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RECAPS: The TaylorMade #TwistFaceExperience. 7 GolfWRX members visit The Kingdom for an exclusive M3

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GolfWRX and TaylorMade Golf are excited to announce the 2018 Driver Experience. 7 lucky members of GolfWRX to visit TaylorMade Golf for early access to TaylorMade’s new 2018 TaylorMade M3 / M4 drivers more than a month before they’re available at retail. They'll get to share their experience with the GolfWRX community before anyone else!



Want to experience our latest innovation and have the same reactions that our athletes had when we first showed them this new technology? Come be the first to be fit into TaylorMade’s new 2018 drivers before they’re at retail by entering for this exclusive event.


Expect some surprises along the way, too. We don't want to spoil everything, but here's a general outline:



1/10/18 – Travel to Carlsbad + meet & greet with Team TaylorMade

1/11/18 – 1:1 Driver fittings + campus tour & sneak peeks

1/12/18 – Golf outing and departure



7 GolfWRX members will be joining us on this experience. They are:

Thanks to everyone who applied. Note one dropped last minute and we could not fill the spot in time.



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Each GolfWRX member is posting their write-up of their fitting etc from the TaylorMade Twist Face Experience. Below are some quick links to jump directly to them.





RonSwanson (Kenton)


Currently a 2 handicap with swing speed bouncing around in the mid to upper 110s. I play about 20-30 rounds a year now that I’m married with a 2 year old son, but I did play competitive golf in my high school and college days.


My last fitting was in April of last year and I was fit for an M1 440 9.5 w/ HZRDUS T1100 75 6.5 shaft. The driver I brought with me was a Ping G400 10* LST w/ Diamana B 70 X.


M3 9.5 with the AD BB 7x


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 1



blink3665 (Tim)


I finished last season as a 15.2 handicap. I have a driver swing speed of between 90-95. Name a swing flaw and I probably have it. Over the top, early extension... those both describe me. I have a slow tempo and transition. I started playing golf about 6 years ago.


Callaway XR16 stock Speeder 556 regular flex. 10.5* head set to 9.5* neutral setting.


Taylormade m4 with White Tie 55g Stiff flex. 9.5* head set to upright.


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 23



scottaz (Scott)


I finished this season as a 2.7. Putting and the short game are my strengths. My iron play is average. Driver ss is around 115-118. My normal miss is high toe and the left side of the course.


PING G400 LST 8.5 on big minus. Kuro Kage Duel Core TX70 tipped ½”. 45.25”


TaylorMade M3 440 9>7.5. Fuji Atmos Black 8 TX tipped 1”. Both weights toe. 45.5”


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 24



WHC888 (Calvin)


Currently a 8 handicap with an average swing speed right around 100mph.


Tour Issue 16' M2, 9.7* set @ LOWER setting w/ Graphite Design Tour AD GP 6s.


M3 440, 9* set @ 1 click before LOWER setting, moveable weight set at LOW & DRAW position w/ Graphite Design Tour AD TP 6s.


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 24



dpb5031 (Dewey)


Still feeling nifty for damned near fifty ;)! Finished the season with a 2.2 GHIN index and won my club championship for the first time this year after being a member for 23 years. Enjoy a little action on the course and truly play gear that I find to work best for me. Recently retired, I played over 100 rounds in 2017! My driver swing speed is ~110. My game is reasonably well-rounded with putting being a strength.


Callaway Epic Sub Zero, 9 degrees, Standard Settings, Kuro Kage DC TiNi Silver Tour Stiff, 45.25" Length, GolfPride New Decade Black & White Grip


2018 M4 8.5 degrees, Standard "Neutral" Settings, Fujikura Pro 63 Tour Spec Stiff-Tipped 1", 45.25" Length, GolfPride New Decade Black & White Grip


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 26



Cwing (Craig)


Ended the season at 13.8 after starting the season at 12.1. I somehow developed a right to left ball flight that was sometime uncontrollable especially early in the season.


Callaway Fusion in 10.5* w/Recoil 450ES F4 in 44.5” with 12 gram head wait played with head setting in standard neutral positions


TaylorMade M4 in 9.5* of loft turned up to the high setting with the Atmos 5 S-Stiff by Fujikura in 44.5*.


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 27



Gamble Gamble (Chris)


I finished my club’s tournament season as a 10.3, down from a 12.5 earlier in the year. My full shot game is very temperamental and when I can avoid hooks I play towards the top of my range. Typically my putting and short game are my strengths, but early in the season my chipping/pitching is very rusty.


