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Classic Mackenzie
Current Coore/Crenshaw

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Vokey 52/56/60 SM5/TVDK/TVDVgrind DG S300
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Perry Maxwell.

Let me tell you what Wooderson is packin'
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[quote name='JDuffJr.' timestamp='1439517019' post='12133796']
Donald Ross

Same here, Donald Ross. If I could play Plainfield CC everyday for the rest of my life, I'd die the happiest man alive.

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Donald Ross
Allister MacKenzie

Both understood how to make a course difficult for all skill levels without making it long. They were geniuses at bunker placement and creating the proper size/shape green complex to fit the hole.

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[quote name='apprenti23' timestamp='1439513655' post='12133376']
I'm a huge fan of William Langford. Some of his green complexes are the best I've ever seen.

Was coming here to post the same thing, but if you're gonna say Langford you should probably also include his often-partner Moreau.

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[quote name='Noles' timestamp='1439945841' post='12165942']William Flynn...such an artist![/quote]

Well the only 3 I've played are: Lancaster CC, Cascades (Homestead) and some place on Long Island called Shinnecock ��

Edit: actually just looked it up and he did CC of Harrisburg, Huntington Valley and several other Phily courses that I've played. All are good with Huntington Valley in particular being a real gem.

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If you can find a course that is suitable to how long the ball flies, Donald Ross in a landslide. The problem is a lot of his courses have become obsolete since the ball travels so far these days. George C. Thomas has more designs that are still suited for the longer ball and I really like them. Modern day architect I would probably go with Ron Garl. If everything is equal in terms of resources for the club and making the most out of those resources, Garl's designs are top notch.


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