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Is golf your most expensive hobby?

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Nope...marriage is lol

The way i see it, golf and related expenses are just a "cost of living". Without it id lose my sanity and not be able to live!!   I have to agree with a few of the guys above in saying its a lifestyl

No. Bass fishing is much more expensive between the boat, baits and high end rods and reels it isn't even close.

Some funny and interesting posts here; especially as to what qualifies as a hobby? Divorce? Have one of those, most expensive thing ever in life, and worth it...(had my ex hired a better lawyer, would have cost me double...haha!) but no regrets, and I am definitely not turning that into a hobby!!!! Watches? Oh yes, way more than golf. One coveted watch dwarfs the golf costs for a year. You can buy a lot of full sets of clubs for one Patek. It is slowing down for me quite a bit though, You get 10 watches you really like, that hold value, and cover every occasion, then it gets quite boring. If I ever put big money into watches again, it will be to start a watch company.

Some of my friends who still have not given up racing Porsches blow money like crazy. I dabbled for two years and smartly got out of that. You know what is a lot more fun than racing a Porsche as a hobby? Racing your friend's Porsche once a year!

Boat? Yep, been there, done that. Had to find out for myself the two happiest days of boat ownership. These days, so easy to rent a nice sailboat there is no point in ownership unless you really like sailing on a regular basis, and if that is the case, then the expense does not really matter; it is much more than a hobby.

Someone mentioned golf clothing costing more than their regular clothes. That was kind of funny, and then I wondered, is buying clothes a hobby??? If so, then guilty, I am spending way more on that than golf.

Last few years have been on a bourbon kick. It started as a replacement to the expensive hobby of single malts. I don't even want to drink most of the single malts I have because the value is silly high, and I cannot easily replace them. Now the bourbons are going way up percentage wise, and while not at the level of golf, it might get there. Although, stay away from Pappy and other marketing shenanigans and really, there are endless tasty bourbon at $40-$50 bottle; cheaper than Starbucks lattes. And I don't mind drinking them all up with friends.

In summary, golf is not the most expensive hobby, but it sure is the best one.

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It's probably a tie between golf and my new found cooking addiction. I spend quite a bit of money on quality food. Love to cook for friends and family and getting better at it.

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Learning to play a Bass guitar during quarantine. Bass and amp, parting gift from a bar regular. New strings, $15 (this could be a profit as they accidentally sent me 6 sets of strings). On line lessons from Fender, free.

8 new golf clubs (4-P + BB1f Putter) $1800. $50 month in balls. Most golf rounds are free for me...


So yes. Golf is by far the most expensive.

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I play drums in several bands, although all that's on hiatus at the moment obviously, and all my disposable income has gone into that for years. Decades even(!). I have more drum gear than I need....

I've played golf all my life but in recent years it had dwindled to seriously like 1-2 rounds a year. But I've re-caught the bug and am now eyeing certain drums sitting on my shelf to sell to buy golf stuff!

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This thread is making me feel a lot better about my golf addiction/expense, and also a lot better about not having started other hobbies.

I splurged on a top tier club membership a little over a year ago, and with it comes some rounds with caddies, etc etc all of which adds up to some pretty expensive golf. And it isn’t hard for me to convince myself that I need new clubs or shafts or clothes or shoes, etc. So when I add up my yearly golf expenses, well, I don’t like to add it up because it would make me feel even more guilty about it. But besides my family, my work, and travel, golf is my primary focus / hobby. I enjoy it, and I can afford it...so why not, right?

My wife has a tennis membership. It ain’t cheap, but is nowhere near the expense of my golf. And she occasionally reminds me of this, joking of course, but not joking either. Next time she does that, I’m showing her this thread. See honey, I could be in to hunting or cars and that is way more expensive than golf...look how much money it saves us!

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It technically is only because A) it's the one I do most often, and B) I have quite a bit of self restraint with my other hobbies. It could be my second CHEAPEST hobby.

Shooting would blow it out of the water depending on the type of ammunition and if I did it more.

Watches could easily bankrupt me. Covid brought a lot of prices down to tempting levels and I almost went for an Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster until I was required to take an unpaid leave from work.

Guitars could be more expensive if I always felt the need to purchase gear, but luckily I don't and actually playing only costs a couple cents of power consumption.

Drawing is dirt cheap.

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