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Best 3 wood to hit off the deck?

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Hey guys,

I need some advice on picking out a new 3 wood. I still have my old Callaway look-alike 3 & 5 woods from my previous set that have a reg. flex shaft. I can hit my Baffler 2 iron well, (around 180-210 depending on the surface),...I need a club to hit off the deck that would fill the gap. I thought a 3 wood with a stiff shaft would fit the bill. The problem is I'm a lefty and most of the demo days in my area are all over. Any suggestions from the gallary would be appreciated.


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You may want to look at the Adams RPM LP. I've never liked 3-woods that much but this one's a keeper. You can get them brand new for less than $100.

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[color=#808080][i]"Golf is assuredly a mystifying game. It would seem that if a person has hit a golf ball correctly a thousand times, he should be able to duplicate the performance at will. But such is certainly not the case." - Bobby Jones[/i][/color]

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I second the 4 wood. In fact they'll probably go further on average because you'll likely hit it more consistently. You maybe limited as not everyone has 4 woods, I know nike, titleist and some TM do. beyond that, it's a crap shoot.


Also, the msller the head IMHO the easier to hit from the deck. Of course it usually makes it less likely a teebox club.

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Best Fairway off the deck or anywhere else for that matter.....Bobby Jones Players Series Woods by Jess Ortiz.


I like the titleist 906F2 and other shallow faced woods but for this type of shot I favor these Heads the most.


Callaway XR Pro 9* Mitsubishi Fubuki zt 70x tipped .5"
Callaway XR Pro 14* Mitsubishi Fubuki z-fw 85x
Mizuno MP- 33 3-pw KBS-Tour x stepped x 2
Nike VR Forged 52*,56*,60*
Mizuno Bettinardi C-03 Blade @ 33"
Titleist Prov1x

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I would second the 4 wood but many small headed 3 woods are still a viable option, especially for a couple extra yards off the tee.


Now correct me if I'm wrong, but dont lower lofted hybrids start to bring back into play the problems with long irons? I just thought I heard somewhere that a guy can really only hit a low hybrid if he can sorta hit a long iron. Somebody please expand on that.

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I've gone to the hybrids, 14* TM Rescue and 17* 585H Titleist. I use to play the PT 13*, but had a real problem transitioning to the newer fairway woods. I've had a great deal of success with the hybrids of late. Hope this helps.






Driver: Titleist TS2 (8.5)  HZDUS Smoke Yellow 6.5

3 Wood: Titleist 915 Fd (15) Motore Speeder VC 8.0  X

Hybrid: Titleist 910 H (19)   Diamana Kai'li 80

Irons: Titleist 718 (3-pw) PX 6.0

Wedges: Titleist SM 7 (54/10S , 60/10S) PX 6.5

Putter: Titleist SC 303 New Port Beach

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TaylorMade's Rescue Fairway Woods are simply the best IMO. These are just stupid easy-to-hit FW woods. (Please don't confuse these with the Rescue Hybrids....The Rescue Fairway Woods are larger headed true FW Woods even though they possess some of TM's Hybrid characteristics).


I suggest buying the stock "Lite Metal" (Steel) shafted version, (.350 bore), and then re-shafting with a Fujikura Vista Pro 90 graphite shaft. Fuji VP-90's were made in both .350 and .335 tips and either size will works fine although the latter will require a shim. Plan on adding a 1/2" more shaft length compared to the stock steel shaft. By all means, avoid the ulta-lightweight (55 gram), TM graphite-shafted version of these Rescue Fairway Woods because there is too much variation in the clubhead gram weight with those.


Replacing the 95 gram Lite Metal steel shaft with the slightly longer VP-90 makes this club an absolete "beast" for distance, yet still the easiest to hit Fairway Wood TM has ever made. (These are also far easier to hit than any of TM's Rescue Hybrids as well).


I find the Rescue Fairway exceptional clubs from the rough and FW bunkers as well from the tightest of FW lies. You will appreciate the super-solid feel to these Rescue Fairway Woods which frankly, puts TM's "tingy soundiing" V-Steels to shame. (The feel is virtually identical to the Rescue Hybrid which is also known for its super-solid feel).


If you use the shaft lengths and tipping recommended below, expect a great feeling D-4 swingweight for each of the lofts shown. The available lofts apply to both RH and LH Players, except for the 15* "Strong-3" which unfortunately is only available in RH. (The 15* "Strong-3" is also the hardest loft to find, but pop up on ebay, so be on the look out for one. You can still find brand new Vista Pro 90 shafts on ebay as well). I consider the 15* "Strong-3" my personal "pick of the litter", if I was only going to carry one. However, ALL the Rescue Fairways perform exceptionally well when TIPPED as recommended below:


- 15* "Strong-3" - 42.5" Vista Pro 90 - (1/4" Tip recommended)

- 17* "3-Wood" - 42" Vista Pro 90 - (1/2" Tip recommended)

- 20* "5-Wood" - 41/5" Vista Pro 90 - (3/4" Tip recommended)

- 23* "7-Wood" - 41" Vista Pro 90 - (1" Tip recommended)


Obviously I consider these VERY special FW clubs indeed with this particular shaft spec. (So good and such a bargain in fact, that I have even added backups of each loft for the future in case I wear out the ones I have now). This is a FW Wood that can immediately improve your game and your long game confidence! These are great heads but the complete clubs have been "sleepers" from TM. Apparently these didn't catch on initially because the stock shafts were so poor, but with the shaft change recommended above, these deserve my very highest recommendation! Easily the best FW wood ever for me!

