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Scotty Cameron Classic 1

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This putter was purchased new by a friend in 1993. He immediately took it home and drilled a sight dot with a cordless drill. It was about 3/4 of an inch too close to the toe and it volcanoed the top line. He never used the putter and so he wanted me to help him sell it, so I sent it to Black Oxide Services about two weeks ago. It arrived yesterday and the "ghost" mark from the weld is visible on close inspection. I don't notice it at address, but please check the pictures and decide for yourself. It also created a small discoloration between the cavity and top line where the weld tempered the metal, also check the pictures. I'm probably over emphasizing the blemishes. This putter would make an incredible gamer, it's just not a collector's piece any longer. The milling is exquisite as is with most of the Classic 1's. The finish is perfect glossy black oxide just like stock. The face milling is very faint and the head weighs 320 grams according to my scale. The putter measures 34 inches and has the original pebble grain Danny Edwards putter grip and head cover. I'm asking $600 but I know that's way too high, but I'm going to run this more or less like an auction. Highest offer after 3 days on BST gets the putter. So, don't be afraid to send me a relatively "low ball" offer. I will pay insured shipping in the continental USA. Hawaii, Alaska, or International, PM me for shipping rate.


Ghost mark from the weld:




Blemish above the cavity:




Other photos:













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Low price after 3 days on BST gets the putter.


I'm game! How about $.01? Or, better yet, you pay me to take it! LOL ;)


Seriously though, I'm going to ponder this. I've wanted a gamer Classic I for a while.

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He immediately took it home and drilled a sight dot with a cordless drill.


Why are you friends with Satan? GLWS.


Thanks fellas.


One of my buddies was giving me a hard time saying everyone would say I was the "friend." BUT, I'm a lefty and always have been, haha.


He's a good dude. Used to play the mini's and is still a good stick at 68 years old, but this is exactly the kind of thing he would do. Too bad he didn't make it on tour, it would really be worth something!

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Last bump. I need to check out the Righty BST more often. You guys gotta a lot of clothes, shoes, shafts, and stuff that even a lefty could use. Too many club choices though. I'd go crazy.


Thanks again to everyone that's made an offer. Today is the last day for offers and I'll notify everyone of the results tomorrow morning.

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