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SuperSpeed Golf training system

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Thinking of letting my kids use this too.

For those who want to protect their SSR - how about something like this?

a 4x4x2 foam cube for DIY Arts and Crafts, Ornaments, Modeling (Amazon @ $10 for a 12pack) - cut out a space for the device

a CRUODA Acrylic Display Cube, 4x4x4 (Amazon @ $14 includes 3x3x3 and 5x5x5)

I am not super handy but I think this should work

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Here is a post I made in another thread a while back (it's also reposted somewhere back in this monster thread).  Also keep in mind that this was based on a webinar posted back in (IIRC) May 2019, so

Level 1 is 39 swings, which is a LOT of swings. Level 2 is 57 swings. Level 3 is 75 swings. Level 4 is 93 swings. Level 5 is 123 swings. (I think I got all of those correct.) SSG says that each p

Another thing to consider is that in overspeed training, your singular goal is to swing the stick as fast as you possibly can.  On the course, you need to keep the ball on the planet and still make so

Posted Images

After 18 months off superspeed training... I started again today. Baseline for my max green stick is 125 and my actual driver CHS after training was max 116. My goal is by mid July to max my green club at 145 and my driver at 125. I'd love to bring 115-117mph driver head speed to the course. I think long term this year... Hopefully with my baby coming in July I won't lose much from lack of sleep & training for the first few weeks as I adjust to that, but I think by September, I want to max the green stick at 152-153, and try to hit 130 driver head speed... even if it's literally one time.

Taylormade SIM Max 9* @9.75*- Ventus Black 6x

Taylormade Sim Ti @16.5* - Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 8x (Testing Cobra F9 w/ Accra FX2.0 380 M5)

SIM Max 19* - HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 90 6.5 (trialing Cobra Speedzone w/ Fujikura Pro 95X & Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 8x)

Titleist 818H1 - Ventus Blue 10x

Cobra Forged Tec Black 6i, Forged CB 6-GW - AMT X100 Onyx

Titleist SM8 54.12D, 58.8M @59* - S400 Tour Issue Onyx

Compass Golf Co. Atwood (Newport 2 Timeless Tri sole clone)

TP5 (testing Vice Pro)


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Curious to know if you are still seeing improved results?

I purchased the c club, hoping it shows up before weekend.

I feel like I have plateaued with regular ssg clubs.

Although I'm not sure if I have seen second jump in speed expected in phase 3 or not. My speed has steadily increased since phase 1 (6-10mph jump in speed in all three clubs)

Hoping the c club can get some more increases before courses open in ontario.


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Does anyone have any insight on how SuperSpeed C club head speed benchmarks against (1) the other 3 SuperSpeed Clubs and (2) driver swings with no ball.

My recent data (Last 14 days) as follows:

Green Standing - best - 139mph

Blue Standing - best - 131mph

Red standing - best - 123mph

C Club (as part of first session) - 151mph

Driver (no ball) - 124mph


All speeds recorded with Red SSR device.

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Thanks - appreciate you sharing your data! Is a 4% uplift (your C vs green) fairly typical for you across a few sessions?

In this scenario, my 151mph C club Swing from today would equate to 145 mph with green. Whilst I’d love that to be true(!), I’ve never been that high with green, so I’d suspect it might be 6-10% difference.

For info, I sent a DM to SSG on another channel and they confirmed that the speeds I noted above were in within expected comparable ranges.

Conscious too that one of the SSG guys on a podcast noted that they’re still collecting baseline data (understandable they want a robust basis before quoting any kind of ratio).

That said... keen to see if there is anyone else out there with uplift comparisons in the meantime?


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My above numbers are roughly in line with last few weeks. Highest three C swing average was 141 and highest three green swing average was 135 from that session.

Are your numbers your average or just your fastest swing that day? If just fastest swing, I'd suggest that could cause issues with your numbers as the SSR can sometimes give outliers.

I go by three swing average and I discard anything that seems way out of line with my other swings that day.

As an aside, in a podcast, the SSG guys said that C club can sometimes result in leaving the face open. I just played my first round, and haven't hit any balls, and found I was leaving face open a lot. I was able to correct it by later in round and I'm sure I can remove the issue after a few range sessions, but just curious if you or others have experienced similar ?



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Interesting - so it does seems like 4-5% is your uplift number between the two sets! And your approach on averages is quite sensible in many ways.

The average of my best three today was 150mph (151, 150, 149). The 149 was my second swing of the day, so I’d hope 151 is a fair maximum (a few more sessions may confirm or not).

