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Worst Shot You Ever Had

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Company scramble our 1st hole is a par 3 uphill, only real bailout is 25 yards short as the a trap in front. And a 4 lane road to the right. My group decides our tee order should be B D C A While I was celebrating cinco de drinko with the B group on the hole.

opened our round with el hosel right into the side of a truck

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So hard to pick just one of my own so I’ll pick on my brother in law instead. A couple of years a go we went out for the first time. Conditions were pretty awful. He bought one of those GX-7 drivers.

A 6 iron I hooked about 40 yards left of the green OB. Landed in the parking lot and bounced through an open door and into the apartment complex laundry room. You could hear it ping-ponging around i

Well I generally whiff 3-5 shots every year (trying something stupid out of trees or trying a flop from a fluffy lie). However, I can think of two shots that were awesomely horrendous. 1.) Flipped m

Not me but another guy on the range today:

Both guys hitting off the grass.one fellow was standing way forward in the box as the turf was already chewed up. The guy to his left (as if looking down range) was practicing half shots. Well, he shanked one and sent the ball directly into the back of the guys knee that was forward in the box.

The guys knee locked up. Didn’t fall or go to the ground. Just stiff legged and a heck of a bruise.


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Not counting the random shank/massive duff from 40 yards out. I 4 putted from 5 feet. I have no idea how, no idea why. There wasn't even a ton of break to the shot. I hit the first put to hard, and ended up 4 feet past the hold, hit the ground with my putter on the 2nd hitting the ball like 1 foot, then missed to the left by like 1/23543421497 of an inch, and finally put the ball in the hole. I just put an X on the card for that hole and when we counted up the score at the end of the round I said just add 20 to my score.

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Have had plenty of crap shots. This one is the one that I’m constantly reminded of. We were playing at Avon Oaks and were on the tee of a par 3. Squirrels all over. My buddy points out an albino squirrel about 30 feet up on a tree short right of the green. I’m proceed the hit a hosel rocket and it was like slow motion. Hits the squirrel square and it free falls to the ground. My ball was about 6-7 feet away from the seemingly lifeless squirrel. I address the ball and the darn thing starts twitching and making noises. My buddies are laughing like crazy and telling me I had to put it down with my wedge. I wouldn’t do it. So there. I sniped an albino squirrel out of a tree.

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Late 90s. I'm playing with my father and his Director of Marketing (dad was CEO of a health plan at the time). I had a new driver (just purchased the day before, had yet to hit it). We get to the course late and have to rush to the 1st tee with no warm up. 1st hole has a pond in front of it, probably 50yds of carry to get to the fairway. I must have stood too close to the ball at address, b/c the club impacted the ball at the hosel instead of the face.

The ball goes about 20 yards and splashes into the pond.

The clubhead snapped at the hosel. I was left holding the shaft, and watched the clubhead fly forward (spinning like a frisbee), clear the pond and land in the fairway about 20 yards past the water.

Wish I could say I was making this up. The roar of laughter, both from my group and the other groups waiting to tee off, was deafening. Neither my father nor Glen (the Director) have ever let me forget it, though it is good for a few laughs every time I see Glen.

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Grindworks PR-202 Modus3 120X

Mizuno S18 50* Modus3 120S

Mizuno S18 54* DG TI S400

Yururi Gekku Raw 58* Modus3 125 Wedge

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Topping my driving iron of the tee, causing some sort of ultra low stinger, hitting the tee markers on the tee box in front of us. The ball then ricochets 90 degrees to the left, hitting the greenkeeper on the ribcage. The guy kept a straight face and assured me he was okay. Can’t imagine since I hit that baby so hard the tee marker came right out of the ground.

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Titleist Vokey SM6 56* F grind

Titleist Vokey SM6 60* F grind

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2


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Worst shot for me, so teeing up a nice long drive attempt on a 528 yard par 5....I gripped it, and ripped it!


After i swung, i am looking all over, and dont see the ball. I look back at my partner, and he is almost on the floor laughing. I turn around, and the ball (somehow) went through my legs, and ended up slightly behind me about 2 yards. If someone bet me a million dollars, i probably wouldnt be able to do that again.

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A few years back I was playing a casual round with one of my friends and his wife. I hit my tee shot on a par 3 long and had a severe downhill lie but into the grain in 3 inch rough. In casual rounds I attempt hero shots to see if I can pull them off- then if I fail I know not to use them in competition. I don't carry a lob wedge so I opened the face of my 57 deg sand wedge and went hot the high soft flop. I went under the ball too much and barely popped it straight up while at the same time taking a chunk of turf like a bad toupee in a wind storm. The turf hung on for dear life as the ball fell into the divot. Then the turf recoiled and covered the ball burying it. When the whole thing was done it was like a rye fly trap had swallowed the ball. I could try that 1000 times and not do it again...

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Not me, but a guy I used to work with.

Nice guy, terrible golfer with terrible vision, couldn't hit it past 175 yards.

On the 320 yard eleventh hole, he hits a worm burner that hits the Ladies' tee marker and ricochets down the hill 90 degrees to the right and lands on the twelth green.

We're all laughing and we tell him, "You're on the green!"

He gets all excited because he thinks he drove the ELEVENTH GREEN!

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Got asked to play with a new client, our CEO, CFO and the client's son (who played collegiate golf). Our CEO on the first tee makes a bet with the client over who will win - me or the client's son. First tee, 34 seconds after the bet was made - the client's son hits it on the fringe from about 330. 40 seconds later - I snap hook one about 73 yards into a wildlife sanctuary.

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El hosel or once I came out cold and I hit a ball washer 30 yards out with a 4 wood and watched it roll back to the tee box. Worst thing I was playing with two pros. Though, It was a good laugh.