Ping G400 9* Tour ADDI 6X (I tinker between that and a Diamana 7X)


TM M3 10* Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 7X


TM Twist Face Experience Write-Up on Page 28

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The write ups posted so far have been fantastic and painted a perfect picture of the details of the trip. Really well done fellas. I was there and still found some new info in Calvin’s post. I know the membership appreciates his talent behind the camera as well. My sincere thanks to Jory, Ryan and the entire team at TaylorMade for their hospitality. The entire trip start to finish was top notch.


I tried to document my experience as it was happening, so I am going to keep this write up more equipment and fitting focused. Also, I believe I amone of the few that have received their Trackman data, so I wanted to get that up for the numbers guys.


My game and Driver:


Currently a 2 handicap with swing speed bouncing around in the mid to upper 110s. I play about 20-30 rounds a year now that I’m married with a 2 year old son, but I did play competitive golf in my high school and college days. I’ll post trackman data to give you guys a better idea, but if you’re curious my swing is also in the video from Calvin’s post (I’m the second guy from the right in the green shirt). I have played every 2016 and 2017 M1 and M2 driver (aside from the D-Type, which I still think is a good club) for at least a handful of rounds over the last couple years. I’ve had both retail and tour issue versions of most of them as well, so I feel like I have a solid knowledge of what a TM driver can/will do for me. Outside of TM, I’ve only gamed Ping drivers of the last several years. The driver I brought with me is a Ping G400 10* LST w/ Diamana B 70 X. Notice I did not say gamer. In full disclosure, I have never gamed this driver. In fact, I took the plastic off the head on the range at Aviara on Wednesday. I kind of blew up the top end of my golf back after my last round the first week of October and decided I wanted to try the G400 LST. I still don’t currently have a fairway wood.


My last fitting was in April of last year and I was fit for an M1 440 9.5 w/ HZRDUS T1100 75 6.5 shaft. I have the trackman data from the fitting to compare to the M3/M4 fitting. On perfect/very good strikes, the M1 440 was incredibly impressive, however with my practice time (none) it wasn’t as consistent as I needed it to be. I ended up playing most of the year with a M1 460 9.5 and experimented a little with the M2.


The Kingdom Fitting:




I was matched up with Jason Werner for my fitting. Jory said he picked each fitter based on what he gathered from our game/setup/posts. Our personalities seemed similar and it things went smoothly. I started my warm up working through my bag as if I was playing a round. LW, PW, 7 irons and 3 irons. I wanted to make sure I was warm when I hit the G400 to give it a fair shake. The G400 LST performed very well considering I was not fit for this driver. I had played similar set ups in the past with good results, so it wasn’t exactly blind but you get the idea. The first TM setup Jason put together for me was the M4 9.5 w/ Atmos Red 7x. The numbers were good, but the feel wasn’t there for me at all. I prefer more of a one piece feel. Any time I can sense the shaft loading at the top, it feels like it’s wrapping around my back and I have no control of the clubface whatsoever. Jason then switched in the Atmos Blue 7x. This felt better than the red, but still not what I was looking for at all. He mentioned again, that the numbers were good, but we could do a little better and we had to get the feel sorted out. The third setup I hit was the M4 9.5 w/ Tour AD BB 7x. After two shots, I turned and said it was by far the best feeling setup of the three so far and Jason replied, “good, because these are the best numbers we’ve had too”. I hit 5-8 more shots with this combo and we both knew it was going to be tough to beat.


I switched in an M3 9.5 with the AD BB 7x to make sure we had the right head. While I hit M3 well and I preferred the look slightly, the M4 consistently game me an extra 1-2 MPH ball speed and dispersion was slightly more consistent. I pulled in the M3 440 for a few swings toward the end, but fatigue was setting in a bit and I just wasn’t finding the sweet spot. I know golf isn’t standing there hitting 60 drivers in a row, but it made me think that toward the end of a round, it could be a little more work than I want to be doing.

Throughout the fitting we were aiming between two posts in the fence at the end of the Kingdom range. This “fairway” was about 20 yards wide, so if you were hitting it consistently, you knew you had a winner. There several strikes with the M4/BB combo that felt identical to some from the G400 that held a better line. Again, TwistFace is not a miracle cure-all, but I hit shots within 20 minutes of each other, with strikes that felt the same, react differently with the M4 vs the G400. It’s like a lot of guys have been saying. This isn’t going to put a really poor shot in the fairway, but I believe it may keep a couple balls out of the woods or keep you in the edge of the fairway and out of the second cut in a given round. This was especially true with the toe hook miss.


