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Oldest Club that you GAME

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I've never been one to be on the cutting edge with equipment, I have played blade Irons for most of my life, Didn't put Graphite in my driver until the Taylor Made R7 came out.... So I'm curious what's the oldest club that is in your bag on a regular basis. Post Photos if you'd like. I am currently experimenting with an Cobra Greg norman (U-Model) putter which would easily by the oldest but since it's not in my bag on a regular basis yet it doesn't really could.


Right now the oldest club in my bag is my Cleveland 797 BeNi 60 degree wedge. If I remember correctly these were late 90's wedges. I was able to find a collection of Cleveland wedges a while back that had never been used, some with plastic still on the grips and I quickly bought them from the person. Included in the lot were 2 Cleveland Byron Nelson Anniversary wedges that were BeCu which are more likely to see the inside of a case than a blade of grass. Wedges are those clubs that are timeless IMO. I spin the ball a lot with my wedges so todays groove technology does me a disservice a lot of the time. Looking forward to hearing about other peoples classic sticks...

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Older clubs I rotate at any time.....All lefty.


Tommy Armour SilverScot 845s irons.

TM R580XD TP Tour Issue driver

TM R500 Tour Issue driver

TM Tour issue Burner TP 5 wood

Ping Anser Specify (heavy) SN putter

TM RAC LT irons.


Also have the lefty TM 300 Tour Holy Grail 9* driver that has not been gamed for a few years.

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Adams Pro A12 Hybrids. When it's wet I'll take out the 2 / 3 irons and put them in the bag.

DRIVER -    Taylor Made Sim Max 8* | 🔥🔥KHT AUTOFLEX SF505🔥🔥
3 WD -        Taylor Made Sim Max 14* | Ventus Red Regular 
HYBRIDS-   PXG Gen 2 -  2/3/4 | Accra Tour 100i Stiff
IRONS -       PXG Gen 3 -  0311XP 5 - GW | Accra Tour 90i Stiff
WEDGES -  Ping Stealth Glide 2.0 54-12 / 58-06 Wedges | Wedge Flex
PUTTER -   PXG One and Done w/JUMBOMAX 17" FLAT
BAG -           PXG Staff Bag
BALLS -       Snell MTB Black / Pro V1

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Despite trying to replace it numerous times I still play a JDM Founders Club Judge forged titanium 4w. I have been playing one since the early 2000's. At one point I had several extra heads but sold them off and only have the one in my bag left.

Ping G410 Plus 10.5°/Alta CB55 r flex
Maltby KE4 TC 5w/Xcaliber SL FW r flex

Maltby KE4 ST-H 3h/Xcaliber HY r flex
Maltby KE4 ST-H 4h/Xcaliber HY r flex
Maltby KE4 Tour 5h/Xcaliber Rapid Taper r flex
Maltby KE4 Tour+ 6-G/Xcaliber Rapid Taper r flex
Maltby Tricept 54° and 58°/Xcaliber Rapid Taper r flex
Mizuno Bettinardi C06

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just upgraded the top of my bag so i guess my ping anser milled putter

Ping G400 @ 10.5° (Ping Tour 65S)

Ping G400 5 wood @ 16.5° (Ping Alta CB 65S)

Ping G410 7 wood @ 20° (Ping Tour 75X)

Titleist 818H2 @ 22° (PX 6.0)

Ping i210 PowerSpec 5-U (DG S300)

Titleist SM7 54° F / 60° K (DG S200)

Ping Heppler Floki

Titleist ProV1x/AVX

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Odyssey Dual Force 56 degree wedge which is about 20 years old. These wedges have what I believe are called Stronomic inserts in the face. The inserts are made of a very hard material and still look new. I have not found a wedge that gives more spin and control than these wedges. Ping Eye and ISI’s come close but the Dual Forces can almost stop on a dime. I also have a 52 degree that I will use together with the 56 on shorter courses.

