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Ordered my first custom putter today from this guy

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Chip has my BL-2 in the works. Carbon with a Black Oxide Satin finish and some sweet stampings, Lime green and white, "DROPPIN' DIMES" on the bumpers too :rofl: Will post some pictures in about 4-5 weeks!!


What does droppin dimes mean in relation to golf?


Hmmm...guessing it means the putter is "assisting" him in making putts. :rofl:


Lol yeah ill take all the assisting I can get. Just an inside joke with me and my pop and a few friends. That commercial gets me rollin too. Just something to look at and laugh during rounds :)


He sent me a few raw pics yesterday, quick work!

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Sweet sticks. Wish I'd have known he was in Savanah. I'm in Hilton Head for the week and could have made the drive but I've got every morning planned for the rest of the week. Maybe on our next trip. That's a gorgeous putter.

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Nice looking putter! Love the sole stamping. I see you went with the Bush-treatment on the heel. Good call. ;)

I think you'll like that Satin Black Ox too. Great looking finish, no glare, and it wears very well. I ended up putting some PutterTape on my sole to protect my stamping and finish. You may want to look into that!

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