As it was my first session today with the C club, I was trying out a few extra swings after the level one protocol - and had another 12 swings 146-148. But I’d suspect the edge was slightly taken off given I’d completed 40-50 swings by this point.

I do often have days where my readings from one swing varies a fair bit to the next, but sometimes my sequencing is off. I’ve also had days where I’m very consistent when my sequencing is on. I lean back on my 80+ sessions of data capture at this point for benchmark references here.

To your question, I’ve not historically been accurate enough with driver to be that reliable on fave control...

My first run at the protocols in May-Oct 19 coincided with an awful period of using driver. I’d probably attribute this more to swing changes and poor club face control (it was my first year of playing) than SSG - but it’s difficult to say. I started playing 13.5 917 F2 instead and hit some of my best shots of the year...

I took time off SSG over the winter, starting again around the time the lockdown started in the UK, but haven’t been able to play since. Had quite a few lessons over the winter and made some technical changes over the winter, so keen to see how it translates...

Do you have a dry swing driver speed on SSR or a Trackman CHS with a ball?

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I don't have any recent driver swings without ball measured with SSR. The last time I did it was before I started the normal SS program. At that time, I was about 113 on the SSR. For context, my average three fastest green clubs at that time was 115. Given that I now average around 133 with the green club, I would suspect I would be mid-120s on the SSR. Someone mentioned above that the SS guys said your driver swing speed is supposed to be about 19% slower. So that would put me around 112. Though, it is unclear to me if they are saying that should be your real swing speed or your SSR swing speed; whether that conversion applies when using the SSR (which is the radar they were promoting at the time they made their 19% comment) or with a more accurate launch monitor; and whether that conversion is supposed to give you your maxed out SS (since it is being based off of you swinging the SS sticks out of your shoes).

I don't think 112 is my real swing speed, it's probably lower. In a recent GC2 session (without club data), my fastest ball speed was 161. Assuming a perfect smash factor of 1.5, that probably puts me around a 107 swing speed.


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I started this last Monday and I'm through 4 sessions. Driver max out (without a ball) from last week was 105. My high blue shaft was 105 as well.

At the end of last week I hit 120 on the green, 116 on the blue and 111 on the red. I know I'm only through the first week, but I can't imagine getting a ton faster in the remaining 5 weeks. I feel like I'm absolutely swinging out of my shoes, nothing like I do when I hit a ball to get the numbers up. Longer backswing, front heel off the ground and really trying to time the acceleration in the downswing so that it's fastest at the monitor.

In search of solid contact...
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My max green stick (141mph) is about 15mph faster than my faster than my max no-ball driver swing (124 a couple of times and a 127) on SSR. I usually do some dry driver swings after the SSG protocols, and this pattern is pretty consistent - even when I’m sub-max. I’d be interested to see if your ratios prove similar to mine if you re-test.

Other things important to factor in:

1). SSR, on average, reads 5-7mph faster for a driver vs. a higher-end launch monitor based on content from GolfWRX forums. Some report higher, some lower.

2). The rate of face closure plays a key role in the above. The SSR records the fastest speed of any part of the club, so my understanding is that the toe closure makes up for this difference.

3). Skill element - As others have mentioned, when you have to hit a ball, I think that slows you down a touch. So I’d expect a drop-off vs dry swings.

Upshot is: I’m working on the basis that a no-ball driver CHS of 120mph on SSR would be about 110mph with a ball on a Trackman

FYI: The suggested drop-off ratios of various sticks to driver: green (19%), blue (15%), red (10%). Someone within the thread posted a useful table to cross-reference your speeds back to driver.

Have others found they’re proportionally faster with the green stick vs blue vs red based on these ratios?

Re: GC2 - I think only estimates CHS, so if you’re in a position where your true smash factor is below the assumed value (I think this is 1.45, but I could be wrong) your actual CHS would be higher than the reading.



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Congrats on starting the journey - I hope you really enjoy it!

After 4 weeks my best regular swings were as follows: Green - 134mph, Blue - 124mph, Red - 117mph.

In case it helps, I’ve now done about 80 sessions and my scores have advanced from these week 4 bests as follows: green (+7mph), blue (+7mph), red (+6mph).

Between weeks 4-30 I plateaued for a long time without any real improvements, before going 140mph for 4 out 6 sessions.

Tips for speed that seem to work for me:

Load the ground hard before you take the club away. This helped me a lotMake the backswing as fast as humanly possible. Makes the backswing longer and helps with transition. There’s stuff on Course Kings about this.Hope this helps!

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People are posting some pretty impressive results here.


