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Most Painful round ever ?

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I have to post this and see if anyone can possibly match this. A few months ago my best friend asked me to play a round of golf with his cousin and his cousin's friend. The course was 2.5 hours away but that did not really concern me. This match took place last weekend. I had a work function on Friday and I got home around 2am. I was slightly hung over but not too bad. My friend picked me up the following morning at 6 am and we made the ride to the course and had breakfast. It was 19 degrees when we teed off at 10am and windy. His cousin and his friend wanted to play for money and said we would play the tips. The friend was perhaps the slowest golfer I have ever.... ever... ever seen. The would eye the ball up from behind step up.... look at his target line... step back.. take 2 swings behind the ball... step up to the ball take two swings while lined up... do a wiggle of his club 3-4 times, shake his hips and hit. Numerous times the ball fell off the tee and the entire launch sequence was restarted. He was horrible and to make matters worse when he would hit a bad shot he would have a post shot routine. They would both walk to each others shots and watch each other hit. When they would get to the green it was almost comical. The one would say Lou, your laying 4 right.... Lou would argue no I am putting for a 5.... THIS WENT ON EVERY GREEN. I started giving these guys 15 footers... they never returned the favor. We hit hole 9 at 1pm after letting multiple groups play through. I told my buddy that I wanted to hit him in the head with my driver for setting this match up. He laughed and agreed it was hell. On the back 9 the temp started to drop and wind picked up even more ( hell the sun was setting). We finished this round at 430 PM.... on a basically empty course. I have never in my life felt like crying on a golf course. That day came last Saturday. 6 and a half hours on a course with 4-5 other groups on it ( that we had to let thru). I don't know that hell is like but that round of golf under those circumstances may be worse. If it wasn't my best friend and his family I would have probably taken a taxi the entire 2.5 hours home. On the way home he apologized and said he would never subject anyone to that torture again.... got a good laugh out of it but my god.

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That's some serious torture. I remember in high school playing a match at Francis Byrne in NJ in 30* windy weather. Probably lasted 5.5 hours and I couldn't feel my hands or feet by the end of it.

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Got stuck behind “martha, earl, claude and betty” over the summer. The last of the remaining members of my course from when it was a country club. On top of the 95 degree heat and 95% humidity they decided to play from the back tees and walk “just like the good ol days”. During my four hour nine hole adventure the marshall came to me and asked if i had started on the back nine. I looked at him like he had three heads. I said buddy watch what ive been watching. The particular hole was the seventh, a 556 yard par five from the whites i have no idea what from the tips, that plays vary narrow at 250 and doglegs with 95 in. We saw driver, wood, wood, wood to the dogleg. He said ok i see now. Normally i dont give a damn how long it takes or how slow people are but when the og upper echelon decides to not let a single through in a cart im not happy. He gave me 2 free rounds which i told him to donate to the first pair of junior golfers he saw so that was cool. He explained that back “in the old days” nobody played thru at that club and they were stuck in there ways. So heres to you claude, may your 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 wood never let you down :)

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Man out drinking til 2 knowing you had a 515ish wake up call and a 5 hour round trip in a car with 18 frozen holes of golf sandwiched in between? I miss being young!!


And you're a way, way, way more patient guy than I am. 3 hours to play 9 holes in temps cold enough to freeze your (golf) balls solid and you said NOTHING?!?!


My God man, I wouldn't care if i was playing with the Dalai Lama, Buddha and Jesus himself. I'm giving the lot of them the "while we're Young!" from the second tee box on. I'm talking about mentioning their mothers at some point. Sorry you had to endure that but props to you for not going to jail.

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On less than 4 hours of sleep and slightly hungover I would have snapped at them at some point during the round. I think I would have started giving them 150 yarders and maybe towards the end off the round telling them 'it's good' as they were on the downswing of their tee shot.

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Definitely a theme here. Hungover and cold weather makes for a painful round.


Haha I was about to say the same thing. Whenever its cold and windy it makes for a painful round. Mine is my birthday rounds, I'm normally a 1 handicap but on my birthday I become a 15. For some reason I can't play and its just that day. Starting to think I need a shrink for advice for that day.

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played the weekend after my no further children-needed procedure.


required a more compact swing with a cautious follow through.

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I guess you meant real pain. Well for me when my shoulders bursa sacs flare up yeah thats enough pain to leave from the third tee. Cannot lift my arm or arms above my head pretty much shuts me down for two days. Has happened twice on the course mid round and three times at the driving range and there is no playing thru it.

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Matchplay- you win. I’ve played in my share of 6+ hour rounds but they were full scramble fields. Your day was much worse.


Speaking of playing while hungover - years ago I played wth a couple of guys who were in Palm Springs not only for the golf, but also the night life. There was no “slightly “ in their hangover if you can even call it that. Both were close to being near the “unable to care for his own safety” threshold, but they were a hoot to play with. First hole one guy tries to put a ball on a tee and hilarity ensued. Eventually he had to get on one knee to pull it off. Surprisingly they were actually able to play without hurting themselves or others.

