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I have a very feel oriented game, and it's driving me nuts from a consistency perspective.


For example, I'll go to the driving range and work on my irons. I'll find a feel that works for the session, and I'll go home feeling good about my game.


The next week I'll go to the range and work on my irons with the same feel. But nothing works. So I find another feel that works, and then the rest of the session goes well, and I'll go home feeling good about my game.


And the cycle continues. I find a feel that only works for that day that doesn't seem to carry over into subsequent sessions. Consistent search for something new that works on that day.


I hate that I can't find consistency in my game and that I'm dependent on fleeting feels each time out.


Just wondering how you rid yourself of "feels" in your game?

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Your feels have to be rooted in proper mechanics. If you’re simply swiping at the ball with a different intent until something works you’re going to be chronically frustrated.

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You have to have feel to play golf. Every golfer has to have feel.


There is no such thing as Technical vs feel


All technical is, is quantifying and defining a feel to compare and understand them.

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Feel is everything. The club is felt through the hands.

One thing that gets to me is the semantics. Golfers tend to use feel and intent interchangeably.

A lot of times people use the word feel when talking about intention.

To me changing intentions all the time is a bad idea.

Having a bit of a focus change while using the same intent great.

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The only feel that matters to me is impact. It is the only time that feel actually is real. "That was fat...that was thin...that was high/low on the face...etc."


I do a lot of work getting into a proper impact position and just holding it for a couple minutes at a time, and in front of the mirror. I also do a lot of "reverse" practice, where I start with impact, and take it back to the top from there. So long as I know what impact is supposed to feel like on different shots, it isn't too much of a chore to get into to. I don't care so much about right elbow here, or left heel pressure there...for me, they are all covered by that one overall body feel of impact.





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