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I've got a major issue coming up next monday. I'm playing in our metro school team in a regional final and we're playing a bunch of blokes that are off between 1-7 at the most. Our team consists of a #1 off 5, #2 is a girl off 8 although I may swap with her depending on who she is playing, I'm #3, another girl off 11 is #4 and a boy who's either off 12 or 14 at 5. That's not a very strong team, we won this thing last year but there were no players over double figures in there. We're also playing at a course that I just shot 92 at :D. Everyone played bad though, so that is the only consilation. The girls also have to play off the men's markers so any advantage that they had playing a par 74 course off red tees is gone. You can almost scratch those matches, although the #2 may do alright. If our #5 plays someone off 6 or 7 they're screwed. I can see us winning one, maybe two matches if I play well, sledge well :) (won't really), or if our #2 has a blinder. I think I can win my match, though, just need to play well and unconsciously try to get the other guy out of his happy zone whilst talking to him ;). What can we do, asides from breaking legs or asking them to play left-handed. Any hints, tips and whatnot to help a buddy ;)

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Take control immediately from the tee. Tell him what ball youre playing and everything all before he has a chance to even think about doing it 1st. Set the pace of play. If he moves fast, dont try and keep up. Just keep up your own pace just as long as its not ridiculously slow. Him having to wait will frustrate him and may cause him to get a little distracted. Umm... thats all that comes to mind. One kid on my team acts gay sometimes; its pretty funny. I dont recommend you do that though.

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to be honest that assertion stuff is really a bunch of crap. If you fold because someone comes up up to you and shakes you hand first and says what kind of ball they are playing in a forceful tone than your mental game needs serious work.




what can really piss someone off though is if you are playing match play to make them putt everything, literally everything until the ball is holed. that really pisses some people off

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