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Recommendations, Instructor on Long Island?

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Hi guys,


I'm slowly getting back into golf after a numbers of years away (kids), and I'd like to invest in some quality lessons. I'm currently shooting in the low 90s, but I'm looking to get into 80s consistently. I know there are some things (probably many) in my swing that are not fundamentally sound, and I'd like to work with someone in the area (Nassau or Suffolk). I've heard great things about Mike Jacobs, but $300 an hour is insane in my opinion. Anyone have any recommendations? A grass hitting area would be highly preferred. Thanks.



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I know you mentioned his price being a deterrent but if there’s any way you can figure it out Michael Jacobs is 100% worth it. I would say if it meant taking a half hour session it would be better than an hour with an average instructor. Two years ago I was no exaggeration hitting drivers one or two fairways over and barely putting down a few legitimate scores per round. Last week I shot 79. Have nothing but good things to say about him and he’s also got a great personality.

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If you want someone good, in the Met section, you’re STARTING at $150/hr. Kirk Oguri knows his stuff, and he used to teach somewhere other than Pete’s on the side (can’t verify that now). For the price that would be my recommendation.

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To get a quality instructor at a lower price point, probably would increase your chances by looking for someone on the younger side, but hungry, who has spent lots of time with veteran instructors. That's the rub though, not easy to find someone like that, especially in a high cost of living area like metro NY. I'm in NY and all the instructors I like are everywhere but here, my current pro is in NJ.

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