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I’ve games the 3i and it was definitely easy to hit off the tee and fairway. Doesn’t launch as high as a hybrid or 5w but in my opinion it’s a little more versatile. Now that I have the i210’s I’m going to purchase an i500 3i with an AD DI 105 to replace my 5w. I still get high launch if needed but I can flight it down and work it directionally a bit easier. And it goes just as far. 5w just goes high and straight.


Would that be the same shaft you had in your 5 wood? Don’t know if I go a similar route if I go graphite wood shaft or just same iron shaft and specs as my irons.

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mine took about 9 business days.......

No I have an 80g OG Blueboard in my 5w.

Ping G410 LST Ventus Black 6x
Ping G410 LST AD-DI 7x
Ping G410 20* Crossover PX EvenFlow Black 85HY 6.5
Ping iBlade 4-PW PX LZ 6.5
Glide Stealth 2.0 52/56/60 TI S400
Ping Sigma 2 Tyne Steath, Stealth shaft. PP58 Black Cord
Ping Hoofer Multicam

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Anyone gaming the i200 3 iron? Is it easy to hit/ elevate? Looking at grabbing one, or going the crossover / hybrid route, but want something to swap with the 5 wood on windy days.


I had to switch to a i500 4-iron. Worked well to get the ball up.

14 Pings. Blueprints are incredibly good. Fetch is the most underrated putter on the market. Don't @ me.

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