Driver - Ping G400 LST 8.5* Tour Stiff 65
Fairways - Ping G410 #5 17.5* Evenflow 75 Stiff (set at big minus 16* = 3/4 wood)
Hybrids - Ping G 19* #3 Stiff Tour Stiff 90 and Ping G410 24* #4 Tour Stiff 85
Irons - Ping G410 irons 5-PW Nippon N.S.Pro 950 GH Stiff white dot +1/2" 
Wedges - Ping Glide 3.0 50* green dot +1/2", Ping Glide 3.0 54* black dot and Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 58* black dot
Bag  Ping DLX Black
Putter  Bettinardi Queen Bee #8 2017 model
Head covers for woods Ping Black/White Pompoms
Balls  Titleist ProV1, ProvV1X, AVX and TaylorMade TP5X (depending on the course and weather)
Cart Clicgear 3.5+

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Playing Golden Ram Tour Grinds right now, they're approximately 38 years old.

The Ever Changing Bag!  A lot of mixing and matching
Driver: TM Original One 11.5* set to 10*, Aldila RIP Alpha 80 X, 43.5"
3w:  Cobra King LTD, Matrix 8m3 X, 42"
Hybrid:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour, NV105 S or DGS400

Irons grab bag:  3-PW Mizuno MP37, Recoil Proto 125 F4 (reshaft pending); 1-PW Golden Ram TW282 or Vibration Matched Golden Rams, RIP Tour 115 R (coin flipping for the reshaft project); 1i & 3-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S
Wedges:  Dynacraft Dual Millled 52*, DGS400; Scratch 8620 DD 53*, SteelFiber i125 S; Ram Watson Scoring System 55*, DGX 7i shaft; Ram TG-898, DGS400; Ram TG-898, NV105 S; Wilson Staff PMP 58*, DGS300; Ram 1982 Commemorative Nickel 58*, Dynamic S; Ram TW282, DGS; Ram TW276, DGS; Ram Troon Grind 58*, Dynamic S; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, DGS400; Maltby Design 60* mid sole, NV105 S
Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34"
Balls: Wilson Staff Duo Professional or TaylorMade TP5

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Tour 13° V Steel


Those were very popular, despite how old they are they still can fetch an alright price on Ebay which goes to show how timeless that club is... good one!!!


I hear you. Mine has a Speeder 757 X and a TaylorMade TP wrap on the shaft where it would ordinarily be on a TP shaft, near the grip. Whoever did it wanted everyone that was looking at it from the front to think it was a TP wood. Kinda neat.

Sim 9° Diamana Limited 
TM M3 15°
Adams Idea Pro 22°
Hogan Icons 4-P
Titleist SM8 50° 54° 60°
Callaway MD4 64°
Ping Sigma Darby

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I have several older sets from the 1930-1950 era which I use for fun but my main competition bag has the newest clubs, and most of those are not exactly new. Mizuno TP9 3-PW (thirty years old) Wilson X31 SW (thirty five years old) and Mizuno TP15 fairway woods (thirty years old). When it's windy I sometimes swap the 5W for a Ping Eye 2 1 iron which is of similar vintage. Putters get switched about but the main one is a George Nicoll White Heather I bought new in 1990. The only 'new' club is a driver that comes out on longer courses - a Taylor Made R15. On my home course (<6000 yards) I usually play a no-name persimmon driver, age unknown but suspect 1970s or 1980s.

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The old Cleveland wedges had model numbers that reflected their initial release date, possibly design or build date. Anyway, the 797 would have referenced July 1997. The ageless 588 goes back to May 1988 and my favorite, the 691, reflects a June 1991 date. My current oldest club in the bag is a White Hot Odyssey #6.


Thanks for that bit of into on the numbers and dates, I didn't know that... we learn something every day!!!! :superman:


Taylormade R9 3-wood. I keep trying to find something to replace it... but it's hard to fix what isn't broken.


no shame in that, I still have a R7 TP 3-wood that goes in the bag from time to time!

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X hot 3 deep 14.5


Longest, most accurate 3 wood I’ve owned


I would love for them to make a epic flash version but it seems the mini driver trend is over

Cobra F9 Speedback 9.................................Mitsubishi PO 70 TX
Tour Edge CBX 13.5.......................................Rombax P95 X
Tour Edge CBX 18..........................................Rombax P95 X
Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 4,5................................DGTIX100
Mizuno MP-25 6-9........................................DGTIX100
Callaway MD Forged 46, 50, 56, 60........DGTIS400
Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master

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