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VFT (Variable Face Thickness)

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Well for anyone that may be interested. I called Callaway Golf and spoke to a tech rep. He stated that there was no data concerning SS and VFT. It kind of makes you scratch your head, when TM has problems with their M1 irons (face caving in, even with a seniors low SS). Granted, it looks as thought TM's face is too thin, but other OEM's that offer the VFT technology you would think that some testing should have been done to see the benefits throughout the SS ranges. So my conclusion is that it may not be worth seeking VFT new irons for s slow SS.

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Variable face thickness effects the COR, and I don't think it varies depending on the impact velocity. In other words, VFT will contribute to energy transfer (and distance) regardless of swing speed. COR will never affect distance as much as speed does though because the energy transfer is a function of the square of velocity but it's a direct relationship in regards to COR.

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As a senior looking for distance help with irons, is there a minimum SS, that has little to no measurable effect on allowing the face to perform? Tried an on line search, but data was available, so I thought the WRX techs would have some input...........


There is not much to gain from "HIGH COR" heads, and many who plays them complains about dispersion on distance (they might vary to much depending on impact)

Just make sure Total weight and balance is set right for you, then use lofts to get gaps as you want them. Irons is all about precision, not distance, so dont get tempted to gain half a iron if thats not a constant gain.


Ive become old and much slower myself, so ive lost lots of distance, but as long as im precise, i can get a decent score when i play from a tee that fits me and the game i have now, so when we get older, we have to accept that we cant get the distances we used to, but they are not that needed when we can keep the ball in play and avoid messing it up by trying to force out a few more yards....


So start by finding a weight range of shafts thats good. If what you play now has become a tad to heavy, you might gain some club speed from going lighter, and if balance is set right, you get more pured shots than now, so there is a potential to improve, WITHOUT using high COR heads who might be too variable on performance.

(Its not funny to pure the approach and see the ball go 10 yards over the green and into a lake behind it)

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