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X stiff shaft - do I follow the advice??


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I was fitted today for a Titleist 915 D2 (9.5 degree) and the fitter recommended the Rogue Silver 60g (110 MSI) X Stiff shaft based on the numbers that trackman generated but said the 70g X Stiff would be even better but he didn't have one for me to try. My swing speed is only around 100 MPH with the driver so I would have thought this was a bad choice on paper but the trackman numbers for the 60g X-Stiff were the best of the options I tried. Do you think I should go with the recommendation for the 70g X Stiff or play safe and go for a stiff rather than X-stiff?

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If you got the best numbers from that shaft, I say go for it. If you find you don't like it when you get the course, you can always order a stiff flex with the tip already installed from fleabay or BST on here (if you can find one) and sell the old shaft. That's the beauty of most new drivers, it's really easy to change shafts and try different ones.

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There are lots of considerations in picking a shaft and club head speed is just one of them - My swing speed is only slightly more than yours (105mph) with driver & I was surprised when the fitter I saw said X stiff suited my swing best due to the aggressive nature of it (short & fast I would describe it) - But the fitter is one of the best in the business here in the UK so I took his advice & he was right - If you trust what your fitter is saying then take his advice, but it's your money, so by all means get a second opinion - Good luck ... Paul

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There is a general body of thought that says you should swing the stiffest shaft you can effectively load. Therefore you might be best placed with an X stiff shaft. Though I would say that not all X flex shafts are equal. I had a Project X 6.5 in my 910D2 and it was night and day with an NVS 65X which I now have.

You'll know pretty quick if you aren't getting the best out of the shaft. It'll launch low and flat with little arc and short on distance. By all accounts the 915 is a boom stick though so "let the big dog eat" and enjoy.


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70 vs 60 model? No need to guess. Wrap 6 gm (for x-stiff or 8 gm diff for stiff) of lead tape around the 60 gm version (centered about 14" below the butt end of the club) and see if you like it better at the heavier weight.

As far as x-stiff vs stiff goes there really is no inherent advantage or disadvantage either way. It's more about matching the shaft to your particular preferences and swings. You didn't go into any detail about the results that were better. Distance? accuracy? consistency? Results are really the only thing that matters but it can be hard to get an accurate judgment from one fitting (especially if it was indoors?). If there is any doubt, go with the one that felt the best to you.

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Flex really doesn't make much of a difference, in an of itself. It's a feel thing. If you got good results, your brain likes the way the shaft feels and it doesn't matter what the flex, color, brand, or price is. I'd stick with the 60 you actually tested. Fitting a shaft blind because of numbers is always sketchy.

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I'm in the same boat as you, OP. My swing speed is between 100-105, and max at around 108, and I get significantly better numbers from x-stiff shafts due to the lower spin rates they tend to produce. I bought into the "my swing isn't fast enough" argument last year and picked up a driver with a stiff flex shaft that seemed to give me excellent results. Played it for most of the year without issue, and really enjoyed it for the most part. I'd probably be blissfully ignorant still but for the fact that I pulled out an old gamer with a x-stiff and instantly picked up 20+ yards. Assuming that you were getting the better results with the x-stiff, and were using your typical ball during your fitting, I wouldn't hesitate going with the x-stiff. It is about results, not the flex label on the shaft.

Now, your concern over the 60 or 70g model is more problematic. I'd go 70g based on my own preferences, but that is only because I tend to know what fits me after years of trial and error. If this is your first foray into x-stiff, then you probably don't have much experience to draw from. If you were getting good results from the 60, then I'd probably go with the known commodity over an educated guess.

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As I've said many times: "A shaft is just a shaft until you try it. Then, it is either the right shaft or the wrong one"
Flex as stamped often is meaningless. If the shaft works, it doesn't matter what it is stamped with. It works, that's all that matters.

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My ss is close to yours (low 100s) and I'm swinging a Fuji 661X. I have a Rogue 110 60X also, but i like the Fuji a bit better. I'll agree with the poster above who said it depends on the shaft. I also have a whiteboard 70S that's like swinging rebar compared to the "stiffer" Fuji and Rogue. Ignore the numbers/letters on the shaft and go with what feels best

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I would say it depends on who the fitter was. Was it a really experienced fitter that really knows their stuff or was it just some kid at a golf store? I have gone into a lot of big golf stores and the person "fitting" me would say things like "Oh, 1800 spin, I can get you lower than that" and "Why do you want to try an X flex? I only recommend that for players well over 115" and "you should tee the ball lower". Ugh, sometimes I wish they'd just let me hit on the monitor by myself.

If it was anything like that, I'd say stick with the 60x.

If it was a really good fitter, I'd say take the advice, you can always find other shafts for good deals and if you do it right, playing shaft roullette shouldn't cost you much money.

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I have X in Diamana, X in Elements Chrome, and an S in the Tour 65. Don't let it in your head; go with the results. Some x shafts have kicks right where you might need it; especially if you have a violent/lag swing. trackman isn't trying to trick you. Go with the fitting.

14 Pings. Blueprints are incredibly good. Fetch is the most underrated putter on the market. Don't @ me.

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The great thing about custom fitting is that you are able to see the results of different shafts.. and results are all that matter. If the x-flex gave you the best numbers, and you like the feel of it, then I would get it.

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Didnt read all responses.... but....



100-105mph for me, Fitter recommended X stiff also, not be cause of flex, but gave me the best dispersion due to the way I load the shaft.



Secondly weight is huge for me, Static weight can make a huge difference. Stuart made a good point, You can always go up in weight by adding lead tape the the balance point, but you cant go down weight without cutting and doing all kinds of modification.



Also if you look at the 60gram shaft vs 70 gram shaft after cuts, its not that much of a difference






Rouge Silver 60 - 72grams


Rouge Silver 70 - 78 grams, only a 6 gram swing..... nothing about 4 inches of lead tape cant fix with out making it look to bulky =)




Now if you were talking Regular or Stiff shaft... the spread is 9 & 8 grams respectably....so really not much!

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