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Do any of your clubs have names?

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No, just colourful names for myself right after impact. Think Shane Lowry, but not quite as audible.

TS 3 8.5º w/ LAGP TOUR AXS 70X
917F3 16.5º w/ Grafalloy blue
T-MB 2 iron C-Taper
Mizuno MP-5,  4-9 C-Taper
SM6 47º, 52º, 56º, 60 C-Taper
Scotty Special Select Newport 2, 35" Tour Issue X7, Hard stepped x2, Tipped 2"


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I used to name them after old girl friends, my third wife discouraged me from doing that so now I name them after past presidents. If things keep goin' the way they are I'll be naming them after former wives

[color=#4B0082]T[/color][color=#800080]our[/color][color=#4B0082] E[/color][color=#800080]xotics [/color][color=#FF0000]E [/color][color=#000000]10 [/color][color=#800080]15*[/color]
[font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#ff0000"]Sri[/color][/font][color=#000000]xon 785's w/G P stnd. cord [/color]
[color=#0000CD]Mizuno T 7 52 T 20 56 &60[/color]
Bobby Grace SNYPER  46"
[color=#006400]Oregon Ducks Bag[/color]
Eureka Ca. 

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As I was reading this I thought of all the true club ho's. How could they possibly name a club they might have for just a week!

Ping G400LST 8.5 TPT 14 LKP LT LW Proto
Ping G400 14.5 Tensei Pro Orange 80 TX
Mizuno JPX919 Forged 4i SuperPeening Blue X
Mizuno JPX 919 Tours5-PW Super Peening Blue X
Vokey SM7 raw 52, 56, 60 DGTI-s400
Byron Morgan Proto DH89
Pro V1
Jones Utility Trouper-Carry
Ogio Silencer Alphard E-wheels

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My putter's name is Money Maker. The rest of my clubs are nameless. There is a guy at our clubs that names all of his drivers (current is Caroline). He talks to them before each drive and gives them a kiss. In his defense, he is a heck of a player.

Callaway Epic Flash 9 degree with Hzrdus Smoke 70 stiff
Callaway Epic Flash 5 wood (-1) with Hzrdus Smoke 70 stiff
Callaway Epic 3 and 4 hybrid with Graphite Design AD-DI 85S
Mizuno MP 18 MMC 5-PW with KBS C-taper Lite X-flex, hard-stepped 1x
Edel 51, 56, 60 wedges
Scotty Cameron NP2
Ball: Titleist ProV1x

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I don't put it in play much my Yes! Tracy putter I like to call Megan.


Ironically, my niece Megan calls her putter Kymar because it's just scary looking.


Is that what she told you the reason was? lol thats adorable.



(I disavow my own attempt at humor above should the aforementioned niece Megan not be 18 years of age)

Callaway XR Pro Attas Tour SPX X
Taylormade Tour issue 15* V Steel 3 wood
Hybrid undecided
Cobra Amp Cell Pro's (All MB) 4-GW Project X Rifle 6.0
Cleveland CG15 56 and 60
White Hot 6 Long Neck

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They usually don't last long enough to develop this kind of bond

Callaway Mavrik SZ Triple Diamond 9° w/ Fuji Motore Speeder VC 6.2 Tour Spec X-Flex
Taylormade SIM 19° set to 17.5° w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI 9X
Titleist U510 2 Iron 18° w/ PX 6.0
Titleist 680 MB 3-PW w/ DG X100
TaylorMade MG2 TW 56°, 60° w/ DGS400
Odyssey White Hot Tour 7H 33"

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The only time mine have a name is when i hit a bad shot. the name is "youfuckinpieceofshit"

Taylormade SIM / HZRDUS smoke green Hulk 70 TX 
Titleist 917 3 wood / Fujikura pro spec TS
Titleist 620 CB 3-9 / Project X LZ 6.5
Titleist SM7 45/9 wedge
Titleist SM7 raw 51/11 wedge
Titleist SM8 black 56/10 wedge
Titleist SM8 black 60/8 wedge
Scotty Cameron Newport / Stability tour shaft (custom all black with polished dots)

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I've referred on my PW as Sir Shanks-A-Lot. The bugger never announces when he's dropping in for a visit. Someday I will vanquish his sorry arse and be rid of him forever.


Heck, thought about bagging a one length set so that I was swinging a whole bunch of '8/7 irons', but have committed to swing improvements.

Cobra King F9 10.5*
Cobra F9 14.5*
Cobra 18.5*
Adams Super S Hybrids 22*, 25*
NCW 24*, 28*, 33*, 38*, 43*, 48*, 53*
Mac Custom Grind 58* (NevadaGolfGuy Special)
Bradley, Geom, Machine, Mannkrafted, Ping, Rife, SGC, Scotty, Tad Moore, Xenon

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