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Cobra's new King F9 Speedback Driver, Woods, Hybrids and Irons (NO BUY SELL TRADE POSTS)

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Playing this set up after today's performance. 336g playing at 43 3/4"        

> @FredWomble said: > Still blown away by the F9, 9 with stock Atmos Blue 6s. It's forgiving and crazy long. 2 range sessions and 1 round so far, so very new obviously but my average drive was

Ordered the F9 last night, along with a compliment of MIM wedges.

Any word from Cobra if they changed the chroming process on this iteration of the One Length irons?


The F8s absolutely stunk in terms of durability.

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Woods look great and I am sure they perform - just wish Cobra would follow Srixon and offer legitimate shaft options rather than the water downed junk..


Since when is the Atmos watered down?

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Gotta say I am not a fan of the fairway woods, the crown looks haphazardly mashed together...hybrids look good though!

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Wow!! Hideous woods and irons. Just a giant strikeout for me.


All kinds of crap going on on top of the woods and the shape of the irons is the worst I’ve seen in years...from any maker.



Edit... ok. It’s been a few days....I’m softening a bit on the irons. I guess I’ve seen worse.

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They look OK. Just OK.


Wow!! Hideous woods and irons. Just a giant strikeout for me.


All kinds of crap going on on top of the woods and the shape of the irons is the worst I’ve seen in years....from any maker.


Have you seen the G400?

But you haven't seen the G410s...night and day difference.

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Not a fan of the head shape on the drivers personally (reminds me of the Wilson Triton...), the F8+ driver I thought had a good shape, it just feels like they tried to throw as much "technology" as they could on this. The hybrids they nailed though, I feel like they always do a good job with those.

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Woods look great and I am sure they perform - just wish Cobra would follow Srixon and offer legitimate shaft options rather than the water downed junk..


All of the shafts are real deal. They just painted the Atmos shafts black due to the looks with the head colors. The write up on the golf spy website confirms this.

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What happened to the crown on that fairway you photographed? All of the speed steps are missing other than the three random ones toward the toe.

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Yikes. It is impossible to buy a driver these days that doesn't have a bunch crap on the crown. Thank goodness for Continental Golf.

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The one lengths interest me, being a former owner of the F8 one lengths.


I am not crazy about that sole in the 5 irons. Think I might have to see it in person, looks very fat and chunky from the photo.


In terms of iron looks, the Forged One are still hard to beat but Cobra has to do something with the 5 & 4 one lengths to get more carry. These 2 irons were the reason why I went back to variable lengths. However, the F8 were outstanding in terms of feel for a non-forged iron so hopefully, the F9s would carry on that tradition.


As for their "Pwrshell", in the F8s that was only for the 4 to 7 irons. The 8 to PW were non Pwrshell. However, the F7s were all Pwrshell. I'd like to see what they did here if they broke it or they carried it through the entire set....


Driver is pretty sweet looking but I'll wait for the Epic Flash before I decide. Is it me or Cobra yellow is going to be very close to the Epic Flash yellow (if the rumours are true) :)

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F9 with white looks great. Everything else meh. Can't own the Fairway because of that weird asymmetric stuff on top...would drive me nuts to look down at I think. Hybrids look like of plain and meh... Also don't like there's really no adjustability. Most hybrids tend to be a little upright or have a little bit of a closed face and being able to fade bias or flatten the lie is something I think a lot of guys would like to see who don't need/want the low flight of a 3i.


It's a meh from me overall. Nothing there really wows me. Face milling on the fairway is neat, but does it make it more forgiving or go up my ball speed?

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Driver looks good (from address position - I don't care too much about the bottom of the club). Don't see how it offers anything my F8 isn't currently giving me, but that probably won't stop me from trying one out. The eternal Ho in me.


Anyone else put off by the 3 wood crown? The 3 ridges on top near the toe seem like it would make it uneven and a distraction.

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Solid results. I agree the feel and sound are awesome when I hit it the other day. I actually like look its aggressive prob appeals more to the younger folk. I'm 40 years old so I guess I just want to be young :busted_cop:

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Driver = I'm a little indifferent. Not stoked on the colors. I think this release is a step down from F8 / F8+. Might try one for giggles, but I am sticking with my F8+, and now I am probably going to look for a back up just in case lol


Fairway = I was excited to learn that they are using the CNC milled face. I love how the driver feels and could only imagine this helps the fairways. The top is ridiculously fugly. I can't understand it at all.


Hybrid = looks are a win. very simple with cobra logo. have loved the logo over the script they used on F7. The only thing is they are all glued fixed hosels again. F8 started the glued / fixed loft in the hybrids. F7 hybrids were adjustable for those that like to play. Would be nice if they got back to that at some point.


Irons = I don't think they look that bad, and I'll bet they are very forgiving. These are more geared for your weekend hackers I think. It will help them strike the ball. Obviously not as pretty as a clean modern muscle back.

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I really like the blue on the hybrid. I wish it would continue onto the crown like the Bio-Cell hybrids.

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Irons don't look anything special, but there iron market isn't really for single digit handicaps. I'm sure the irons perform well. The driver has some interesting tech (or marketing). I don't think the driver looks bad, but isn't the best looking either. If it performs I could play it. Since they got rid of the + driver model, they are now saying the new 9 degree model will spin 450-500 rpms less than the F8+ which is interesting.

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