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True Temper X7

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Thinking if DJ can use x100 why can’t I



Contemplating some x7s in a new set build

Driver SIM 10.5 Ventus BLK 6x tipped 1” , 1* tour tip hotmelt head 45.75” 3w SIM 15* Ventus Red 9x tipped 2" 43.25”2i 19.5* T-MB AD DI 105x (Tipped 2.5”)  Sans 2i R15 5w Fit on Pro 95XX (tipped 2.5”)Titleist MB 620 3-PW (47* PW) Tour Issue X100s (HSx1) lie angle 620mb std specs + .25 to .5” Vokey Wedge Works Sm8 D grind 54(@53*) bounce 12* | custom grind leading edge relief w/ Nippon 125 x + 1” lie angle 63* Sm8 K grind 58(@59*) low bounce 6* | custom grind heel relief w/ Nippon 125 x + 1” lie angle 63 | Bettinardi BB8 tri sole - 70* Lie angle 2* of loft Super Stroke GT 1.0
All woods & 2i hot melted, GP Tour Velvet . 580 Ping Hoofer 

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I get you. For me, DG is a great choice if you maneuver shots or flight them different ways. Also nice to have some weight in the hands.   DriverWedge (my buddy from earlier in this thread) used to pl

From what I am told the x7 is a different step pattern / design than the x1s , so HS an X1 to attempt to get to x7 isn't apples to apples


Step pattern is identical to all DG tapered tip irons. 1.75". The difference is the thickness of each step is slightly bigger than X100 and ends up with that .610-.615" butt.


I've found launch to be similar to X100, but spin is much less. That's why guys like Tiger and DJ don't need them. Their angles are already perfect and they don't need their spin cut like most amateurs do.

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I have played both x7 sofstepped and c10


Soft stepping dynamic gold makes the cut weight 2 grams less per soft step. So 2x softstep is 4 grams less, and the c10 are 6 grams heavier than x7. So softsteping 2x will be approx 10 grams less weight Than c10 , which is a noticeable amount.


also the x7 and c10 are a little different bend profile. The x7 has a stiffer butt section (more like project x 7.0) and the c10 are just a heavy x100.


I would either pull the c10 or try to find some dynamic gold x300, which are 134 grams.

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I played Nippon Prototype C10x (137 gram, super stiff) prior to the X7 shafts I just put in my 718 TMBs... I can say with a swing speed of 112-117 with my driver and a high launch, I’ve found that the heavier HZRDUS wood shafts are the best to keep spin and launch down.

Current set up is TS3 driver with T1100 70x for what it’s worth.

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In the end, there is only one valid rule...what ever works the best, and a parameter like Total weight progression is VERY personal, just look at how different the weight in 3 different DG models actually is.

Dynamic Gold S300..the name should be familiar for most, and we have 2 models and 3 different Total weight progressions

The Descending weight model has a Total weight difference from 3 to 9 of 32 grams or 10.5 grams pr inchThe Constant weight model has a Total weight difference from 3-9 of 42 grams or 14 grams pr inchThe Ascending weight model (AMT) has a total weight difference of 60 grams from 3 to 9 or 20 grams pr inchSo, when we are at one end of the bag, and look at options for the other end, how many grams pr inch down shall we use ?...charts and math gives us a staring point, but only real life testing will tell us what works the best, but here is my chart and suggestion for shaft weight for a full bag no matter end we see it from:





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