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First post here, new member! I was just golfing over the weekend and the guys I was playing with were surprised at my club choice on my approach shots. I was using a 7 iron for 150, but am gradually moving to my 8 iron as my ball striking gets more consistent. I'm hitting the back of the green too often and having to lag putt crazy far. I'm not a great lag putter.


Anyway I feel like that is probably a pretty normal club choice @150 out for someone like me (around 30 5'10" and fairly athletic, but not the best golfer so not trying to murder the ball). But these guys kept saying my swing looks slow and easy and I'm not sure if that's because I have a pretty slow backswing or if my clubhead speed is really slow for my demographic?


Last relevant piece of info is that I shoot in the high 80s on a good day, am a terrible putter so I three putt pretty often, and am currently playing Adams Golf Tight Lies (cavity back game improvement irons) hand me downs from a buddy who gave them to me when I picked up golfing for the first time a couple years back. I'll get some better clubs when I get a more consistent ball strike. Looking forward to that day.



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If you are going to do this, be sure to post the model of club and/or loft, too. There are too many differences between brands and models.

I hit my 60 degree wedge which is bent to 46 degrees. Makes me look cool.

If you are going to do this, be sure to post the model of club and/or loft, too. There are too many differences between brands and models.

Fair point, problem is all I know is they are Adams Golf Tight Lies irons. I didn't buy them and they are probably five or six years old at least. Sorry I don't have more info.
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7 (35) or 8 (39) depending on wind and elevation. B-stone J40s, Steelfiber stiff at D2

Cally BB Alpha 9* - Yellow HZRDS 6.0 65g
Cally X2 Hot Pro 15* - Aldila Tour Green
Cally Epic SZ 17* - Aldila Tour Blue

Henry Griffitts 3i
Honma TW 747v 4-10 - Accra 80i
Vokey SM6 Brushed Copper 54* & 58*
Tour Cameron NP2

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Usually 8 iron, Srixon 965, unless the Kansas wind gets blowing.

917 D3 8.5 Xphlexx Agera Orange RF Proto
SLDR Mini 12 Evo Speeder TS 757x
SLDR Mini 15.8 Rogue Black 110 80TX
Srixon 765 4-6 PX LZ 6.0
Srixon 965 7-PW PX LZ 6.0
Mizuno T7 50 PX LZ 6.0
Vokey TVD 54V & 58V
Bettinardi Studio Stock 14 or Odyssey O-works 7

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One important fact everyone is leaving out is altitude changes. He is in Boise Idaho according to his info.


With me it is a 6 iron at sea level of course I am 60 years old hitting a 1980 Macgregor blade iron.


In the case of the OP IMHO not too bad considering how long he has been playing

Driver--- Honma G1-X Stock R shaft FW Adams Tight Lies 16* Mitsu Diamana FW 7 woodTM V- Steel 21* Stock TM R Irons 3 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan #2 Apex Shafts SW- Clevaland 588 56* Sensicore S-400 LW Cleveland 588 60* Sensicore S-400 Putter 1997 Cameron Santa FE rusty as heck Bulls Eye Satin fluted shaft Bags- Old School Burton mini staff non logo or Jones Classic

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Very similar to the OP, 5'10", 31 years old, athletic build (or use to be). I played baseball growing up and have finally grew into a golf swing. At 150 yards, I'm between a PW and 9 iron. That is using Mizuno MP-53 irons.

Callaway GBB 9* Diamana S+ 60 - Animal Weights
Titleist 915h 2 Hybrid Tensei Blue 70
Titleist 915h 3 Hybrid [size=4]Diamana S+ 82[/size]
Mizuno MP-54 3-5 DG 120
Mizuno MP-64 6-PW DG 120
[size=4]Mizuno MP-T5 50 and 56[/size]
Odyssey 2-ball Fang Tank Counterbalanced
Srixon Z Star XV / Bridgestone B330 / Cut Blue

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