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VOTE: What Are The Best Fairway Woods of 2017?

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I currently game the TM SLDR fairway woods as I've never seen enough improvement from any new woods to make a change. However IF I were to make a change, I would definitely move to the Callaway Epic SZ. They are so forgiving and their flight is exactly what I like, plus they are long. The Cobra Baffler is also a very nice wood, it really does help get the ball out of the grass, I've used it for a bit, and I really liked it, but mentally it just gets to me on tight lies.


I can't seem to hit the TM M1/2 woods, I just can't really hit them straight.


However, if I were buying on strictly "comfort" over the ball, I'm probably game the Titleist, they sit so nicely on the ground and really inspire confidence. To bad confidence doesn't put a better strike on the ball :)


I had the same problem, could not hit the TM fairways to save my life, no idea what the problem was. I was alternating between the TM and epics and hit the epics just fine so I don't think it was just a matter of showing up with a bad swing that day.

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Recognizing that the Steelhead XR is late to the game, having just entered the market, but for a club that does everything well for GI and Players (the + models), they are long rocket launchers.


Light, hot feel with pleasing metallic crack, deep face for ease off the tee, low COG for ease off the deck, rounded sole gives you versatility from rough and bunkers. Forgiving and long. J36 carbon weave crown moves weight low. Because of the deep face with lot of bulge you need to lay it on the ground and it sits square. Take care when you pick it up so as not to close it.


Long as in an R flex off the tee obtaining 260-270 under favorable conditions - this club produces an urgent, direct trajectory with loads of roll in the lower lofts. Off the deck, 220+ with light wind; against a strong wind, 200. This club is surprising. Even the 7 wood off the deck with a higher trajectory gives you great yardage.


Only caveat is that if you are in low speed range and insist on a 3 wood, you may want to order a high launch shaft instead of the mid launch Tensei. But that's the same advice with all 3 woods - you must be able to launch them. Callaway has several no cost shaft options. Otherwise, go with the 5 and 7 woods, which are loooong and versatile.


The + models, for players and pros, are more weight forward and fade bias and arrive with a 65 Tensei CK Blue fairway shaft - smoother than the CK Blue driver shaft.


Good luck.

Father, Wannabe Golfer, Observer of Peeps

Primary Bag:

Callaway Epic Speed 9/TPT Golf Shaft ● Mizuno STZ 3, 5 wd/Motore F3 6 ● Ping G425 20.5 HY/TPT Golf Shaft ● Mizuno MP-20 HMB 5-PW Accra ICWT95 ● Artisan 50, 55, 59/Nippon 105 ● Odyssey 10S 2Ball ● Options: Epic Speed 4, 7 wd/Riptide 60/70, Mizuno T22 Copper Wedges and Mizuno ST-G22 Driver - From THP-MIzuno 2021 Experience

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I'm playing the DF proto of the 2016 M2, but this year's version is great as well. I was very pleased when messing around with the Epic SZ this week. I was able to launch the 13.5* off the deck, which has literally NEVER been a strength for me. Very impressive stuff from Callaway. The G400 just seems like the next wonderful iteration from Ping.


I could play any of these three and feel like I was giving up nothing.

Ping G425 LST 10.5* w/ Alta 55 CB (X)
Ping G425 16.5* & 19.5* w/ Ping Tour 80 (X)
Ping G425 22* & 26* w/ UST Proto 85/100 (S)
Ping i210 5-PW w/ Aldila RIP 115 (S)
Vokey SM8 50*, 55*, 60* w/ S300
Scotty Cameron Toolbox
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M2 tour. Higher launch and less spin makes it an excellent choice. Forgiveness is on par with other top fairways makes it the cream of the crop.

You didn't plan to fail, you failed to plan!

SIM/9*/UST Elements Platinum
M5/15*/Kai'li 70s//M5/19*/Kai'li 70s
Titleist u500 3/Recoil Hybrid Proto 100 f4

SUB 70 649 MB Raw 4-PW/Recoil Proto 110 f4
Mizuno t20 Raw 51*/56*/61*/KBS Tour 120 s
Bastain Milled BM-009 Long Neck Proto

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Epic so far! Going to put it up against the 917's and Steelheads.


How can the G400's have that many votes already?

PXG 0811 X+ Proto 10.5*
PXG 0341 X Proto 15*
PXG 0317 X Proto 19*
PXG GEN3 0311P 4-PW
PXG 0311 Forged 50* 54* 58*
PXG Battle Ready Closer 33"

Nike 006 Paul Casey Proto 
Nike 006 Rory Proto 

PRO V1x (2021) #70

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/973333-mnnikeguy-nike-oven-witb/"]WITB Link[/url]

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  1. Mizuno JPX-900
  2. Ping G400 Stretch
  3. Callaway GBB Sub Zero

Tested the Mizzie on a few occasions now and it's really the best off the deck, adjustable from 13-17* and sliding weight dials it in, has a great stock shaft and sounds as good as it looks.

Ping was really solid and forgiving, didn't spin too much and set up well for my eye. A bit of adjustability and stock Tour shafts are great.

Cally had the smallest head and best ball speeds off the tee. I didn't really care for the sound and lack of forgiveness compared to the previous two, was dead feeling but that's mostly shaft I think.