Final Build: M4 9.5, Tour AD BB 7x tipped 1". Set to standard loft, upright lie. Playing 45.5" at D4.


Trackman Data:


Kingdom Fitting




Club Champion Fitting - 4.3.17 - for comparison




As you can see, many of the numbers were very close with the M4 was marginally longer overall, but I would call it a wash in distance. However, the M4 was much more consistent than the G400 and had faster ball speeds. I would attribute that to the improvements TM has made in the engineering of the M4. In Bazzel’s presentation he showed the M4 sweet spot (the zone of at least .800 COR) was increased by 67% (if I remember correctly), with the majority of that increased area being higher and toward the heel and toe. The M4 wasn’t a monumental improvement for me if you look at the raw numbers, mainly because there was only so much improvement to be had. What the M4 did give me was more consistent ball speed, better dispersion as well as my longest drive of the day, I’ll certainly take that.


Another note, this was my first proper outdoor fitting and I don't think I'll be able to trust an indoor fitting again. The ability to see the actual ball flight is invaluable.


In my earlier “preview” fitting post, I mentioned an odd experience during the long drive contest. The full story is after our fittings, we had lunch and the driver I was fit with was disassembled as the TM crew were cleaning up the range. When it came time for me to hit, I grabbed a 9.5 M4 and popped the AD BB 7x in there and figured I would be good to go. We had 4 shots to get our longest and straightest drive. I hit my second shot as good as any during my fitting and Perry, who was running the Trackman, shouted out my distance. It was 20 yards short of my average in the fitting. I hit the next two in similar fashion with the same results. Perry said spin was up over 2700. I was suddenly VERY unsure about my fit. After we finished the contests, Jason came back over and talked with me and immediately set up another trackman and we started again. He assembled the driver and after about 10-12 balls, my averages were right back where they were at the end of the first fitting. I’m not sure what happened, I could have put the loft sleeve in incorrectly or used a weird ball or who knows, but I really appreciated Jason taking the time to go back through everything with me while everyone else had moved on. He told me to take it home, play with it and get back to him if there were any issues. Another testament to the pride these guys have in their work and the treatment you get at the Kingdom. I hit the driver really well on Friday at Aviara with the exception of two toe fades that still didn’t get me in any real trouble. I even kept up with Scott a few times. So as of now, I don’t have any complaints. I still have a T1100 65 6.5 with a TM tip, so I may play around with that as well once the season gets going.


Final Build: M4 9.5, Tour AD BB 7x tipped 1". Set to standard loft, upright lie. Playing 45.5" at D4.


Also, in my opinion, the looks and feel of the M4 are much improved over the ’17 M2. The shape seems slightly more pear shaped and less flat than the ’17 M2. I had two ’17 M2 heads that I simply couldn’t bring myself to play because of the sound. I never thought twice about the sound of the M4. While I didn’t have any M1s to compare to the M3, the sound and shape felt similar to me while the cosmetic changes are nice.


Misc Fitting:


After the driver fitting, we had some time before lunch so Jason went through some fairway woods and driving irons. I started with the M4 tour after talking to him about my previous woods and what I was looking for out of a fairway. The M4 has a great look, but I didn’t hit it as consistently as I would like. That may have been due to the stock shaft, since it’s a glued head and the aftermarket selection was limited. Jason then fit me in the M3 3HL and it was perfect. I ended up in the AD BB 8x .5” short of standard. Launch and spin were great and the shorter shaft gave me the consistency I was looking for. I was also fit in the P790 UDI with an AD DI hybrid shaft.


I am happy to answer questions anyone may have and I look forward to the replies picking apart my Trackman numbers.

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Still can't believe I've been selected for this. I'm obviously thrilled and thankful to have been chosen!


We all head out for Carlsbad tomorrow morning but at this point we don't know much more than the basic itinerary described in the OP. If past trips are any indication, Taylormade and GolfWRX will not disappoint! Safe to say we're all dying with anticipation...

USGA Index: ~0

Ping G410 LST 9 degree - Tour AD IZ 6x
Ping G410 LST - Fujikura Pro TourSpec 73 
Kasco K2K 33 - Fujikura Pro TourSpec 73 
Callaway RazrX Tour 4h - Tour 95 shaft
Ping i200 5-UW (2 flat) - Nippon Modus 105X
Taylormade HiToe 54 (bent to 55 & 2 flat)
Taylormade HiToe 64 (Bent to 62 & 2 flat)
Palmer AP30R putter (circa 1960s)
Taylormade TP5X Ball

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Congrats guys!!! Have fun! A great experience with lasting friendships.


