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2019 Apex Apex Pro Thoughts and anyone else demo them?

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$ taper is my favorite shaft over the last couple of years. In short think C taper flight and KBS tour feel


I can second this. I’m a kbs tour guy bc of the dispersion for my swing. I hit them high and spinny though. S taper helps and keeps or even improves dispersion for me. Gain distance as a result.

G400LST 8.5* Aldila Rogue Silver 125MSI 60 stiff
Cobra 3/4 f9; Atmos Blue TS 7s
Cobra 4/5 f8+; Atmos Red TS 8s
3i - PW Miura CB1008; KBS Tour 120s; 2up +1/2”
53* TM HiToe; KBS Wedge
59* TM HiToe; KBS Wedge

Byron Morgan DH89 flow neck 2* loft 71* lie
Bettinardi Something Fishy Prototype BB0; Registry #RJB2821; 2* loft; 71* lie

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Hey Lip,   I hit the 760s and the Pro 19s back to back during a fitting - To me there was not a huge discrepancy, however, I personally felt the the 760's seemed a tad bit more "forgiving" in the loo

I’ve been gaming j15cb for years but have a set of apex pros with $ taper on the way

Have you used $taper before?

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Titleist TSi2 16.5, Fujikura Ventus Red Velocore 7X, 43"

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Titleist SM8, 50F, 54S, 60D, TT S400 Custom 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12, 35", Stability Tour


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Love and own the Standard Apex 19's. According to everybody at WRX I must love super chunky, thick top lines, and massive offset. You guys are all hilarious. Nobody is happy unless they are playing the smallest and thinnest head possible. Love me some internet golfers!


Apex is great if you want to hit it left. I need an iron with as much neutral fade bias as possible. Im a 1 handicap and have played blades for the last 10 years.


this is golfwrx in a nutshell

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Anyone gaming the Catalyst 100 shaft?

I have two great sets of irons...Mizuno MMC and Srixon Z945 but the Apex Combo is on deck if I were to make a change. I currently play Recoil 95 and Recoil 110 both in F4. I am wondering if anyone can comment about Catalyst vs Recoil (not best but how they compare)? The Apex is a little thick when I look down BUT the overall head shape makes it still look GREAT! I love the shape of these things!


I had the chance today to hit the Apex 2019 with the 100 stiff Catalyst shaft, and compare to my CF16 with the Recoil ES780 F4 shaft. I really liked the Catalyst shaft. Ball flight was a bit lower than my recoils and the shaft felt very stable. I thought the 2019 Apex was a little squatter to look at and the top line was a bit smaller, also looked like the offset was less than my CF16. With the Callaway trade-in deal,l may go ahead and purchase these. I also tried the Apex Pro. The feel was really nice but I was not as consistent with the Pro version. I do think the 2019 Apex has a better feel than my current CF16.

Taylormade M2 driver 10.5 S-flex Tensei 60 g.
Taylormade M2 3 wood R-flex stock shaft.
Tour Edge Exotic EX9 hybrids, 2 and 5 Recoil R-flex shaft.
Callaway CF 16 irons 5-PW Recoil Stiff shafts.
Titleist Vokey 50,54 and 58 wedges
Scotty Cameron 34" Newport

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I have been playing my combo set for almost a month now. My lies are all 3 flat. The CF19 dont go left on me unless I really want them to. I have found the whole set to be very workable and forgiving. I think the blend was well done on the combo set. I have been hitting the pw so well and able to vary distance as needed that I am considering adding to gw to replace my vokey gw. I am taking them head to head against my 790s on trackman Tuesday morning. I think that even if the 790s are a touch longer that the 19 combos will stay in the bag. I find the turf interaction with the apex to be much better for me.

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Hey Lip,


I hit the 760s and the Pro 19s back to back during a fitting - To me there was not a huge discrepancy, however, I personally felt the the 760's seemed a tad bit more "forgiving" in the looks department. As in the top line was a hairrrrr thicker, and honestly this could have just been the brushed (760) vs polished chrome (Pro 19s) and the way the light hit each. Also, I'm fairly certain there was more offset in the 760s and the blade length was a hair longer. Again, most of the difference in set up were very small aside from perhaps the offset, if that's something you're super sensitive too. Otherwise I'd say they both set up similarly and you should go with what you hit best, assuming you have the opportunity to hit both beforehand. > @Lip1337 said:

> i will demo them soon; BUT does somebody know which blade is bigger? apex 19 pro to P760? (Topline and blade length=


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Ping G410 LST 7.5º | Fujikura Ventus Black 7X
Titleist TS3 14.25º | Diamana ZF 70TX
TaylorMade P790 UDI 17º | KBS $-Taper 130X / Cobra F6 Baffler 17.5º | Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 8X
Callaway Apex Pro ‘19 | KBS $-Taper 130X
Vokey 52ºF, 56ºD, 60ºLow K  | KBS $-Taper 130X
TaylorMade Spider FCG

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