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Tipping question, please help.

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New club builder with questions, any help would be much appreciated.


I plan on installing wood and hybrid shafts that some guys on tour play. When looking at swing speed recommendations (ex. 105+ - x-flex) I would be fitting x flex; however, guys on tour play same shaft in x-flex and there ball speed is 180 mph (mine upper 160s at best). Can I decrease tipping to soft step an x flex graphite shaft? Any conventions with this.. like with iron shaft soft stepping (1/3 flex).


building 19 degree hybrid. The tipping recommendations are for "2 hybrid or 3 hybrid". Not sure what 19 degree would be? If I want it a bit softer flex, should I go with the 2 hybrid instructions (.5 inch)


Do I need any special epoxy when glueing adaptor tip on?

Do I need glass beads when glueing adaptor tip?


Thank you

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A couple of points:


- You have a 2 hybrid so go with that

- Yes you can "under" tip, I would also suggest leaving the butt end a little longer in case you find the tipping doesn't make the shaft play strong enough for you. You cannot undo tipping, but you can add length.


In regards to epoxy and beads - please do some searching as with anything you'll get lots of different opinions. You can't go too far wrong with a 24 hour epoxy, you can also use glass beads if the fit in the adapter is very loose - if not no stress.


Hope that helps.



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I’ve always thought that hybrids are named because of their lofts, not what they actually “replace”.


I consider a 16-17 degree a 2 and an 18-19 degree a 3. I guess it’s not terribly important in this particular case.


You don’t actually have to tip it al all. I personally would just do the 1/2 inch. Tipping is more like fine tuning than major flex changing. You seem very concerned that it may get too stiff, so tip on the light side.


As previous post said, no beads needed unless it’s really sloppy loose.


I prefer actual shafting epoxy. The 5 minute or 15 minute stuff at Home Depot or Lowe’s will function but actual shafting epoxy is Designed to never actually harden 100%. It stays just a tiny bit pliable to help it deal with impact shock over and over. The hardware store stuff gets a bit brittle. I buy from Golfworks.


Just don’t use high heat resistant stuff like JB weld. That’s a disaster trying to take the adapter off. There will be cursing.


And don’t use super glue or gorilla glue. You need high shear strength two part epoxy.


Remember to sand the tip lightly with some 120 grit. Just the area going in the adapter of course. Sanding gives the shaft tip microscopic nooks and crannies for the epoxy to bond to. Epoxy hates dead smooth surfaces.

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