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Gauge "Disco Tour" - similar to Cameron Newport 1.5

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Hey everyone. Was about to put this on eBay, but then decided to try this forum for a few days first. Up for sale is this David Whitlam Gauge putter. Fairly rare G2 "Disco Tour" blade that is in near-new condition. Here are the key details:

  • Black PVD finish on 303 stainless steel. One of the nicest dark finishes on SS I've seen. Great if you want low/no maintenance and/or are in a humid climate
  • Great milling touches on the face and other parts of the head/neck. I tried to capture some of this with the pictures
  • 34 inches long. 3.5 degree loft and 71 degrees lie angle (stamped on sole). Stepped steel shaft
  • Specs I found online say 355g headweight and half-shaft of offset on the flow neck. It "feels" a little lighter than that to me and the offset is probably closer to 3/4 to 7/8ths shaft. Toe hang is about 5:00 o'clock
  • Headcover and grip as pictured. Both are new. The grip is an Iomic 75g midsize

Price shipped to the CONUS is $265.


Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Will most likely move this to eBay by Thursday or Friday.


















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