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Golf Pride Victory Grip - Made in... Taiwan?

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On the surface I see your point. But in reality it matters to someone or else the old grip wouldn't have " made in usa" and the new grips wouldn't include little stickers that say "made in Taiwan".


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They actually had the new version on sale at my local Watts for $0.90, I bought all of them, lol (22). Haven't put them on anything yet, but I'm sure they're fine for the price.

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They feel nice, but today was 88F out and 55% humidity here in Tampa. The Victorys were not the right grip for this conditions. It was day and night, Mizunos JPX 850 with Lamkin UTX and Slazenger Crown Sterling with new GolfPride Victory... I think they will play a lot better in late fall and winter here in FL, more in the 65F-77F range and less humid...

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Country of origin won't make even a .0001% difference in performance. If they have changed the chemical structure of the grip, they would change it regardless of where its made, US, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, etc.


From a political standpoint, its always disappointing to see American manufacturing outsourced, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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They were excellent grips back in the day, backed by the fact that they were Made in the USA, that alone gives it craftmanship and higher quality control standards. I say USA this time but it could be England, Italy, etc... I'm in the pharmaceutical business, and let's say Vit C is vitamin C anywhere, But I will not touch vitamins made in China, just from the many patients that end up with kidney and liver issues from nasty additives and the lack of quality control with their products. They get it done overseas, cheaper yes, but at what cost?

Anyway, grips are grips, not the end of the world, but I do think it's sad that little things like Made in America (or Made in England like Apollo shafts) are no longer there... again, probably not noticeable from a player's standpoint, but nice to have... my thoughts!

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