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Miura - Baby Blades 4 - PW KBS Tour Black 120s

Vokey - SM7 52* 56* 60* KBS Tour Black 120s

Ping - PLD Prime Tyne 35"

Grips- Iomic Sticky 2.3 .60


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I tried Mickelson's backwards lob shot. After about eight whiffs, I caught it beautifully...or, so I thought. It took forever to land, so I thought I flushed it too much. Then, DOINK! right on top of my head. It seems I had skulled it straight up into the air. My friend and I fell to the ground, crippled with laughter. We were absolutely useless the rest of the day. Good times!

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Back in 95 my senior year in high school. Playing for my HS team and I had yet to figure out my slice (still struggle with it at times). Well I hit 7 straight shots ob off the tee refusing to take a drop before one of my teammates walked up and told me I needed to roll my hands over when coming through the ball. Next drive over 300 straight. Needless to say my score was the one dropped that day.

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Technically three shots, but relevant: When I first started playing golf 12 years ago, I was with my brand new father-in-law (whose a really good golfer that belongs to a club and introduced me to the game) trying so hard to break 100. I was at 90 going into the difficult/longish uphill 18th Par 4, which was guarded on the right by a road with white stakes lining it. I proceed to drive/slice three tee balls one after another onto/over the road. The fourth drive was straight piped and I ended with a 10 on the hole, which would have been a par had I not tanked three in a row onto the road. It was a real kick in the balls. In the clubhouse afterwards I was kicking myself for not just pulling a wedge and hitting 4 in a row to get to the green...which probably would have been even more embarrassing.

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Last year, I had 100 yards to the green for my 2nd shot on a par 5. Landed it in the pond right in front of me, completely wasted a perfect drive. Finally cut the corner and then absolutely choked. I still wake up sweating because of that one.

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Cobra F9 3 Hybrid Fujikura Atmos 75 Stiff

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Mizuno JPX-900 Forged 8 Iron Thru G Wedge - KBS Tour Regular Flex Steel Shafts 
Callaway Mack Daddy PM 19 Grind 54/14 & 58/12
Scotty Cameron Phantom X6 CS (35")

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Once I hit a shot that hit the pole that the ball washer was mounted on. It came back and hit our cart.

TaylorMade SIM (9 degree) - Graphite Design Tour AD-VR 7X

Titleist TS3 (16.5 degrees) - Ventus Red 7X

Ping G410 Hybrid (19 degree) - Nippon Modus GOST X

TaylorMade SIM Rescue (22 degrees) - Nippon Modus GOST X

Srixon Z785 (5-AW) - Nippon Modus 120X

Callaway 2019 PM Grind (54 & 58) - KBS Hi-Rev

Evnroll ER5 Tour Issue (34.5 inches) - Stability Tour Black w/Gravity Grip

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Worst shot was Grapa in Italy. Might as well drink rubbing alcohol if I want to tear up my insides

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TaylorMade Aeroburner 15* Graphite Design BB6S

TaylorMade SLDR 20* Motore 8.3 Tour Spec X

Wilson Staff Blades Black Recoil 95S 4-Pw

Wilson Staff Model 52/56/64 TI X100

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Long Neck
Vice Pro+ Lime Green Goodness

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On a par 4 hole I was tee'd up with the group ahead of me having just finished their approach shots with all balls on the green. They'd just gotten in their carts when I made my shot. Unfortunately, I struck too soon, and the ball (seemed like it was in the air forever) came smack down on the roof of the last cart. It was so loud I wanted to hide. The ball bounced ahead of the cart, whereupon the cart stopped, the guy picked up my ball, yelled something, then threw my ball into a nearby wooded area. I made a passive "shrug" gesture. When they gathered up by the green, there were lots of fingers and fist waving. I let a nice couple behind me play through, lest I encounter the pitchforks and torches . . .

Adams Speedline 9088UL 10.5* AXIVCore 69 Black (S) Ping G SF Tec 3W, 5W Alta 65 (R) Ping G 4H,5H Alta 70 (R) Ping G 6-U TT XP 95 (soft R) Ping Glide 54*, 58* WS TT XP 100 (R) Ping Darby Sigma G

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Worst shot? The first shot that pops into my head is a tee shot on the 9th hole of my home course. Playing solo, have another group coming up behind me, far enough behind me that they aren't really a problem but close enough to get in my head. I tee up my ball, probably too high, set up and swing away. I have absolutely no clue where the ball went, felt like I got under it but no sky mark on the driver.

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2013 - Barton Creek Fazio Foothills course ... 90 degree shank, 15 feet into a golf cart ... No people or animals were harmed in the making of that shank!

The Ping Hoofer 14 bag:
Ping G410+ 12° | 
Ping G410 3w 15.5° | Ping G410 3h, 4h, 5h

Ping G410 6 to UW | Ping Glide 2.0 56° | Ping Glide Forged 60°

SeeMore Pure Center Blade

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There are so many how can I remember them all. I had 2 Saturday, 1 was a bad shank, the other I considered a fairly well struck ball with a bad bounce on consecutive holes. On #8 a short par 4, I smashed a 3w about 250 center of the fairway, leaving me with about 100 yards (GW). I struck the ball well but pushed it slightly right, and the entire hole plays along a steep hill to the right. It took a bounce off the side of the green rolled down the hill and along the cart path 25 yards past where I had started. Bad break there.

The next #9 a pain in the @$$ par 5 that requires you to cross the lake twice, (with a 3rd lake running next to the green), unless you can carry it 280 with your driver. great tee shot with a 5w to the landing area, then a 6i across the lake to next landing area leaving about 130 yards. I straight up shanked a PW off the hosel from 130 yards straight into the damn lake. I was so pissed.

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