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Coldest Temperature youve played in?


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19 degrees. Many years ago. It was at a muni in the KC area.


Will not forget 2 things about that round:

1) tough to hold the greens when they are frozen solid - lay up short of green; and

2) I hit a drive that landed in the creek on the inside corner of a dogleg. Creek was frozen solid - played my second shot off the ice. Got a GIR and 2 putted for par! The shot left a perfect chip in the ice where the ball sat. :taunt:

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About freezing temps for me one of the coldest and memorable rounds recently was this last winter on St Patricks day we had light flurries throughout the round and a steady low wind most of the day. For the majority of the round it was probably high 20's low 30's, but when the sun poked out it was downright warm. My favorite weather to play in though is 45-50 F so if there isn't snow on the ground I'm out wherever I can get on, I'm a baby when it comes to hot weather.

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Northern MO. Roughly 27*F, brisk 15MPH wind most of the day, but fairly sunny.

There is a group up around here that have a small instagram page showing a group play in -10*F windchill with a few inches of snow.

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I've played in 30 degree weather many times... but much colder than that, and I have to bundle up to much to make a proper swing. However, I did once get a birdie on a par five by hitting the ball on the frozen lake that runs laterally down the fairway, walk out onto the ice to hit my second shot on, and two putted for par. Probably the longest drive I've ever hit :)

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Years and years ago in Chicago, temps in the 20s. We had had little snow, the forecast was for a high near 40. There was no wind and though it never got over 32 we were peeling layers off as we went. Unfortunately, back in those days it was metal spikes and you can only wear so many pairs of socks and still get you shoes on. The cold just came up through those spikes and my feet were numb before we even got to the back nine.


The ground was frozen; the flagsticks were stuck in ice and couldn't be removed from the cup; a 200 yard par 3 was a 7 iron and then watch it bounce toward the green like it was on concrete.

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40's in a stiff wind. Even with hand warmers, my hands were frozen.


Of course, didn't help that the golf cart had no window

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Probably mid to high 20s, the day after our first US Christmas. Boxing Day to those of us from the Commonwealth. Ground was frozen solid, they were selling these plastic things you just dropped on the ground, put your ball on top and away you go. Closest thing to links golf I've ever played, I reckon I must have been getting 50 yards of run if I was getting an inch!

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We play a winter scramble called the "Chilly Bowl" at a local track in January. I have a couple of cool pic on my Instagram of scraping ice off the cart windows and cool look of the frozen putting green.


Course told us we couldn't use the putting green...understandable. But 15 minutes later we're herded out to the shotgun holes and told to fire away. We started on a par 3 this year. Was pretty tough to hold the green.....lol


After the round, the course serves chilly in bread bowls.......the weather is cold, we drink a lot, and it's usually a really fun day!

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