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WTT/ WTS: Titleist Tour 905R

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Clubmaker's Special
Okay selling a good condition Titleist Tour head. It's definitely a tour head, much hotter and much louder and deeper sounding then the retail counterpart. It is in a solid 8/10 condition with the exception of the hosel which has suffered some burn marks from the overzealous BS clubmaker last time. It's not bad and in no way is in integrity of the club compromised. It's just a little bit of marring in the paint. I don't know the weight of the head, but the loft comes out to 9.0 even when it was last measured, but not by myself so I can't gurantee it. I'll get more pics up later today but for now I'll just give it a cheap price. Again this is head only unless you make a sick offer with the shaft as I love it, it's an XC75 M4 inserted 2.25" I have a headcover, but it might take me a while to get it pulled, but I'll do my best to accomodate.
Let's go with $150 shipped and paypalled.
TRADE OPTIONS: I'm looking for either a driver head with more loft preferably a Cleveland Comp or a FT3 Neutral head (tour would be great) or a R7 425 TP
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Trade offers responded to.

In the interest of answering a couple of questions for the general population.

The head doesn't sit as open as in the top picture.

The "burn" is just a slight blueing/graying/tarnishing of the paint, somewhat noticeable but not glaring.

And lastly, though the last picture kinda sucks there is no serial number on the hosel.

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