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Im not an instructor ... but surely the real question is what is the ball doing? Flat shoulders with zero info on what the ball is doing is pointless, for all we know you could be hitting frozen ropes from driver to wedge.


More info + video would be the minimum required for any pro to help you out in my opinion.

The only reason I didn't post the video is that I was trying to over exaggerate a feel in the downswing so it looks odd. When I was looking at the video I noticed the shoulder turn looking flat.

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Difficult camera angle but I wouldn't be concerned about shoulders for now. With no info on your ball flight I guess we'll start with the obvious.


Straight ball = square path + square face. From what I can see the face in the backswing flares open, weak wrist angles at the top of the backswing and a club face that hangs too vertical. From what I'm seeing and imagining you have to compensate with your path to hit a straighter ball.


I'd suggest working on backswing structure to allow a more passive/square move coming down into impact. I'm sure when you sort out backswing structure your shoulders will sort themselves.

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