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calling all vice golf squad members!


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the buddies i play with affectionately refer to me as nogo. apparently, i have earned this mundane moniker as a result of my repeated refusal to sport apparel on the course bearing any mainstream manufacturer's company logo. on my clothing, no logo was ever to be found. for a very long time, i have been proud of this.


however, more recently and almost imperceptibly, i have begun a slow slide down a slippery slope leading me away from these long held beliefs towards the one thing i promised myself i would never become: a brand-specific self-sponsored fanboy.


it began with the ball, when i switched from the titleist proV1 to the vice pro. it continued with the glove when i switched from the footboy staff to the vice pure. and now the unthinkable has come to pass: shortly i will replace all of my barren and blank flexfit lids with vice crew caps in white, blue, and wine, and vice squad caps in green and orange.


i never thought i would represent any company on the course, let alone represent one as fully as i now flaunt everything that is vice golf. for better or for worse, i am now a self-sponsored vice golf squad member. for a very long time to come, i hope to be proud of this.


i know i am not the only one with this sort of story...


i know there are more squad members out there...


what vice ball are you playing and why? are you wearing a vice glove and if so, why? are you wearing a vice cap and if so, which one? what was it that got you hooked on vice?


calling all vice golf squad members, show yourselves!







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Guilty as charged. I'm every bit of a 18 handicap but my passion for the game is unmatched. I live, eat, and sleep the game. Recently decided to branch out from my decade plus love of TaylorMade balls and pick up 5 boxes of Vice Pro plus balls. Like I mentioned previously, I'm an 18, so at my skill level the golf ball shouldn't make much of a difference but these seem to feel different to me. Maybe it's the 4 layer construction or maybe it's all in my head but I'm really digging Vice right now. Here's a funny story: Played Pinehurst #2 a couple weeks back. My approach on #1 landed on the green and rolled off. Caddy said it was a good shot but that it was probably my ball that prevented me from staying on the green. I don't think he ever heard of Vice before and I think he assumed I was gaming Walmart bargain bin balls. I should have just told him it's not the ball, I'm just not good. Anyway, I got up and down to par the hole and never looked back. I think the balls are great. I haven't tried the gloves yet but I plan to. I'm really digging the wine and mint colored hats too. Haven't purchased but I plan to get both of them as well. I really like what Vice is doing. Hard to find multilayer balls at their price point. I'm sure they aren't for everyone but I love them and feel they are worth a try. Anyway, I say all this to confirm I will soon be a Vice Golf whore. Hoping they sponsor a tour pro soon so I can have someone to pull for. Until then, I'll be representing Vice in Charlotte NC!!!

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I play the vice tour ball, have the crew cap in blue and white, as well as last year's limited The Open cap and this year's 'local legend' masters special cap. Oh, and the all over grey woolen hat for winter use.


I've been using the vice pure gloves since the end of last year.



I guess that makes me a vice golf squad member as well?




As for the reasons I use vice - I like the value for money you get with their balls, I like their style and I'm from Munich as well, so it's kind of a 'support your local start-up' thing for me.

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Played my first full 18 with the Vice Pro today on my home course. Once again, I am in love. I absolutely love the feel off the club (woods, irons, and putter). The distance control in the short game is fantastic and I was getting some great spin-backs from 110 and in. I used to play ProV1s, and these just took their place for good.

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Randomly found a Vice Pro + at my home club.


Hit it twice, once off the tee with my driver and once on my approach. After that I was very intrigued.


After some Q&A with a club member who was up to speed with the line I checked out their website.


Right off the bat I ordered 5 dozen Vice Pro + & 3 gloves.


Everything arrived within 5 days. Shipped a dozen off to a buddy in SoCal, another dozen to a friend and gave 2 sleeves to a close friend. I have heard nothing but excellent feedback from all three players.


The gloves are so soft, leaps and bounds ahead of any other glove I've ever tried on.


All caps are sold out but if they weren't, I would have 3 or 4 in my collection.


I will not be paying for or playing any other ball for quite some time.



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Still haven't ordered mine yet but it's the next place I'm going when I need balls or a glove. The feedback on these has been great.


I just REALLY wish they sold hats that weren't flat bill because they don't belong anywhere near a golf course.


I also can't stand flat-billed caps. But, according to the Vice Web site, the bills are flexible. They can be worn flat or flexed. The following is from their web site:






Think a golf cap has to be flat or curved? Not with us! The VICE CREW Cap has been constructed so that it can be worn flat as well as curved, looking great either way.


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I play the Vice Pro Neon simply because I like the color. The balls practically glow in the dark which helps when I'm hitting them into the bushes or under trees. I can track them well in the sky compared to white balls that I can't see depending on the color of the sky.


I don't have any of the clothing, though. I guess that makes me part of the JV squad.

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