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BBGM Ping Ie1 vs S55

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Does anyone know this for certain?


I have s55 and Ie1 irons. Modus 130S in one and 130X in the other. Both play 38.5" 5 iron.


I am considering swapping the shafts between the 2 for a trial run, but want to make sure the playing lengths will still be the same. Yes I know I can pull a shaft from each to check (which I will do obviously) but if someone knows for certain they are 1/4" different before I start, I will just buy a set of Modus 130S for my Ie1's.


Thanks in advance.

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Even if anybody doesn't know what the BBGM is.


If you know the raw shaft length and playing length of that club, I can do the math.


I would need to know both sets for comparison. Thanks in advance.


Example using stock playing lengths:


A 38" Ping Ie1 5 iron raw shaft = _____________

A 37.75" Ping s55 5 iron raw shaft = _____________

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