Hopefully your landing into SD airport goes more smoothly than mine did! lol....

Titleist TSi2 10, Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 6X, 45"

Titleist TSi2 16.5, Fujikura Ventus Red Velocore 7X, 43"

TaylorMade GAPR Mid 4, KBS

Titleist T100S, KBS C-Taper S+ 5-PW

Titleist SM8, 50F, 54S, 60D, TT S400 Custom 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12, 35", Stability Tour


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Congrats guys. Looking forward to following along

TaylorMade SIM 9* - Fujikura Speeder TR 857X

TaylorMade SIM Max Rocket 14* - Fujikura Rombax P95X

NIKE Vapor Fly Pro 3-4 - Fujikura Pro 95i Tour Spec 95X

Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 5-9 - DG TI X100

TaylorMade MG Tour Chrome 46*, Raw 50*, Raw 55* - DG TI S400

TaylorMade Tour Hi Toe Raw Face 60* - DG TI S400

Scotty Cameron Select Squareback


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congrats boys - have too much fun !

SIM 9* (set 1 tick higher loft) / Tensei AV White RAW prototype 2.0 65TX tipped 1" playing 45"

Epic Flash SZ / 3+ (set -1/N) / HZRDUS Smoke Black 75g 6.5 tipped 2"

SIM Max 3H / Tensei PW Hybrid 100TX

Apex MB Chrome / 3-PW / Modus 130 X

MD4 Chrome / 52, 56, 60 / DG 115 S200 (for now)

Piretti Tour 801R / 35.5"

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Man, what an awesome experience! Congrats to the winners!

TM SIM (9.0) Fujikura Ventus Black 6-X
TM M6 (15) Project X Even Flow Black 75 6.5X
TM SIM Max Hybrid (19) MRC Tensei White Hybrid 90-TX
Titleist 716 AP2 4-9 TT DG S400
Titleist SM7 Raw 46.10, 50.08, 54.10, 60.10 TT S-400
TM TP Collection Ardmore 2

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Kickoff 2018 with a BANG !! Thanks GolfWRX and TaylorMade Golf for this.

PING G410 LST 9* w/ Fuji VENTUS

Taylormade M5 Rocket 3 wood w/ AD TP 6
Taylormade P790 3 - 4 Irons KBS FLT
Taylormade P750 5 - 6 Irons KBS C Taper Lite
Taylormade P730 7 - 9 Irons KBS $ Taper
ARTISAN GOLF 0318 mallet

ARTISAN GOLF custom grind 45* wedge / KBS $Taper

ARTISAN GOLF custom grind 49* wedge / KBS $Taper
ARTISAN GOLF custom grind 53* wedge / KBS $Taper
ARTISAN GOLF custom grind 58* wedge / KBS $Taper

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Somebody show up with a bag of 14 drivers

Ping G400 Max 10.5* Fubuki K 60x

Ping G400 5w 16.5* Blueboard 73x Ping G400 7w 19.5* Diamana B 80s

Callaway Apex 4h 23* Fubuki 82x Callaway Apex 5h 26* Mitsu KK 90s

Mizuno 919T 6 - PW UST Mamiya Recoil Prototype 95 f4
Vokey SM2 50*, SM2 TVD 56*M & 59*M, 64* Recoil Proto 95 f4

Piretti Matera Elite


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The Taylormade Twistface Experience


I want to express the highest level of gratitude to those at Taylormade and Golfwrx that made this possible especially:

  • Jory – Global Communications for TM
  • Ryan – Consumer Engagement for TM
  • Rob – Golfwrx Moderator and hell of a guy to drink with when you're delirously tired
  • Tom – My fitter for Thursday
  • Mark & Team – Principal Engineer for TM's R&D
  • Scott – Global Brand Manager for TM
  • Brian – product development
  • Ben & team – Staff Engineers for TM's Golf Balls
  • Calvin, Craig, Dewey, Kenton, Scott & Tim for being excellent people to share this experience with

Day One: Arriving at Aviara and Argyles


The hotel was incredible, every detail from the layout to the decorations were perfect. After checking in we hit the range to take our first swings in months. Here are some pictures from the arrival:












Range Picture:




