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Worst Shot You Ever Had

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What's the worst shot you've ever had? Maybe it's missing a 2 footer for your personal best or shanking the ball on the first tee, but mine was rocketing a drive through the reception tent I was to be married in later that day. I'm curious to what everyone else has experienced.

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So hard to pick just one of my own so I’ll pick on my brother in law instead. A couple of years a go we went out for the first time. Conditions were pretty awful. He bought one of those GX-7 drivers.

A 6 iron I hooked about 40 yards left of the green OB. Landed in the parking lot and bounced through an open door and into the apartment complex laundry room. You could hear it ping-ponging around i

Well I generally whiff 3-5 shots every year (trying something stupid out of trees or trying a flop from a fluffy lie). However, I can think of two shots that were awesomely horrendous. 1.) Flipped m

So hard to pick just one of my own so I’ll pick on my brother in law instead. A couple of years a go we went out for the first time. Conditions were pretty awful. He bought one of those GX-7 drivers. First hole he hits it on a complete 90 degree angle through a tree and across a road that runs next to thr course. He hits another one and tops it about 20 yards. He says he’s leaving in the bag the rest of the day. He gets to a par 5 and decides he wants to try it again. Takes a big swing. He must of had it teed up too high. He gets underneath, the ball goes straight up to his shoulders and drops to the ground next to his feet. Next time we play the GX-7 is nowhere to be found in his bag.

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Oh boy, that's a toughie.


Probably a couple of years ago when I was REALLY struggling with driver. I'd hit either a pop fly that went maybe 50 yards or a vicious snap hook (was getting WAY too steep in my swing)

Playing men's league one night I hit a pop fly that went straight up. As in maybe 15 yards straight up and not really anything forward, I reached out my hand and caught it as it came down.

No idea what kind of penalty that carries. Our match was over by that point anyway, so we were just playing the 2 remaining holes back to the club house, but it was probably the most embarrassing shot I've ever hit.

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Last round of this season was out for a quick morning 9 by myself. It was mid 40’s and a little rainy. Third tee shot, it’s a shortish par 4, take my strong 3 wood and through some combination of terrible swing and foot slippage on the wet grass proceeded to shank a ball straight right off the toe of my club. Now I don’t mean the toe portion of the face, I mean completely off the face and literally on the toe end of my much beloved strong 3 wood putting a massive dent in it. Still don’t quite understand exactly how it happened. Club still seemed to hit okay rest of the round so not sure what I’ll do for next season.

Minimal: Titleist 913 D3 / Titleist TS2 19h / Miura CB57 4/6/8/P / Miura 55C / Byron DH89 / Mackenzie

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Last Sunday, par 4, drove rough, punched out a lay up to just around 10 feet short of this little stream/creek that guards the green. (my buddy hit it into the water) So we walk up, he drops equal to where my ball is. And we both proceed to duff our chips into the creek. May not have technically been my worst shot, but it sure felt the worst.

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Play long enough and you’ll have a million terrible shots but as I’m sitting out a frost delay right now, my current favorite is a New Year’s Day tee shot back in the late 90’s. There was a frost delay so there were 30+ people standing around the first tee. That made me a little nervous to begin with, but then I half shanked my driver into a tiny, tiny redwood tree twenty yards to my right and it ricocheted straight back at me and landed ten yards behind the tee. I have never been as nervous in my life as I was trying to hit my next shot.


I still play with some of the same guys and someone has to tell this story every New Year’s.

Driver: Ping G400 Max 10.5*
Fairway: Epic Flash 14* & 20*
Hybrid: Ping G410 22*
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Putter: TaylorMade Spider X
Ball:  Titleist Pro V1 

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Have a million of them for sure, most memorable is pumping 3 balls OB off the first tee at the Ohio Junior Am.


Funniest I was a part of was in college I spent a year working for the straightest laced stuffed shirt golf empire ruler in Indiana. He had just put a new Adams tight lies in play and if you remember- those things were shallow. He used it on a par 3 and went right under it, straight up in the air. I don’t know why but I took off running after it and tried to catch it. I missed, and immediately realized that I was about to be fired. Total silence as I walked back to the tee, the others in the group could have turned coal to diamonds their rear ends were clenched so tight. Thankfully boss man laughed it off, but later told me if I had made the catch he would have made sure I never worked in the golf business in his state.

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A 6 iron I hooked about 40 yards left of the green OB. Landed in the parking lot and bounced through an open door and into the apartment complex laundry room. You could hear it ping-ponging around in there off the washing machines. Luckily no one was in there.

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Tucson, AZ. Randolph North ninth hole.


During normal play, it is a par 5. When the LPGA ladies played there, it was a par 4. In other words, it's a short par 5. So I'm going for a big drive as this is a frequent eagle or kick-in birdie for me.




Dead pull. And hammered. Over the trees and fence on the left, and struck the roof or hood of a car on a very busy 4-lane street. Ball continues into a stop-and-rob parking lot on the other side of the street and bounces off a few vehicles in the parking lot.


I stopped play and went to the golf course parking lot looking for someone screaming about some idiot hitting their car with a golf ball. No one showed up. I walked across the street to the stop-and-rob, but could find no one complaining about a dent in their vehicle. I left my name and number with the clerk in the store, but no one ever called.


The guys I were playing with had eyeballs bulging and jaws dropping right after I hit the shot. Then two of them were rolling around on the ground laughing so hard they needed help getting up.


Never been so embarrassed in my life.