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That's some serious torture. I remember in high school playing a match at Francis Byrne in NJ in 30* windy weather. Probably lasted 5.5 hours and I couldn't feel my hands or feet by the end of it.


I had a few of these in high school golf in michigan. It would be may and it would be sub 30s, windy as all hell, and SNOWING. Any driver over 225 was impressive. I remember hitting a 5 iron from 140, hit flush, and I was still short. Good times, Good times

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Played a pairs comp in March at Silloth on Solway (top links course btw). Rain, wind, sleet, more rain, more sleet....I played the last four holes solo as my partner's hands were so cold he could no longer grip the club. When you got in the clubhouse your face looked like it had been scraped with a blunt razor. My partner ordered soup and spent ages warming his hands on the bowl before eating it. The joys of seaside Golf...

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I played with a WRX'er once.


I was standing about 5 yards ahead and 30 yards left of his ball in the fairway on a par 5.


He hit some sort of reverse shank 4 wood straight into my right Word not allowed cheek.


He's right handed. I didn't know it was humanly possible to hit the ball that direction (he hit it hard, too)... and I still don't know how he managed to do it.


Thank goodness that TaylorMade Lethal golf balls don't live up to their name.



I shot -1 that day... and it was painful.

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47 putts en route to a 90 was plenty painful for my liking. Struck the ball like a +5, putted like a 36.4. Next week with a new putter I drained everything I looked at. Didn't hit a single shot that's I would have called well struck. 94. Vanity Cap Larry approves of this post.


Beginning to feel that way anyways, but I'm not allowed to post them. Shucks.

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I've posted a couple of times about a guy i used to play with here and there, friend of a friend type guy.....He was the most annoying guy possible, so bad that he was basically a caricature of all the worst traits that people hate about playing partners


-He gave unsolicited advice ---A LOT (and did not break 110)

-He cheated constantly and pretended he wasn't--- i don't even care if someone cheats in a fun round. You don't have to wait until i turn my back to kick a ball! And then deny doing it when no one accused you of doing it!

-He was clueless of his surrounding, always out of turn or not ready, one time he stepped on my driver on the tee box

-He yelled "FORE" at the top of his lungs every time someone missed a fairway. This would've been somewhat OK if we weren't THE FIRST TEE OFF of the day that time on a course that doesn't intersect with itself. Which of course we pointed out to him. It did not stop the yelling


After maybe the 3-4th time i played with him, i told my friend not to invite him anymore

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Played a round on Saturday that started at 9.30 and finished at 16.00. Course was jam packed, and the first nine took nearly 3 hours. Went in for lunch, was told our start time for the second nine was 1hr 40 mins later.


We actually managed to start the back nine a bit earlier than we were told, but it still took about 2hrs 30mins. There was a threesome ahead of us on the back nine that we generally kept pace with, although we did fall back a bit in the middle, and a four ball behind us caught up with us. The 17th, a par three, we were waiting on the tee for the three ball ahead of us to finish. Now, there was no one ahead of them. The group before them must have been at least one hole ahead as we never saw them.


So the threesome finish the par three, we played our tee shots, then chip shots (one guy had about two or three of those....). As we were putting out, the four ball behind us came on to the tee. We left the green, got into our cart, drove to the last tee. The hole is clear, so I just teed up (it was my honour because I'd birdied the 17th after knocking a 9i to 4-5ft. Did I forgot to mention that? Silly me :taunt: ), checked again to make sure it was clear, then hit my drive. Just as I watched my drive hook into a fairway bunker, I see one of the guys from the threesome ahead of us walk out of the trees from the left of the fairway, pretty near to where I'd just hit. My first thought was "Oh heck, I'v just hit into them," quickly followed by "why on earth are they still there?"

In the time it took for our foursome to play a par three, the threesome ahead of us had only managed to tee off and drive to their second shots. They weren't even getting ready to hit them! How is that possible?

A couple of points:

1) there was no one ahead of them

2) There was a local rule in play that if you hit your tee shot OB, you have to play your fourth shot from special tees some way down the fairway (common rule in Japan).


Anyway, to round off this epically long post, I think there were three reasons why it was so slow on Saturday that the course could address:

1) Starting times were 6 minutes apart. Groups were mostly four balls. That's not enough time for a four ball to tee off, get to their balls, and hit.

2) Each four ball had one cart, and it was cart path only.

3) Although the tees had been moved up to make play faster, the greens were really fast. Combined with the huge back-to-front slopes, it meant lots of three putts. I think people spend more time over putts than other shots, and so more putts = significantly longer rounds. Actually, the greens were so fast and the slopes so great, that people had a hard time holding the green with chips and pitches. Chips would run off, and pitches would spin back and off.


Obviously, there are other factors behind slow play that the golfers themselves need to address.

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Last week was my worst round in a while. I had a sick puppy at home Saturday night before my round Sunday morning so I did not get more than 4 hours of sleep for my 6:15am tee time. To compensate for the lack of sleep, I quickly drank a large energy drink and was feeling better...or so I thought. Once I started playing, I was so shaky from lack of sleep and caffeine overload that I could not play. I was so tense over putts trying to stop the shaky hands that I would have no feel and blow putts way past the hole.


