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Already got my 5 bags of potato chips, couple gallons ice cream, 88, yes 88, pizza rolls and 18 cookies. Serious junk out for sure, hopefully trying not to start tonight. 

This guy was on the course the other day  

I am not really big on tooting my own horn, but feel a bit more comfortable doing it in this thread.    I really pushed myself last week with the walking. The weather was nice and I wanted t

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13 hours ago, scotee said:

Keep your head down Rad. Looks like Sally girl my be swinging up your way.


Yes, the forecast has been changing because this thing has been nearly stationary. The latest forecast has the eye

making landfall at Mobile and coming right up to us here. We live north of I-85 between Montgomery and Auburn.

Originally we were expecting 3-8 inches of rain and 30-40 mph winds. Now they're saying we could get up to 20

inches of rain and winds in the 40-50 mph range.


Thankfully, our house is on high ground so we're safe from flooding though areas around us could flood and prevent

us from going anywhere outside our small town. I decided to mow the lawns again a little earlier than I normally would

since I may not be able to mow again for awhile. 


There's not a lot of prep we need to do this far inland. Our main concern is all the old growth trees that could come

down if the soil gets soggy combined with strong wind gusts.......... and the odd tornado that could spin up.

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