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Is weight-shift/Transfer Misunderstood?

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I wanted to write this post because every golfer at some point has their "Ah ha" moment where they think they finally "figured it out", are ready to go out and buy blades and buy a copy of paper Tiger. :) I highly doubt this is going to be my moment, but at least let me dream. I feel like I had a breakthrough recently and wanted to get some feedback. My moment, so to peak, came in my living room while taking practice swings on my carpet (it's 30* outside so what else can I do). I have a little round sticker on the carpet to represent a ball.


My big miss, so to speak has always been fat shots, and even when I do hit the ball solid with my irons there's no divot or the sound of the club hitting the ground like you hear with great ballstrikers just isn't there. I'm much more of a picker than a digger. I took a lesson about a month ago and was told that one of the reasons for this was my cupped left wrist at the top of backswing. Cupped equals an open club-face, bowed equals a closed clubface. Being cupped makes me release the club early in order to square it up at impact. We could see on the monitor that I was hitting slightly up on the golf ball with added loft, not exactly the downward strike exhibited by great ballstrikers. I have manged to work on obtaining a flat left wrist and I feel like this has definitely helped to strike the ball more solidly; but I still felt like there was a piece missing (maybe that was lesson #2) which I haven't taken yet.


When I take practice swings on my carpet I can't "always" make the club "brush" the carpet ahead of the sticker. When I do manage to pull this off 2 things happen. 1. I can see a see a 4" brush mark in the carpet ahead of the sticker, and I hear the sound of the club scuffing the carpet. My goal was to brush the carpet with 10 swings in a row, and I couldn't do it to save my life. I experimented for a few hours until I felt like I made a breakthrough. What I finally realized is that transferring your weight can be done without moving your weight to the right. I started to think about having 1 swing thought in my head, keeping my left shoulder over the inside of my left foot. This was such a weird feeling, dare I say the words Stack and Tilt without the tilt! What I can tell you is that after doing this I can now hit the carpet in the same spot 10 times in a row with no problem. The brush mark in the carpet is after the dot and about 4 " long.


I haven't had an opportunity to hit balls yet due to the weather, but I can't remember a time where I felt as optimistic. My question is, are things I need to watch out for given what I just described, how will this effect my woods ...Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Cupped at the top is not necessarily an issue. How your wrist look at the top are a function of grip and how well you have extended your trail wrist. Attempting to force a flat wrist look is not the solution. Focus on having an extended trail wrist and whatever your lead wrist looks like at the top is what is it. It sounds more like your issue is you do not add flexion to your lead wrist in transition/downswing but maintain the cup - need to learn the motorcycle move. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/746351-top-of-the-backswing-cupped-bowed-or-flat/


Sounds like you addressed the pressure shift by not shifting at all, if I read this correctly. If you don't move your pressure to your right than there is nothing to shift to your left (assuming you are a righty). And if you are moving your weight then that is a most likely a sway.

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The brain is always trying to make repetitive movements feel comfortable even if they aren't efficient movements.


My golf instructor is also a fitness trainer. He constantly needs to correct his clients' in various exercises -- including myself -- because they aren't able to maintain the correct form despite the fact they are convinced they have the correct form. For example, one of the exercises he does involves holding a light metal bar directly above your head while doing some sort of lower body exercise like a lunge or squat. He will tell them that the bar isn't above their head and they won't be able to correct it unless he does it for them. When he moves their arms so that the bar is actually above their head, most of them say that it feels like they are holding the bar behind their head. Some of them don't believe him until he takes pictures.


Bottom line is that without visual confirmation of what you are doing, it is all too easy for your brain to automatically build a bias into what you feel. After years of sliding hips in my swing, a centered swing for me feels like I'm leaning forward on my backswing and doing a reverse pivot on my downswing. That's just what it feels like. In reality, I'm making a centered swing.


If I keep up with the conscious thought of leaning forward on my backswing and doing a reverse pivot, my brain might start thinking that this feels normal and if I continue with this thought for too long might make me actually lean forward and actually do a reverse pivot. The key difficulty, IMO, is to know when to start shifting to more external swing thoughts and trust that my body will move correctly after re-training myself to know what a centered swing is.

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cupped at the top and not shifting weight to the left foot from the top is a problem. Basically a good weight shift and transition from the left side will flatten your wrist automatically.

Cupped wrist and getting stuck on trail foot or poor weight shift = open face....unless you are as strong as an ox swinging the heavy club and forcing the face to close...but whenever you force...club is slowing down

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I've had cupping issues. What worked for me to feel how much did and didn't work for me was to try a much more outside takeaway and good hinge of the trail side.

If I can do that with a full turn, the wrist suddenly doesn't cup as much.

If I make an aggressive weight shift to the lead side after a good turn that started with an outside takeaway, the rest really syncs up and I have much more success.

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