They all offer lefty options and good customer service from the reps (where TM, Cobra & Titleist left me disappointed)

ST-Z 9.5*, Accra RPG 472 M5+, 45"
PXG Gen 2 0341X 15*, Graphite Design AD-DI 8X, 43"
PXG Gen 2 0317X 22*, Accra TZx M5, 40"

HMB 3i (18*) Accra Proto 125X

(Srixon ZX7 4,5,6 for summer)
MP20 5-P, Modus 130X
T20 50*7, 54*8,60*6 Modus Wedge 125
Toulon San Diego 33.5"
Srixon XV

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Epic so far! Going to put it up against the 917's and Steelheads.


How can the G400's have that many votes already?


Because this is like Golf Digest hot list, just a popularity vote.

Callaway Mavrick Callaway Mavrick SZ 3W Callaway Superhybrid Titleist 510 20 Titleist T100 Vokey SM7 54 and 60 Scotty Cameron T22

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I have had Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro and CB Pro 2 for a couple of years. As my hybrid game has declined, I looked to replace them with fairway woods. A Callaway Epic Heavenwood and Divine Nine fit the gaps of 185 - 210 and 165 - 185. They gave me my best round in two years with more greens from the ranges noted. To improve my short game, I added a 60* wedge and dropped the 3 and 5 woods in exchange for a Titleist 917 F2 16.5* 4 wood. Six up and downs with this combo. Hopefully, I'll be less of a club tinkerer and stick with this set up!?!


Titleist 917 9.5*
Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Strong 3 Wood
Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro 2 Strong 5 Wood
Callaway Epic Heavenwood & Divine Nine
Callaway Apex Irons 5 - AW
Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 56* SW & 60* LW
Cleveland RTX 2.0 52* AW, 56* SW & 60* LW

Odyssey 2Ball Tank Lined CB
Nike Method Matter Long Neck Blade B2/05
Odyssey O-Works #7
Nike Method Converge Blade B1/01
Nike Method Mod-90 Bullseye

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Love my 917, hits so well off the deck I use it without a tee!

The cobra baffled felt great and has good sound but didn't purchase. Hit the g400 this morning, it hits great but damn that profile is low!

Taylormade M1- diamana whiteboard x-stiff set at 6.5*
Titleist 915 13.5*- diamana whiteboard x-stiff
Callaway apex/pro combo set- project x 6.5
Callaway Mack daddy 50, 54, 58
Odyssey works versa

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My Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro F2 is my favourite club in my bag - get’s me excited with anticipation every time I use it off the tee or off the deck. Hands down the best feeling and performing golf club I’ve ever hit and it seems a lot more forgiving for me than my original CB Pro. Easy to shape in either direction, stunning to look at, and boy is it long. Everyone I play with for the first time is surprised by how far it goes. Comfortably in the 240m range for me but can get it to 260m+ if I force a draw.

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I went through a thorough fitting at Club Champion last month and had access to most of the heads on this list. So I know the answer FOR ME. Notably none of the top fits involves a club head with the standard shafts offered off the rack. The results of my testing was:

1. Callaway GBB Epic: Distance #1 Tied, Dispersion #1, Off-center hits #1

2. Titleist 917F3: Distance #1 Tied, Dispersion #2, Off-center hits #3

3. Taylormade M2: Distance #3, Dispersion #3, Off-center hits #2

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I put the Epic SZ 3+ in my bag and love it. Long off the tee, long from fairways. I love the ball flight and the fact that it doesnt balloon on me. Very consistent with the club and by far my best purchase of 2017.

In My Bag
TM SIM 10.5* PX T1100 6.5 75g
TM SIM Rocket 3W PX Hazardous Smoke Black 6.5 80g 

TM SIM MAX 5W PX Hazardous Smoke Black 6.5 80g

2017 TM P790 3-PW Modus 120TX
JDM Titleist Vokey Forged 50* AND 58*
Evnroll ER5
Snell MTB-X Yellow
#insideTMAG 2013

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If you like smaller, traditional shaped fairway woods, then Callaway's Epic SZ 15 degree is the best I've played. For that matter, it's the best 3 wood I've had since my Toney Penna persimmon in the early 80s. It's versatile off the tee and the fairway. I've been hitting career shots all season including the 18th at the famous Monterey CA course.

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Still hitting my 2016 M1. I say 'still' because that elusive search for a 3 wood seemed to go forever...all the way back since the Cleveland Quadpros. There's a satisfying crack when you hit it, sets up fantastic (not closed), and having adjustability (ironic since both weights are centered together just a click toward fade) makes it the perfect 3wd for me.


That said, the M2 Tour keeps screaming my name.

9* TM M5 w/GD AD BB-6
15* TM M6 w/Atmos
19* TM SIM Max w/Ventus Blue
Callaway Apex '19 w/KBS Tour
Callaway MD5 54*
Callaway PM Grind '19 58*
Odyssey StrokeLab Ten S (Tour only NO sightline) 33"

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Epic Sub Zero over the M2 Tour


Adjustable hosel is better, looks better behind the ball and more forgiving

Cobra F9 Speedback 9.................................Mitsubishi PO 70 TX
Tour Edge CBX 13.5.......................................Rombax P95 X
Tour Edge CBX 18..........................................Rombax P95 X
Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 4,5................................DGTIX100
Mizuno MP-25 6-9........................................DGTIX100
Callaway MD Forged 46, 50, 56, 60........DGTIS400
Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master

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