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Question about grips

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Good morning,


I am thinking about getting my Taylormade irons re-gripped. Planning on getting those Golfpride multi compound grips. They have the normal size and then a slightly larger version and even a jumbo version. But my question is should I consider getting the slightly larger version? I am fast approaching 60, while not having arthritis my hands do not work as they as the used to.


Any older golfers on here that would like to address increasing grip size with your age?


All thoughts are welcomed.



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There is no real way of telling without you trying some. Regrip a few irons with different size grips and see what you like. Once you find what you like, do the rest. There is no hard or fast rule about what grip size you might need.

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Grip size is very trial and error, mostly error. As Socrates suggested, try a bunch on course at the same time. I will sometimes revisit this with varying tape setups in the short irons and see what affect it has. Putting a different grip on the 3 iron isn't going to be a very good experiment...


Graphite shafts may help your arthritis more than grips. A few years ago uncle had some type of arthritis running wild in the fingers (it really was a sad thing to watch unfold...). I built a set for him with the PX graphite and jumbo grips. He still can't play, at all :(

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I'm a convert from regular sized grips to oversized. I'm 46 and don't have any arthritis or other pain in my hands. I bought them since to lower the chances of rolling the clubface through impact and making pulled shots. So far, it's working.

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