So what has been the actual yardage increase you have consistently seen on the course? Not Golfwrx yardages, actual yardages please.

DRIVER -    Taylor Made Sim 2 - 9* | 🔥🔥KHT AUTOFLEX SF505🔥🔥
3 WD -        Taylor Made Sim Max 14* | Ventus Red Regular 
HYBRIDS-   PXG Gen 2 -  2/3/4 | Accra Tour 100i Stiff
IRONS -       PXG Gen 3 -  0311XP 5 - GW | Accra Tour 90i Stiff
WEDGES -  Ping Stealth Glide 2.0 54-12 / 58-06 Wedges | Wedge Flex
PUTTER -   PXG ☠️One and Done☠️w/JUMBOMAX 17" FLAT
BAG -           PXG Staff Bag
BALLS -       Snell MTB Black / Pro V1

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I’ve probably increased my driver distance by 40-50 yards since I started using SSG. That said, it’s not all attributed to SSG alone. I’ve made significant swing changes, worked on mobility a lot, gym work and such like over this time.

If you work on the basis that every 1mph increase in CHS give you 2.5 yards of extra driver distance, you might be able to use this as a rule of thumb.

Consistency is one of the weaknesses in my game, so I’ve factored that in. But I’m at least one club longer in the mid irons, that I can say for certain.

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You might want to take a look at these videos. They come from one of the top 50 golf-specific training facilities in the country. The first one is about 20 minutes and is a comprehensive look at the topic; the second is much shorter and a quick look at the methods.

FWIW, I'm 67 and I've picked up 20+ yds from working on mobility (especially hips) with these guys, after NOT picking up much of anything from SSG after nearly 6 months of religious work three times a week (and some elbow pain, I might add...)

Chris has also done a paper that is a meta review of the research from baseball, golf, and cricket on overspeed training.

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I’ve done 80+ sessions of SSG (albeit in two waves of training), and I’ve never had any serious injuries thankfully.

For context, I’m in my 30s and used to compete in track & field at quite a high level, do regular gym & mobility work.

Insights I’ve learned over time:

Rest between training days - it’s massively neurologically taxing. Even if your body doesn’t feel tired, it’s quite hard to replicate speeds if you train on consecutive days.I’ve tended to find I get sore / slight niggles when I switch into new protocols.I can’t emphasise how important a good warm-up is (the higher the quality of warm-up I do the less my mobility seems to regress)Have you had a look at the TPI body screens?

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Since we're all here to pick up more speed and distance, I wanted to ask if any of you have heard of, or tried, the following. Someone suggested to make a very small shift onto your lead leg just before starting your backswing. The idea being that this subtle movement before the backswing helps to loosen your trail hip and improves your hip turn going back. I've tried this using the speed sticks and I definitely picked up some speed. Have not tried it out on the course yet. Has anyone else heard of this move?

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Is this linked to the forward press at all?

Have a look at the Kyle Berkshire video with Phil Mickleson - I think he talks about a hack or two.

I’ve found massively loading the floor before I take the club away helps a lot (maybe 5mph gain). Not sure if this is the root cause of the jump for me, or whether it just sets other things off nicely in motion.

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Update following one session using SuperSpeed C club:

Green Stick pre: 138mph (last week)C Club session 1: 151mph max / average c.Mid to high 140sToday (post):Green Stick Max: 139mphGreen stick top 5 average: 137mphC club Max: 146mphC club top 5 average: 145mph

So far, it seems like C club is 6-8mph (5%) faster than the green stick for me.

If anyone else has any experiences between the two, please do share!

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I made a point to hit 10 balls at the range the other night with the driver while swinging as fast as I possibly could to add in with the SSG training. The ones I struck solid just ballooned and went the same or shorter than a solid struck regular shot. I have an M5 with the weights set on fade in the back. I moved them all the way up to the face and they were still ballooning.

I'll probably work on this a little each day at the range where I set aside 15 min to swing out of my shoes with some different clubs. I RARELY go full on after a shot or even hit to what my "stock" distances should be. I'm more likely to choke down on a 4i for a 170yd shot than I am to ever try and get 200yds out of it despite having the swing speed to do it. I played a week or so ago where I was striking it solid so I told myself to pull whatever club that it would require the max for. Hit a 4ion a 205yd Par 3 to a little long, hit a 7i to around 170yds with a slight wind at my back and it felt great, but my experiences tell me that has a diminishing return to it.


Christof87 in your experiences do you believe you need to speed up your backswing if you need more distance?

In search of solid contact...
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