After shaking off some rust, we went to dinner at Argyles hosted by Jory and Ryan. We spoke about some of the tour happenings and what they expect in the upcoming year. The number one thing I can tell you is that they are ALL IN on RAHM. They love the guy and think he is going to be a massive star. Also, during the dinner they let us know which of their main guys is the longest driver of the golf ball… (highlight below to find out)


Answer Highlight here: Rory McIlroy



Day Two: Taylormade HQ

















St. Andrews Room


Here we met Brian, TM's head of product development. He walked us through the genesis of the club and its specs. Here is what we learned, much of which has already been posted on this thread:

  • Taylormade believes this is the future of golf technology.
  • M4 has a 67% larger sweet spot than the 2017 M2
  • Twist face is created by increasing the loft and opening the face on the upper toe (neutralizes toe hooks) and doing the opposite in the heel (neutralizes the heel slice)
  • M4 D-Type is setup visually with a paint scheme to look neutral side by side you probably cannot tell the difference
  • TM has a "Vault" that houses all of the hyper-secret projects.




We watched the Tiger video above (in the picture) and the extended versions of these videos:


Octagon Video




Tee Box Video




This is the face they were looking at. It is an exaggerated version of the actual product.




Here are some product shots of the upcoming releases.
















The Kingdom




We hitched a ride on the fastest golf carts I have ever been on and we were at the doors to the kingdom within minutes.






They have thought of every single detail in the Kingdom. Everything has the Kingdom's logo on it and every part of the building is high end. They even have water bottles and napkins that have "the Kingdom" logos on it.


Here is what the locker room looks like.







Next onto golf Xanadu… The range at the Kingdom.







We were all setup with our own trackman station and fitter. My fitter's name was Tom and he was the best fitter I have ever worked with. He could call the spin rate from visual observation and then have it confirmed within 100rpms on the trackman a few seconds later.




My Impression of the M3 I was fit into:




I'll never forget the first shot I hit with it, which was well out on the toe. I looked up and to the left to track the flight, yet the ball did not go left, to my surprise it was moving slightly RIGHT?! It was a slight 1 to 2 yard fade. I looked back at my fitter Tom and he sort of nodded in approval with a grin on his face when I said "I thought that one was going left." We dialed this in and when all was said and done I was getting 4 mph better ball speed and about 15+ yards on each shot from better launch conditions. Even a few shots which I hit horribly on the heel were very manageable slight fades.




I loved the look of the crown. My biggest complaint about the previous generations is that I dislike having white on the crown. It causes my GC2 to sometimes miss a shot and I think darker colors look better. The silver meets the carbon in a very nice sleek way while somewhat camouflaging the aerodynamic lift that is built into the carbon.




The club has a very nice "thwack" sound without any hints of an aluminum bat sound. Even on mishits near the heel it sounds very solid.

  • Short Comparison to M4: I found that the M4 had a flatter trajectory and since we could not adjust the weights for shot shape correction, it seemed like the M3 was the winner for me.

Ball and Golf R&D 101




Next up was the R&D section for clubs and balls. Here we met Mark, Ben and their teams who explained how their tour clubs and prototype balls are created. I am not sure how much detail I am allowed to give here but they can create the tour clubs to exceptional precision due to their use of computer based creation. Skynet is real, people.


Understandably we were prohibited to take any pictures in this section but their upcoming lineups will have some pretty game changing tech and some small tweaks that will be very useful.


Karl Strauss Brewery + In & Out Burger


At this point I was so run down I struggled to not pass out. Ryan, Jory and his crew were very generous with taking us out to two excellent, yet different venues to give us a sampling of what Carlsbad had to offer. Every meal I had in Carlsbad was excellent, even the cafeteria at TM made an outstanding omelette. By the time we went to in and out burger (after a few drinks) I was a zombie. I seriously don't think I have ever went out to get late night food while being that tired in my life.





Day Three: Aviara Golf


The course is beautiful. Great elevation changes and really interesting architecture, except #10 as Tim said earlier. I had the privilidge to play with Mark and Scott. Both guys were at scratch golfers or better. I think Scotts club head speed had to be 117+ which is probably why he was using the same shaft Sergio previously used. It was a Diamana Ahina 100g X flex. WTF?!? I didn't even realize they made shafts like that.


Mark was playing a prototype M driver and since I was in his cart, I got the 202 class on club creation. We spoke about the acoustics involved with club heads, possible futures of where golf club tech is going and other interesting topics about equipment. He even pointed me in the direction of Bob Rotella's books since he quickly realized I am one of the most neurotic people when I am playing at the bottom of my range. Both guys had interesting backstories (one has been training for his job since high school and the other managed a famous record label) and both were super patient with us as we shook off our rust from the previous 3 months.












