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Can't leave well enough alone....who's with me?

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Well my inner Ho got me again. I got a M1 head a few months ago to replace my TD5 R1, I loved the R1 for years but started having issues with my head/weight/shaft combos (read- tinkering too much) and lost confidence in that club. So in come the M1 and I decided to go back to my most reliable shaft from the R1 days, my Oban Devotion. I decided I wasn't going to mess around with that set up, but the Devotion had a midsize grip on it which was a failed experiment and might have started all the turmoil with the R1..?


Well, before I could get the grip changed I wound up buying a Speeder 661 to try in the M1, hated it. Got the Devotion with a standard grip played a couple rounds and really like how that set up performed. Very nice dispersion, miss was a pull left, but it was straight, no big curves either way with this set up. I really like this head shaft pairing and really feel with a few more rounds I could eliminate the pull miss..?


Well wouldn't you know my inner Ho resurfaced and I bought a Rogue Silver 110 MSI RIP I/O to have a go with...? Why am I buying driver shafts when I think I have a good set up in the bag? lol. I know when I try it, it won't out perform the Devotion. So I'll have another expensive alignment stick to add to the collection....


Any Rouge Silver MSI RIP I/O fans out there? Do any of you think the Silver will beat out the Devo? Any one else buying more driver shafts then they need?

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It's that hope that something out there is better. I've bought the same shaft for a driver to try it in a shorter length, different weights etc. I have the Rouge Silver in a 2017 M1 which I really like. It seems very stable but feels good.

Taylormade M3 9.5 - Aldila Rogue Silver 60X
Callaway Rogue 3 Wood - Aldila Rogue Silver 70X
Titleist 816 H2 20 degrees - Aldila Rogue Black 85X
Titleist 716CB 4-9 - X100
Vokey SM7 46.10, 50.08, 54M, 59M - S400
Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5
Titleist Pro V1

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Here’s some of my R1/M1 options



I still have thoughts that the VTS and the Kiyoshi will serve a purpose one day but the others didn’t work at all. I’m actually interested in trying the Rogue when it arrives, but something tells me the Devotion will be back in and the Rouge will join this crew.

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