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Need a little swing help

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Oh I understand it takes time. I actually hit balls for three hours today working on shortening backswing and shall owing out the downswing.

I was just saying that I had noticed the shoulder dip and had started working to correct it. I Wasn't exp instant success. I will say it is going to be pretty hard because my miss so far has been thinned or topped shots.

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[quote name='AlecEmersonGolf' timestamp='1428206284' post='11286321']
More rotational movement of hips on downswing, less slide. Your weight isnt moving across to your front foot fast enough, which loses the angle.
I agree with your "less slide". But I disagree with "weight isnt moving across to your front foot fast enough". Quite the opposite. I never know watching others videos if it is better to comment or avoid. Opinions / Theories differ among coaches,Pro's,hackers...

The first question I believe was referred to "how to generate lag" but maybe is about the left arm bending. To understand better the swing a DTL video will be nice. Every action generate a reaction so this is how I see it:

[b]Set up[/b] - good general fundamentals. The head is bent right and right shoulder is set as hitting a fade shot. I would keep head straighter , won't say anything about the fade without knowing your intentions first.

[b]Backswing - Weight distribution [/b]In the second video I notice too much weight on front leg and this is repeated in the transition/downswing, moving weight too soon on front leg. A confirmation of this is in your front knee . It straight too soon activated by your slide.

[b]Backswing -arms [/b]Nice composed and flowing wide arc that should be rewarded with a better lower body action.

[b]Transition -Downswing [/b]Clear slide forward with weight moving to front foot too early and the upper body stalls. Now you have to release your arms otherwise you wouldn't be able to catch the ball (brain knows).

[b]Sensation hitting 'easy' with 9 iron [/b]- Keep the right butt activated on backswing (pressure on right foot) till the arms package reach your desired top of backswing.Turn with the part of the body you feel comfortable without sliding forward/bending head right side/dropping right shoulder while delaying the weight shift as much as possible. You should have your arm package still intact in the slot.Rewards should be immediate with a more powerfull/crisper strike based on your extended practice

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I'm sure everybody's watching the Masters today as that is what I am doing now. However, earlier this morning I took some videos. I have been working hard over the past week or so trying to eliminate the right shoulder dip in an effort to keep the left arm straight thru impact.. I'm still having trouble executing this. I just can't seem to get it. Can anybody help me or give me some drills or ideas to help?



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I am not an instructor, just offering a drill that may help.

Start with your hands at waist level (backswing) with your wrists set (cocked).
As you swing to waist level through the ball, exaggerate your right arm rolling over your
left arm (after impact), keeping the left arm straight.

A nerf ball or balloon between your forearms with this drill helps.

I practice this in a constant motion, to get the feel of my arms naturally releasing without bending my
left elbow back.

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You look like you chicken wing because you have no separation of upper and lower body in transition, create no secondary tilt on the way down as you are nearly leading with your upper body, and then save it with the chicken wing on the way through. The lack of extension looks like it's a result of the arms being overly connected.

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I just saw Monte's video on how the shoulders work in the golf swing. That makes a ton of sense to me and gives me a much better understanding of Monte's original post above. I assume if I get the ST at address and rotate shoulders like he does in the video then I will eliminate the chicken wing. Going to practice tonight with the alignment sticks. Anything else I should be aware of or focused on?

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I watched Monte's wedge video and got some help from Dan on straightening the right arm away from the right shoulder. Since then I have been performing slo mo swings inside and hitting into net. Rain has shut down the range. I am not there yet and wouldn't expect to be but for the experts, does it look like I am making some positive progress versus earlier videos? If not, do you see something I am doing wrong? Trying to get ST by keeping head behind ball and trying to straighten right arm in the downswing. Ball is coming out of center of the face consistently.

Edited: I just realized the camera moves on both videos so you may not be able to tell anything.



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Well, I don't seem to be getting any feedback so I'm going to make some comments on what I see and what I think I need to fix. It looks like I am not allowing the hips and shoulders to open more thru impact and I'm not letting the arms swing freely. I guess maybe that's from focusing so much on trying to straighten the right arm and staying behind the ball that I'm stalling my pivot. May be over emphasizing. Does this sound accurate?

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