Some Past Aviara Kia Classic Champions:





Conclusion: This was easily the best golf trip I have ever went on. Being at Taylormade was awesome but it was the people who went that amplified the experience.


TLDR: TM has a winner in this Twist Face Technology. The trip was awesome and I am super thankful the people involved who made this a possibility.


Let me know if you have any questions!


NOTE: I have been viciously sick since flying back so it may take few hours before i respond. I had a 7 hour delay in my flight which killed my sleep cycle. I did not get back to my house until early Sunday morning due to some prior obligations and a few American Airlines snafus, they broke my taylormade golf bag while it was encased in my club glove. I had to return back to PHL international to rectify that, plus they would not let me get my debit card that I knew was in my seat from deplaning. I spent the better part of Saturday and early Sunday rectifying that

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1580770-recaps-the-taylormade-twistfaceexperience-7-golfwrx-members-visit-the-kingdom-for-an-exclusive-m3m4-driver-fitting/"][size=2]M3 Taylormade Experience[/size][/url]

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1. Could you please ask them what happens if your typical miss is a high toe fade/ push to the right? Does this twist face thing exaggerate that miss?


A. They built this club knowing it would significantly improve 80% of golfer's dispersion. In the rare instance that you hit a wipe slice from the toe, this may make it worse. Unless you have shown on trackman that you hit toe slices or heel hooks, generally this club tech will help you.

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1580770-recaps-the-taylormade-twistfaceexperience-7-golfwrx-members-visit-the-kingdom-for-an-exclusive-m3m4-driver-fitting/"][size=2]M3 Taylormade Experience[/size][/url]

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Very cool! Congrats to all headed west!

PING G400 [10.5°] ACCRA Tour TZ6 65

Callaway Epic TC [15°] Mitsubishi Diamana BF 70

Callaway APEX '16 [20° & 23°] Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue HB 85

Mizuno JPX 919 Forged [5-6-7-8-9-W] KBS $-Taper 120

Mizuno T20 Raw [50° - 55° / 59°] KBS Wedge 120 / KBS HiRev 2.0 125

Bettinardi Queen B #5 w/ KBS CT-Tour Putter

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Congrats on being selected guys. Like DNice said, the friendships from these trips late incredible. We still have a group text from ours that is active daily.


Glad to see my boy Gamble Gamble got picked!


Great group of members that were selected. Have a great time.

Taylormade SIM 9.0 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Hulk 6.5
Taylormade SIM Max 15° Project X Even Flow Riptide 70X

Titleist TS3 19° Hybrid Tensei Pro White 100X
Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW Tour Issue S400
Vokey SM7 50.12F, 54.14F Stealth S200
Vokey SM8 Jet Black LE 60-10S S200
Taylormade Spider X Chalk

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Have a great time guys!

( Wish I had read my emails......)


Oh no... don’t tell me you missed the congrats PM


If you want, fly to PHL and I’ll fit you in my club glove. That travel bag is roomier than my car.

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1580770-recaps-the-taylormade-twistfaceexperience-7-golfwrx-members-visit-the-kingdom-for-an-exclusive-m3m4-driver-fitting/"][size=2]M3 Taylormade Experience[/size][/url]

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Are any of you lucky guys sub 95mph swing speed? If so can I get extensive feedback on launch/spin characteristics of both drivers.....with DJ stating M4 is flatter flight for him, I'm confused now...


Have fun!


I imagine there is more to the story than just "M4 is flatter". My bet is there were loft/lie/face angle changes compared to this normal M1/M3 set up. At the very least he went with a 9.5* stamped head vs his normal 10.5* has had been playing.

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Have a great time guys!

( Wish I had read my emails......)


Oh no... don’t tell me you missed the congrats PM


If you want, fly to PHL and I’ll fit you in my club glove. That travel bag is roomier than my car.

Yep I missed it.

As Roberto DiVincenzo once said, "I'm a stupid".............

R11S 8* square; Stock stiff
Maltby KE4 14* 3w , Axe Excaliber R flex tipped 1"
RBZ 25* hb; RBZstage 2 19* hb
Mizuno MP30 5 - PW, AXE Excaliber stiff, Hogan Apex PC E Wedge (50*) TT DG s300
GM Never Compromise GM2 putter
54*, 58* TM TP wedges 3* flat

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