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Where do you get most of your stuff?
I'd have to say mine is Golfsmith...only because it's minutes from my office and I'm practically there every day during my lunch break!

Golf Galaxy is also a pretty nice place as well as Edwin Watts...

But there are also some Mom & Pop stores that have great people working in them that keep you coming back...

But generally most of my stuff has come from Golfsmith...

I hear a PGA Superstore will be coming to my area soon so it remains to be seen as to whether my loyalties will switch in the near future!

But so far I'm content with my daily jaunts to GS...I kow practically all the "caddies" there and the customer service is always top notch!
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I went to GolfUSA because Dicks didnt have the grips I wanted, they were sold out. I'll be staying away from GolfUSA next time. I didnt look at the prices before I bought my grips, but they were 6.99 each where Dicks had them for 4.79 (if they werent out of them). For the quantity I bought, I couldnt have ordered and had the shipped for less than what i paid.

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I ALWAYS call Discount Dan's and Games People Play first. And not because they are sponsors, but because they have good prices and great service.


I also have had very good luck with TGW.com


For smaller stuff, Puetz Golf in Seattle is my local Brick & Mortar store. They also have the best demo days.


There are no Golfsmiths, Edwin Watts, Nevada Bobs, Golf Galaxies, or any other "big box" golf-only chain stores here.

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TGW.com is usually my first stop, tax free for me and usually free/cheap shipping.


Games People Play I've used after joining here, that transaction was perfect and I'll include them in future purchases.


Supreme Golf is my first brick and mortar choice. I know the guys there and trust them. All club work (loft/lie, re-grips, etc.) I do there.


Golfsmith/Edwin Watts/other are just too far away from me so unless I happen to be near one of those shops they are not on the list.

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I went to the PGA Superstore in Atlanta GA, the new one in Buckhead. The people working there had never heard of the "tour links" putting surface, even though they had several of the small models in stock. I was trying to buy that day, but they blew the sale. I wanted the 4x12, but they kept telling me that it did not come in that size. I got tired of arguing and decided to buy online.

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Golf Headquarters in Indianapolis:

* It has a range so you can actually see the ball flight of the equipment you're trying;

* It has covered, heated stalls so you can practice all winter;

* Name brands plus bargain stuff

* Price guarantees good for 20 days after your purchase!

* A teaching Pro on staff

* A clubfitter who actually knows what he's talking about

* Did I mention an outdoor range :friends:

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well, i live an hour away from the nearest Golfer's Warehouse and Golf Galaxy, so i don't go out to those much at all. i usually go to Dicks for a quick golf fix and have bought a few putters, some balls, and woods there, but i do my "shopping around" at either GW or GG. Dicks is nothing like those other places and i LOVE going, but don't ever get a chance to take a day and go there. my parents don't understand how i can go there for at least 5 hours with a golf glove and just hit clubs and check out the latest stuff...

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There are lot's of choices in my area (GG, Gsmith, TWOG, others). TWOG (The World of Golf--New York) is my first stop--if they have what I'm looking for, I'll buy it from them without hesitation. They have excellent customer service, free to low cost shipping and tax only if shipped within NY. Their shops are not as exhaustively stocked as some of the big chains, but you get the feeling that they really take golf and their business seriously. TGW.com is my favorite etailer, but only if I can't get it from TWOG.

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