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Making My Own Putter

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I have been apart of this forum for a while, about 2 years ago I started trying to make my own putter. I did it to simply say I did it. While I am very young, I wanted to have something material to pass down to my kids if I'm one day lucky enough to have them. I have a lot of ups and downs with this project, but if you are persistent and have the drive it can be done.


My name is Cody Self and I can finally say that my putter is nearly complete. I would love some feedback, good or bad. The putter is right at 350g, machined from 11L17 Carbon. Thank you for your time.

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Looks awesome.......well done!!


How many man hours/machine time/CAD/programming do you have in your project?


Are you going to try and apply any particular type of finish......PVD, oil can, bead blast, etc?

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Done by hand, or by CNC mill?


I'm REALLY surprised more guys don't do this. I mean... Why pay $300 - $400 for a Scotty (or any groove-less, non insert putter) when all you need is a buddy who's a skilled machinist, or access to CAD and a proper CNC mill.

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Fantastic, wish I had access to such tools, that would be fun.

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Very well done. Interesting look to the face of the putter. Not so much as the milling but the edges of the milled face, the rounded edges of the face edges but the sharpness of the back top line.


Congrats, look forward to seeing the rest of the pics once it's completed.



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If it's 11L17, I'd recommend finding someone that can plate it in copper.

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Very nice Cody! Keep up the good work. Post some pics after you finish it. Love your logo btw.

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