Overall it was rough and shot about 18 strokes over my course average that day.

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Played a team event paired against a 100 lb. overweight guy over 36 holes on 1 day. 18 holes stroke followed by 18 match play.


It was 100 degrees in the shade and the course was designed for/by mountain goats.


It was the most painful thing for me to watch, as the guy almost died on the second 18.

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Any round with my BIL who thinks he is scratch but shoots in the 120's. Insists on turning it one way or the other. Painful so painful.

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I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.

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I played in a high stakes 2 day scramble for 20+ years. It can be 7hr rounds playing in 8's. It can be 70 or it can be 30*.


One year I was pretty sick with a sinus infection and we still went


Day 1 featured monsoon rain (we had a squeegee for the greens) for 7 hours straight, hail, high winds, sleet and temps around 30, probably 20 w the wind. 3 layers, including a ski cap, all soaked thru to the skin


With 4 holes to go, even though we had a covered cart with a propane heater in it i could not stop shaking and didn't hit shots a couple of times. 16th tee all 3 teammates (all +'s) drive it in the barranca and I have to make an appearance ... my instructions were to find "land"


It was pizza and single malt scotch cuddled under blankets for the rest of the night. I've never been so cold in my life, even while downhill skiing in -35* weather

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Maui. Kapalua. Played two rounds in one day thanks to their same-day replay rate in the afternoon. I didn't use any sunscreen. The round the next day was the most painful round ever. Sun poisoning, sun burn, tired, dizzy, nauseous but I had already paid for the round and couldn't get a refund. Plus I was on Maui. Brutal.

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I thought of a new submission for this thread. Two years ago I was playing at a high end daily fee course. Barely get through hole one when that familiar "I'm dying , and dying BAD" feeling hits me again. Played holes 2-18 while trying to pass a kidney stone. I get them chronically and since I won't let them make me miss work, something I've never done in my 25 years on the job, I dang sure am not letting it ruin my R-&R time. By hole 5 I was puking form the pain and by hole 10 I was hallucinating. I finished. I'm not sure what I shot but it wasn't good. I didn't post that round as I'm not sure what I actually shot and I have no idea if I played within the rules of the game or not. Pretty course though. Too bad some jackhole puked all over it.

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My longest round wasn’t even a round that i finished. Played a course where the front 9 was a breeze (about 1.5 hours). Got to #11 and it came to a screeching halt because a juniors tournament was going on. The pro shop failed to tell us about this. And I don’t mean juniors like 16 year olds. These youngsters were sub 13. Playing a tough desert course. With their parents in tow. We were about 4 groups deep on this hole. After watching one little girl top 3 into the immediate desert we just left and gave the shop an ear full. They just kinda shrugged their shoulders and that was that.

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I went to a local course for a round a couple weeks ago and got set-up at the range for a quick warm-up in one of the last couple open slots next to a few middle-aged gentlemen. We're all out there whacking balls and then behind me there's this series of sounds... "Thwap" "Crack" and jumbling of golf clubs hitting the concrete. I could feel the several bays around me stop hitting and turn to look at what happened. The gentleman right behind me is holding his driver, or at least the bottom half of it, up in front of his face and the other half is swinging like a pendulum from one strand of frayed graphite fiber. Almost comically, that last fiber snaps and the driver head clangs down on the mat where the head of his fairway wood is also sitting. The guy had his bag sitting right in his range bay and managed to decapitate the two longest clubs in his quiver with one awry swing. He looks up from the splintered end of his driver to me and says in heavily accented and broken English, "Too close on that one, huh?" His buddies start ribbing him about hitting his own bag and I go back to finishing off my little bucket not really sure what to say to him.


Since I was a playing as a single, I ducked into the pro shop to see who I would be going out with and they let me know there's a threesome waiting on the first tee right then I can head out with. I was expecting a bit of a wait to head out since it was a busy day - there'd been a corporate event that morning - and happily headed to the first tee. I'm walking over, pulling stuff from my bag to get ready for the round and as I get to the tee, who else is there but the three guys that had been behind me at the range...


The guy who decapitated his woods was actually decent, but sprayed irons everywhere from the tee trying to swing out of his shoes. One of his buddies was just a couple rounds into learning how to play (not bashing him at all. Kudos for coming out.) and the other apparently plays weekly but has a swing like Charles Barkley's. All good guys, but when we weren't being pushed by the group behind us we were waiting in the middle of the fairway waiting for the green to clear from 180 yards out only for them to chunk it 60 yards down the fairway/rough line then laugh and shout things at each other in Cantonese. Made for a long 5 hours.


Redeeming factor in all of this? - Teeing off on 17, we're waiting to hit and the cart girl rolls up for the first time this round. The guy with the Barkley swing buys everyone a beer, including me. He hands one to me, pops his own open and lifts it up in a cheers while thanking me for joining he and his friends for the afternoon. Frustrations and tension from biting my tongue half the round kinda evaporated after that. Golf is a funny game.

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