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Unique Wedge Brands

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Hi guys,


Can any of you recommend some unique wedge makers? Something different to the usual brands (Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno etc etc).


I have quite a unique putter which I love (Piretti), and I'd love to do something a little different for the wedge too.


Any recommendations are welcome! I hear Edel make decent wedges. Unfortunately where I am located (the UK) I don't have the luxury of trying out a lot of different wedges. Whatever I go with I'm sure I'll learn to play...


Thanks in advance.

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I've never played them but Bettinardi makes some good looking wedges. They might be worth a try. Scratch and Vega would also be on the list to try.

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It'll take some digging, but I can't recommend Scratch wedges enough. They went out of business a couple years ago, but you can still find some on ebay and some other sites. You can pick them up for cheap, and Don White's reputation rivals and surpasses the best of them.


Also, Piretti makes wedges, just incase you weren't aware!


Others: Yururi, Itobori, MIURA, and diving down the JDM hole might not be good advice. If you do, you might have a whole new set of clubs, and outlook on golf equipment in general within the next few weeks.. ha.

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Fourteen wedges man, they are the best looking in the game IMO and they are really solid performers too. Not to mention check out Wedge Wizard and his work……some are in the post above, but wow he does some really awesome custom jobs.

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Vega might be worth a look. A couple of guys that I play with have them. One of them has a personal grind, not that he needs it.


And you can get them in the UK.

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