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Building a putter with a 55g graphite driver shaft.

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Title says it all,


I have a blade style putter, mizuno bettinardi c03 with a too short shaft, gotta lengthen it. I want a black shaft and I have that graphite shaft waiting to be used. Its 55g tho instead of a 100g regular putter shaft I assume.


I want the head to feel heavy, so Im gonna put tip weight in the shaft I beleive.


I am jsut wondering if this is completely wrong and/or stupid. Anyone have done this before? Would the shaft be too weak in torque or flex? Am I missing something important here?!


Any comments will be appreciated.



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So after you have cut the Graphite shaft, will any putter grip actually fit the diameter

at the 35 ish inch mark ???? Thats my first thought !

I like heavy around 500 grams. Just refinishing a 524 gram Titleist Bulls Eye,

So what will it weigh with 1, head, 2, 80 gram grip, 3, Your Cut Shaft. Possibly torque and flex doesn't come in to it at 3mph !!

Maybe just get a new putter shaft is way easier. I;m in to simple workable solutions!! Cheers! Roger

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Dont hesitate to buy one!


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I bought a black stepless apollo shaft but its .370 diameter and my putter is .355. (yeah i know...) The grip fits perfectly! just installed it. Made a mess with the mineral spirits tho haha


Now I jsut have to figure out how to make a diy tip weight cause thats only what Im missing.

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If you're not fixed on that graphite shaft you could go with the 132g .355" TrueTemper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Onyx steel shaft.


I'm not sure anyone makes a tip weight heavy enough that you'd notice a considerable difference in a putter head.


I feel that grip diameter has a significant influence in feel of a putter head. For me, a smaller diameter grip provides more clubhead feel than a Fatso 5.0 or Winn Jumbo...which is the opposite feeling they advertise.


Anyway you go, I'd like to see a pic once it's complete.

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Just fixed on the cheapest options! The apollo were 13$ I think, bought 2 duh...!


Im going to put 2 tip weight combined 8g + 6g for a 14g hoping it will make a difference.


The putter mesures 36" now and feel already decent, just want it a touch heavier I think.


Using a tigershark putter grip, thats a first experience with that triangle shaped grip and the flat face will be facing target and parallel to the putter face and lead wrist. Some teacher suggested that Malaska? Luczak? cant remember.


Shaft is the SLDR shaft, I bought the driver for 50$ CAD with a regular shaft that I didnt care about.


Not glued yet, I have to order the tip weights.




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