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Cameron 009 Worth it if a gamer?

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I guess I'm a bit naive but my locale is a bit friendlier and less prone to theft. Heck, most around here wouldn't even know what they are taking!

TM 2016 M2 12* - OG Grafalloy Blue X, 43.5"

TEE XCG7 16.5* 4w, OG Grafalloy Blue S, 41.75"

Cally Rogue X 18.5* 4i, Diamana 70 S, 39.75"

Cobra King OS 4-G, TT XP95 R300, -.5"

Vokey SM8 54.14F, 60.10S

"Rusty" Byron DH89 Slant Pipe // Byron GSS DH89 Long Slant // GOAT NP2 Tiger Putter

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Or you can find DH89's that cost more than 009's? :dntknw:



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