Primary bag:
Titleist 913 D3 8.5
Titleist 915Fd 13.5
Titleist 913h 17
Mizuno MP-18 4-PW
Scratch wedges 50, 55, and 60
Bettinardi mid-shank putter

Backup bag:
Ping G400 9
Ping G30 fw 13
Ping G30 hybrid 19
Ping iBlade 4-PW power spec
Macgregor VIP wedges 51, 56, and 60
Bettinardi mid-shank putter

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I was at a par 3 in Florida as a teenager, playing with my Dad. Set up 2 club lengths back from the tee box because I had a little extra club needed for the distance. My dad stood in that annoying spot behind me (where you can see them in the corner of your eye while swinging). Wellllllll...I hit the tee marker square on, shooting the ball directly backwards. My Dad ducked to avoid being hit, as the ball flew by him and went into the lake behind us.


Couldn't even be upset at myself for such a terrible swing, we laughed about it the rest of the trip!

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Topped driver in an interclub. Thankfully not on the first hole.

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Ping G410 LST 13 w/Ping Tour 75
Ping G400 Crossover 20 w/KBS Tour Prototype 85
Ping G410 4-SW w/S300
Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 60 w/S300

Odyssey O-Works Red Tank #7

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It was a par 5, big dog-leg left. Off the tee I hit a nice draw around the trees to the left and put myself in the middle fairway. I had about 265yds left to the pin, and I hit the best fairway wood of my life to about 3.5 feet... and you guessed it, I missed the eagle putt.

Every time one of my friends bring up bad shot stories, that missed putt gets closer and closer. "He missed the putt from easily within a foot" was the last I heard :rolleyes:

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PXG 0311P 4-Gw --Nippon Modus 120x
EPON Tour Spin Wedge 54° 58° -- shimada tour wedge
Lamb Crafted Camden -- BGT Stability Tour
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Worst shot I ever had? Not really sure, but I'm pretty sure it contained tequila.

I pick 14 of the following:
Ping G400
Ping G410 3, 5 and 7 wood
Ping G 400 4 hybrid
Ping G 4-U
Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54, 58 SS
Grips NDMC +4
Odyssey Pro #1 black
ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

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Years ago , playing in the club members individual championships. I left a

putt tettering over the edge of the cup. Trying not to stand on anyone's line,

I reached to tap it in .....and whiffed....missed a putt of less than .5"....


Ended up costing me winning the tournament outright. Lost later that day on

the sixth playoff hole.

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All of them.


My dad did split a bird in half with a worm burner though. Don't know where that ranks though.

Driver - Taylormade M2 2017 10.5*

3W - Taylormade M2 2016 15*

3H - Taylormade GAPR Mid 18*

Irons - Taylormade P790 4-PW

GW - Taylormade Milled Grind 50/9

SW - Taylormade Milled Grind 54/11

LW - Taylormade Milled Grind 58/11

Putter - Taylormade Spider Tour Black

Grips - MMC +4 Black/Red | Ball - Project A

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My worst shot so far (I'm sure more are coming) 3rd shot on a par 5 perfect yardage for a full gap wedge. Water to the right and I chunked a hosel rocket directly to the right into the lake. Walked back to the bag dropped a ball in the same spot and put the next one within 3 feet. Why is that second guy always so much better.

Taylormade M3 9.5* Graphite Design Tour ADIZ 6S

Callaway Epic Flash 15* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 75S

Ping G400 17.5* Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.0

Srixon U45 23* Nippon SPB X

Srixon Z965 5-PW Project X 6.0

Cleveland RTX 3 50* 54* DG S400

Cleveland RTX 4 60* DG S400

Toulon San Diego

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Had a 15 footer for birdie on the first playoff hole of an event and three putted. Rammed first putt by the hole and missed a three footer to win the tournament, in fact I don’t think it hit the hole. Lost on the 6th extra hole. Not gonna lie, it hurt. Pretty sure that putter never saw the bag again.

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So many to choose from. One that comes to mind is years ago playing my first ever links round at Portmarnock and topping my drive thus yielding a low dribbler into the adjacent parking lot with several people watching.


The worst shot I ever saw though was hit by my dad, who was a terrible golfer. He was teeing off on a long Par 4. I had already hit and had moved to the side of the tee box about ten yards away so that his back was facing directly at me as he hit. Somehow, almost defying the laws of physics, he hit the ball straight between his legs at a 90 degree angle to where he was aiming, where it proceeded to hit me right in the middle of my chest. There was one nanosecond where my brain was going,"Holy S&*! I just got hit by a golf shot", but fortunately the thing was only travelling at about 10 miles an hour and fell harmlessly to the ground next tome. There were then a few moments of silence before we both broke down laughing.

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Worst ever for me. Pulled a driver into some tress and went to hit a low draw out of the trees with a 3 iron. Pulled that shot too, and the ball hit a tree dead solid and came back and hit me in the chest before I would get out of the way. Had a welt/bruise for over a week. I think one of my partners wet himself laughing.

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So many to choose from, but I'll pick a recent one that I still get razzed about.


Playing the par 3 15th, 175 yards to the flag. I proceed to hit a giant push slice with either a 6i or 7i (don't remember) out of bounds that flew over the 16th tee box in the air. According to Google Earth I missed my target by 65+ yards. Contact was dead center of the face so I can't even blame it on a shank.


The next shot was only slightly better, it landed on the tee box but managed to stay in bounds.

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Cobra F9 Tour 4W : Tour AD TP 8-S

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Cleveland RTX3 50, 54, 58 : Nippon 115-S Wedge

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