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Putting Aid Testers Needed - Free Samples

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Ok sorry...from everything I had read I thought he was still looking for a new golfer to test and review his product.




I'm not sure if you are still looking for testers? I sent an email in Sunday and wanted to make sure you received it. Mine would be the one with a whole family of testers. :)


Thanks, Gene


He offered 20% off using wrx20. Just a thought.

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Reviews are suppose to be honest, so my last night of "practice" sucked...just horrible. Nothing to do with the 5 footer but I couldn't get a consistent roll, lie, speed or nothing. All of putts out the gate and inside the gate were off. 30 minutes of a let down session. I just didn't have it last night and I saw it immediately. No guessing with the 5 footer.


HOWEVER... this morning, I went at the same spot(s) again and BAM. I found my stroke.. I only missed 3 out of 60...(3 were a revlotuion short) Last 20 were with my eyes close ( out the gate/in). The 5 footer really does help you see the path and alignment.


What changed in one day? I worked on my grip today, which seemed to get everythign in line. Also, sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't...we all know this.


Either way, the 5 footer immediately showed me what I was missing on (speed/line). Today was a better day and hopefully next "funk" day I can correct and not wait a day.

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Thanks Rob, for sending me your product and including me in your test group. Now for a quick update:


I roll the putts in my office. 10 putts from the open-end to the closed-end and then reverse from closed-end to open-end. Do this twice = 40 putts a day minimum. Anyways here are my results so far:


Date Day Made Missed Attempted Made %

4/21/2016 1 33 7 40 83%

4/22/2016 2 31 9 40 78%

4/25/2016 3 44 6 50 88%

4/26/2016 4 31 9 40 78%

4/27/2016 5 29 11 40 73%


Edit: sorry about the formatting, Does anyone know how to post an excel chart and get it to display correctly?

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Hogan TK15 - 49, 55
Edel Deschutes

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