[b]What's in Bobcat's Bag? (Showing more than 14 clubs due to options)[/b]

Driver: TM 2015 9.5* SLDR-C - 45.5" Miyazaki Kusala Black 61s (tipped 1/2")
Fairway: TM Tour-iussue V-Steel 15* 3W - 43.25" Fujikura 757 Speeder Stiff
Hybrid Fairway: TM Rescue Fairway 15* '3-Strong'- 42.75" Fujikura VP-90 Stiff
Hybrids: TM Rescue-Mid TP's 19*(3H) & 22*(4H) - Fujikura Vista Pro 90 Stiff
Driving Irons: TM TP UDI's 16* (#1) & 20* (#3) - KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff Shafts
Irons: TM 2015 SLDR Irons (5-8i only) - KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff Flex Steel
Hybrid Wedges: Cleveland 2011 Niblicks - 42*PW /49*DW / 56*SW - Stock Steel
Wedge: 2011 Cleveland CG-16 Black Pearl 58*/8* (SW/LW) - Stock Steel Shaft
Putter: Bettinardi BBX-81 Blade - 35" Bettinardi Stock Steel Putter Shaft
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Generally speaking, any fairway wood made by Adams is easy to hit off the deck.


For my money I would spend $70 and buy a MacGregror NVG 3 wood, stiff. It has roughly the same technology as the very expensive Tour Edge Exotics line, a Titanium Cup Face with Tungsten Weights. For the price, it can't be beat.



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If your desperate you can always go back and get an Orlimar Trimetal wood. :beach:

Those are the easiest to hit off the fairway and sometimes when I used to hit it I felt like I hit it on the top of the club when I was on the fairway.


I love my TEE fairway wood though. A 4 wood is perfect.

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EPIC SZ 15 Ozik 80M5 X
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Apex Pro 16 4i-9i C-Taper X
MD3 49.11S, 56.10S C-Taper X
PM Grind 60.06
Spalding TPM8
Chrome Soft X

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I just got the new Cobra X Speed Pro 3 wood and it is so easy to hit off the deck. Low-ballooner, towering missle...just a rocket and it is easy to hit.


I used to have a GS Tour with an 86gram V2 in it and the Cobra just absolutely blows it away!

Titleist TSi3 w/Accra TZ6 65 M4 (tipped 1 inch)
Titleist TSi2 15 degree w/Accra TZ6 75 M4 (Tipped 1.5 inches)

Titleist TSi2 21 degreee w/Accra TZ6 75 M4 (Tipped 2 inches)

4-PW Titleist T200 w/Aerotech Steelfiber Black Label i110 stiff @3/4" over standard
Titleist Vokey SM8 Raw 50/54/58 w/Aerotech Steelfiber Black Label i110 stiff @3/4" over standard
Toulon Las Vegas custom w/BGT Tour 

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I play a 1990s Titleist PT 15 3 wood. This club is money whether I tee it up or hit it off the deck. Best 3 wood I have ever owned ... period. It is so good that I cannot even take it out of the bag. I have found nothing that is as good with the shaft I have in it.

TaylorMade M3 440cc 9.5* driver, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S
TaylorMade M4 15* (small), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S
TaylorMade SLDR 2I Hybrid, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8S
Ben Hogan Icon 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
Scratch Golf 50* GW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
Scratch Golf 54* SW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
Scratch Golf 58* LW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
Byron Morgan custom Epic Day putter

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For my money I would spend $70 and buy a MacGregror NVG 3 wood, stiff. It has roughly the same technology as the very expensive Tour Edge Exotics line, a Titanium Cup Face with Tungsten Weights. For the price, it can't be beat


As I posted earlier I favor my Adams but my brother has one of the Mac NVG 3W and he loves it. I haven't hit it but he swears by it...one thing is for sure-awesome price...J

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Just get a lower lofted hybrid. It will be easier off the deck.


I'd second to this.


That being said, if you decided to go for a fairway wood, pick one that's curved at the sole, and perhaps the leading edge. This would enable you to hit off any turf, angle with a clean contact.


The Bobby Jone Hybrid is a good example, but many others had similar design to fit your budget.

Shaft length and shaft flex, weight as always has a lot to do with how well you could hit the ball.

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