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Justin Rose to Honma

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Egg let him follow the money.. funny how golf ends up being like other sports where players jump teams for the bigger paycheck


On that note, F laveon Bell for his holdout still

And whats wrong with chasing more money? Still gonna be the same Justin Rose. And no getting paid in golf is not the same as getting paid in say football or basketball. There is no holding out in golf.
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Every year this happens and people talk about money as if there’s a tremendous amount being thrown around in these deals, but no one ever seems to know the numbers. Does anyone actually know the figures involved here? I always feel like we overestimate the value of these deals.

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The feedback system is annoying

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Every year this happens and people talk about money as if there’s a tremendous amount being thrown around in these deals, but no one ever seems to know the numbers. Does anyone actually know the figures involved here? I always feel like we overestimate the value of these deals.


From my understanding these deals have a lot of bonus options , for example wins , tops 10’s owgr at certain points. Which is likely why the owgr race right now between him dj and brooks is something more “below water “ than not. If I were to guess they would all get a handsome bonus by finishing the calendar year as owgr 1 from all of their respective contracts

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All for Justin Rose seeking a better contract for himself - if it's a better deal for him and his family, that's all that really matters for him (as long as they perform, of course, which I don't imagine will be a problem at all.)


What might be more interesting is to see if this gives Honma a better market presence and, in turn, provides better market performance. Do they really care if they sell more clubs in the US or Europe? Maybe, but it's possible they're bringing on Rose mostly to polish their image for their mainstay Asian market. If they're really going after the US and European markets from an actual sales perspective, they have a lot of work to do.

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Whose down!!!?? LOL JwadjH1.png




I thought you photoshopped this until I looked it up. That shop, willpga, is legit as well.


You can get brand new knock offs with a choice of shafts for $558 Straight out of Guangzhou China.



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Hopefully it's not another Sergio. I saw the dude on the back of a milk carton the other day. Nobody has seen him since April 2017.


He won in Spain just a couple of weeks ago. He's had a bad year, but he turned up at the Ryder Cup too.

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I love their descriptions on their website of their clubs.



"Like 717M, this model provides a mild sense of hitting, high spin performance , and excellent control performance, all of which are specific to the muscle back forged mechanism. Considered requests from tournament professional golfers, the top and leading edges are sharp, providing an image of sharper motion with that shape. In addition, making the pocket appearance uniform in a set of golf clubs provides the impression of crushing the ball with the same feeling"


I want to see JR in a commercial saying exactly that.

Walter: Tell me Bobby, why do you play this game?
Bobby: I play because I love it.
Walter: Well I play for the money. I have to win. That is why every time we face each other I will always beat you.

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Don't know why anyone would play Honma down, their stuff is legit. My buddy plays some TW 737 irons and he is smitten... really good stuff and I hope Rose kills it out there with what he bags. I hit a 737 driver the other day and was really impressed with its performance, besides the sound.... Hoping to see Honma blow up a little bit here in the US. I agree Rose doesn't particularly move the needle, but hard to ignore W#1.

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Hope it doesn't end up similar to when Corey Pavin switched to PRGR irons years ago and his game all but disappeared. Will be interested to see what he ends up playing though.


The same pavin who played the Cleveland VAS ? Can't really blame the irons now can he ?


I thought this was reported a couple months ago in tour talk ? Honma is a step up in quality. Not down.



yes 100%


top Japanese quality

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He'll still be playing ctaper shafts so nothing will change. He could play shovel heads on those ctapers and still stripe it.

He hits the ball with the shaft?


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Adidas no longer owns TM so I would expect to see him remain with the three stripes as Sergio and Xander have.


I agree. He just singed his deal with Morgan Stanley as well. I’m sure their logo will be found somewhere on adidas clothing.


Plus he’s #1 in world and has worn adidas shoes for 20 years. I doubt he’ll want to change shoes right now

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As he plays blades, I wonder if this means Honma will put out a new forged blade. The 717 and 727 lines included a forged blade, but strictly speaking, the 737 line did not. I say strictly speaking, because the TW-BM came out before the 737 line and doesn't carry the 737 label. It's also cast, not forged like the 717 and 727 blades and most of the 737 irons.

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Honma are not a big company

Recent sales figures for Honma are $250 million/year with very little US/Europe presence. It's not like they are some guy selling knock off/clone clubs out of a garage somewhere. Just because Honma doesn't have the sales of Cally/TM/Titleist etc doesn't mean they are "small".




Honma, famous for its gold-plated clubs, artisan-style craftsmanship and five-figure price tags, has redoubled its efforts to become a major player in the golf business both globally and specifically in North America after having been purchased by Chinese businessman Liu Jianguo. Originally established in 1959 in Sakata, Japan, Honma languished in the early 2000s before being purchased by a fund run by Liu, a Chinese businessman whose company makes hair dryers and rice cookers. An avid golfer, Liu changed Honma’s business model in Asia and its sales have increased the last four years in a row to nearly $250 million. Honma now is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange after a 2016 initial public offering. It also is the title sponsor of the Hong Kong Open.

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Tbh, I see Justin Rose doing well with whatever irons he chooses. He's just too good of a ball striker.

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