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Fwy shafts: Hzrdus black vs AD BB vs RIP alpha


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Hey guys this is my first time to post a topic like this, so if I'm in the wrong thread please let me know.


I'm currently looking to replace my 3 wood shaft with a low launch low spin option. After doing some searching I've narrowed it down to the hzrdus black 85g tour shaft, the AD BB 8x, and an older Aldila rip alpha 80x.


Does anyone have experience with these in their fairway woods and do you recommend one over the other? My current set up is with the hzrdus black 75g but I've always played 80 gram shafts and the 75 is slightly too light for my liking. Would love to hear what you guys have to say about these 3 shafts.



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I have a 6.5 62 in my driver and 6.5 75 in my 3 wood. I find it gives me perfect ball flights with both clubs. I get the roll out on the driver but enough trajectory and spin with the 3 wood to hold greens.


If you are going to try the RIP Alpha, try and find a 90x. I had both an 80x and 90x and much preferred and had better results from the 90x

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I didn’t find it too heavy. Not much difference to the 80. I didn’t have the RIP 90 at the same time as my current 75 so I can’t say for sure side by side. I had the 90x about a year ago.


At the time I had the RIP 80x in an M1 HL 16.5 and the 90x in a M1 5 wood. I had much better numbers out of the 5 wood and was getting almost the same distance. It basically made that 3 wood setup irrelevant for me.


I have the HZRDUS 75 now in a Srixon F65 3 wood (have also had the same shaft recommended in a trackman fitting before in a Great Big Bertha 3 wood) and it is pretty awesome.


I remember liking the 90x and I now like my current setup. If memory serves, similar feel but a little extra weight.

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