Good swing, some nice flow to it and it could be powerful if you start it right. Your first move with the club comes too inside, you fan the club face open which then causes your right elbow to detach from your body at the top of the swing which puts you across the line. From there it is difficult to swing down on the right path. Check this link which will help with the takeaway, then combine it with keeping the right elbow folded correctly at the top of the swing


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I have a very goofy piece advice.

I have that same garage door opener. You must NEVER let any part of the shaft or head touch that little hangy-down white wire. That's your antenna for the remote.

So dipstick me learned this one the hard way. As the weather cools especially - that mat and your shaft will develop enough static charge to render the electronics (deep inside the head of that opener) 100% deaf!!!! All you have to do is nick that wire once. Oh -- and you will know you wrecked it when the wife starts asking what went wrong with the opener and the only thing that still actuates it is the wall switch.

(could have bought new wedges instead of a freak'n new head for the opener - :LOL).

Swing advice? The other guys have you covered in my book.

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Need a little more hip bend and to get further away from the ball at address to make room. Then just need to work your first move away. Less active forearm takeaway. More active body so that everything moves in one piece. This video will help.


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[quote name='afmilboy02' timestamp='1412827880' post='10258811']
are they good to go now? jeez new guy here lol thanks for the help.

Welcome to the forum!

These guys can get you straightened out. Pay particularly close attention to what Monte tells you.

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